Season 8 Episode 14

A Simple Twist of Fate

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 07, 2002 on NBC



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    • Frank: Anybody who ate one of those bagels and that damn cream cheese is going to be blowing chunks. (vomits in trash can)
      Chen: I ate one of those bagels.
      Frank: I'll add your name to the class action suit.

    • Weaver: I said no!
      Frank: We're talking bagels and cream one is taking a bribe.
      Weaver: Promotions like this add to the cost of pharmaceuticals, marketing expenditures passed on to mostly elderly consumers.
      Frank: I'm elderly.
      Weaver: There's no free lunch, Frank.
      Frank: This is breakfast!

    • (Brian sees Luka walking toward him)
      Brian: I don't have a problem with you, man, o.k.?
      Luka: I have a problem with you!
      Brian: I got angry. It was a mistake.
      Luka: You hit women by mistake? Huh?
      Brian: I screwed up.
      Luka: Let's see you hit me, huh?! (pushes him) Come on.
      Brian: I did'nt mean too... I lost my temper.
      Luka: Loose your temper with me! (pushes him into the wall)
      Brian: O.k. I'm gonna go to the cops right now and turn my self in. ( Luka hits him) Wait! Just wait!
      Luka: Better start swinging back! (hits him again)
      Brian: Wait! I was wrong! I got angry! She took away my wife!
      Luka: You took away your wife! (throws him on the pool-table)
      Brian: I know, I know, I know. But I loved her! She was everything to me and I lost her. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I won't mess with Abby again, I won't. I won't even talk to her. I'll move. I'll move out of the building. Please. I'm sorry! Please.
      Luka: You touch her again, I'll kill you.

    • Abby: Hey!
      Luka: Hey!
      Abby: You're back.
      Luka: Yeah, this morning.
      Abby: I was getting worried. I thought I'd at least get a post card.
      Luka: You need to get e-mail.
      Abby: Didn't take you long to get sucked back into this insanity.
      Luka: No. But it's good to see you, though.
      Abby: You too.

    • Susan: Ok, I'm gonna go to Doc Magoo's, have some breakfast, find a toothbrush and change my underwear, then I'll help clear your board.
      Kerry: 15 minutes.
      Frank: If I stick with the underwear I've got on, can we at least keep the food out?

    • Lewis: Why is there a pregnant woman squatting in the hallway?

    • Lewis: Frank, are you sick too?
      Frank: (with his head in the trash can, throwing up) I ain't praying!

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