Season 8 Episode 14

A Simple Twist of Fate

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 07, 2002 on NBC

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  • This is an episode where there is drama, sadness, and forgiveness. And Luka is back from his trip to Bosnia.

    The episode starts with a free Bagel and cream cheese breakfast from a pharmaceutical company. Kerry makes Susan feel bad about accepting gifts, so she goes over to Doc Magoos. This turns out to be a blessing, as everyone who did eat the food goes down with food poisoning, including, of course, Kerry!

    The Greene family story continues - Ella is extubated and seems to be recovering; Elizabeth tells Rachel to leave and then fights with Mark about it, stating she will not bring Ella back to the house is Rachel is still living there.
    Mark can't find a word in a trauma and later bites his tongue. Susan checks his nerve function and there is a problem. At the end of the episode Mark is undergoing an MRI, clearly worried that the brain tumour has returned.

    Abby's neighbour is once again beaten up, and this time does go to a shelter, after Abby has informed the police and given them likely places Brian will be. Brian however breaks into Abby's and beats her up. She ends up in the ER, with Luka and Susan treating her facial injuries. When Susan has to do a rape exam, Luka is very disturbed. Luckily it is just facial injuries.
    Luka goes to the bar where Brian drinks and attacks him. He promises to kill him if he ever touches Abby again. Susan offers Abby a bed for the night, until she can return to her place in safety.

    Carter's mother is about to bail on the leukemia boy, Mickey, when Carter and she finally talk about Bobby (Carter's brother) and reveal to each other things they didn't know before. They both go back and support Mickey through further treatment.