Season 10 Episode 20

Abby Normal

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 29, 2004 on NBC

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  • Abby really does well is psych rotation

    Again, very emotional storyline and Abby - oh, she really made this work. The way she has ability to see trough people and understand if there is a change to help them and she has the passion - it was beautiful.

    But it was not only Abby. Neela is doing also very well and she likes working in science and saves a life of his fellow scientists. And somehow, it looks, she is still good ER doctor and she could be very valuable help for them.

    So, in overall, concentrating on Abby and Neela and showing how those two are doing.. and Abby in the end, taking a boards again.. Hope she will pass them this time.
  • Abby is the heroe.

    I don\'t know if i like the episode or not. Well i\'m kinda anoy that this episode is again base only on Abby and Neela and the other characters are only \"secondary\".

    The parts i like is how Abby could make the woman talk about her baby Charlie, how she was trying to save him form his stipid father and how in the ned she kill him, it was very sad. Ok, now the social services guy is the japanease guy at lost isn\'t it??

    Like Carter\'s dad i hate Kem, she is annoying and horrible and sucks, and it sucks that there was only 1 samka moment and no alex to be seen.

    Dr. Corday was verys sweet at talkingh to Dr. Weaver at the end of the episoe, she really need someone to help her or only to listen to her.