Season 11 Episode 8

A Shot in the Dark

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 02, 2004 on NBC

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  • This is the real spirit from Neela

    Ray has a hard case as there was a shooting. A police man is hardly injured and it gets complicated when to decide who has the right for medical decisions - ex-wife or fiancee. So, they go for the minor son, who gets the right and he wants more risky but better changes getting better procedure, but his mom is against it.. So Ray helps the kid.. but when the clocks ticks and he is off, he is gone and Neela takes over but is no able to keep Ray's promises and she does have the spirit to go after Ray and got it all on his face. That is a spirit and way to make Ray thinking more clearly.

    In so many ways Ray (he is a cool char, I most say) he remind me Malozzi. He is, the same way, irrational and.. but he is interesting char...
  • A young boy has to make a difficult decision resulting in an argument between Neela and Ray.

    The main story in this episode was that of a 15 year old (he had a weird name i've no chance of remembering) who has to decide the direction of his dad's treatment after he was shot.I doubt i would of been able to make such a decision but his mother was just making it worse for him, he made the decision get over it.I'm really not a fan of Ray this season he just can't handle responsibility and when you think he's going to grow up he falls short.Neela rulled telling him the fact being a doctor is not a day job and he needs to realise that for the sake of his patients.

    Chen is obviously suffering from caring for her father, but is the strain becoming too much and ultimately going to end in Chen helping her father die via Potassium.Well it looks like it...!
  • Missing Corday

    This episode wasn't very good at all, the hole episode was center in the desicion about the boy who want that his father had the cirgury but his mother and his dad best friend, who i think is the one who shoot him in the first place, want to have the other way. And because of thet Neeal got angry with Ray, because he has to be there and not with his stupid band, that later on the series kick him out because of the hospital. Well, that was preatty much it, and it shows too how Ray want to switch shift with Neela and Abby.
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