Season 9 Episode 16

A Thousand Cranes

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 20, 2003 on NBC

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  • Beautiful episode.

    This was really beautiful episode... first the Susan storyline with that boy. The will to fight and the story of the cranes - it was so beautiful and giving it to Susan, later. And then she, flying them - it was so beautiful and made me cry.

    And then Carter and Abby, I hoped that it will work out for them and it was going on the right direction, but no... I totally do not understand why he did not proposed her, but...

    And the shooting and Doc Magoo's... and Pratt and Gallant and the whole theme... something to think about.

    It was just so beautiful and moving episode.
  • Murder at doc magoo's, Pratt and Gallant stopped for questioning. Susan dates a cancer paitent. Carter plans popping the question.

    This is a great Ep.
    I love how Susan really bonds with that kid with cancer and she takes him on a \"date\". I also love how carter planned on proposing to Abbie. I always loved them as a couple!!!
    My onlyissue was when they show the \"news\" and they say interstate 40.... well we don\'t have an I-40 in chicago.