Season 6 Episode 12

Abby Road

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 03, 2000 on NBC

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  • abby starts her first day as a med student in the er and is misakn by carol to be a nurse

    this was different i could have ben done more excitingly but i supsose it was ok. who'd have guest that eight years later she'd be the longest running er character. i supose that what is great has to get worse at points and what is bad can only get better. i like most of thi epiode but in place found it to be borin and slow. i just expected that abby and luka would kiss in the first episode their both in, but there is definely tention between them from th start.i hope the next episode is more interesting than this one.
  • Abby's first day

    I do not know. This episode seems to have quite high avarage score but for me - it seemed just like another ER episode, with nothing special. Ok, Abby's first day in ER is special as she becomes so long and so important cast member. But the cases - I do not know. Not too catching.

    Everyone is down with flue and it makes Weaver to leave. Kovac is treating a young little boy and later it comes out that his mother just makes him sick in order to gain attention. mm.. what else.. Benton tries to get OR to help a little girl to get her face look alright again and Romano says no, but when he collaps at the operations and Benton takes over, he feels like he owns something for Benton and lets him to that.

    The ending was beautiful - troughing that money of the roof.
  • ok

    Ciekawe jak wy spedzaliscie walentynki:) W sumie to typowo Amerykanskie szalone swieto jak dla mnie i dlatego tez go nie lubie. Moze i mam bliska mi osobe ale wg mnie udowadnianie wszytkim jak bardzo sie kogos kocha kupujac mu kwiatek i raz na rok zapraszajac na kawe do kawiarni to glupota. Ale w naszym swiecie jest wiecej glupoty niz kiedykolwiek ktos by mogl przypuszczac:) Ja bym chciala tylko podkreslic ze ten odcinek byl dobry. A do tego dziwnie tak zginac, jak juz bym miala wybierac smierc w serialu to bym chyba wolala cos innego :)niz noz i tak sie wykrwawic na smierc. Polecam ogladanie tego odcinak, wogole tego sezonu:)
  • This is the second episode in a row that Dr. Robert Romano is shown to have some kindness in him. It the Domino Heart, he shows Ms. Knight some consideration and gives her some sound advice.

    So, the hospital is dealing with a flu outbreak. Dr. Dave wants Dr. Weaver to allow him to go home. He complains of having problems out of both ends. In the end, he stays, but Dr. Weaver goes home. This is rare. She is almost like Stonewall Jackson, as Dr. Greene points out.

    Dr. Corday makes a mistake and Dr. Benton comes to her rescue. Nice touch since she is now dating Dr. Greene. Spealing of Mark, he has some one-on-one with Dr. Finch. Miss very atheletic Dr. Finch. She is almost as athletic as Dr. Corday is not.

    Hummmmm.....I wonder.....
  • An excellent episode of Abby's first day as a medical student in the ER.

    This episode focuses on Abby's first day in the ER. She faces several tough situations and some friction between she and Carol. Abby tries humor with a hypochondriac patient but her jokes fall flat. She diagnoses him with ear wax but he ends up having a heart attack. Abby helps out Carol and Luka with a sting operation to prove a mother is poisioning her son. She even survives an attempted pick-up by Dr. Dave, who sticks his foot in his mouth by drooling over Dr. Chen right in the middle of the line. Abby ends up on the roof smoking for the first time in two years. She helps Lucy fulfill a dying patient's last request by throwing his life savings of $118 off the roof.