Season 15 Episode 8

Age of Innocence

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 20, 2008 on NBC

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  • Not mind-blowing, but still ok

    In this episode of ER, the following happens. Gates tries his best to track down the war veteran who is homeless, who he met in a previous episode. Soon a homeless man is brought in and Tony believes that it is the missing Vet who he has been looking for. He soon dies and when Tony goes in to see the body he realises that it isn't Max, the missing Vet. We also learn in this episode from Neela that Ray has a girlfriend. The ER deals with a patient who was arrested on suspicion of child abuse but was found not guilty at trial. When some members of the ER hears about the case they take it the wrong way, especially when they see him with a little girl who is having her blood drawn by Sam. When Tony gets a possible location of where Max is, he heads straight there. When he gets there Max isn't there and so Tony heads off to check out the haunts of the local homeless people. Tony reveals that the reason he wants to find Max is to help him, because he didn't help Sarah's father when he became homeless and went off of the rails. We also learn in this episode that the Australian doctor, was abused when he was a child.
  • Something happens that makes you think not everyone should be given the benefit of doubt.

    Tony continues to search for the confused soldier from the previous episode. I think it is kind of a boring s/l unless it leads to something interesting when Tony finds him.

    We see a new side of Dr Brenner but its doesn't redeem his character in my mind. Neela & her surgical intern are having problems getting along. Neela gets sued because of what her intern did in the previous episode. A young child comes in who is scared of hospitals. Another adult male patient comforts her. I don't want to give away what the thought provoking clip of the show is. But I wll just say I never expected it. That was the best part of the episode.
  • Brenner cries, Neela throws a tantrun and Gates looks for some bum.

    I think this episode was weak. Come on writers, this is the last season you can do better!

    First of all, the chief goes on vacation? Can't this place have some stability? Whatever happened to that blond doctor anyway?

    Then there's Brenner. It is clear the guy is a jerk but he's trying to redeem himself after everything that's happened (Greg, his relationship with Neela). This whole molestation story just doesn't go with his character and it feels incredibly forced. His heart-to-heart conversation with Morris also feels a little repetitive considering the same happened with Banfield last week.

    However I liked the subplot involving Neela and his intern. Dubenko sure schooled her.

    Gates drives around the city looking for some hobo. Cool story.
  • Simon Brenner, David Lyons, finally shines as something other than a bed hopping doctor.

    Another powerful episode. This season continues to pack a punch as Brenner's character is further explored. Neela learns how to be a better teacher and Gates continues to search for his Gulf War vet but the real star of the show was Simon, and Morris for that matter, as Simon comes face to face with an alleged pedophile in the drama room. The case bothers him and it's clear that he's been abused as a child but it's not until that last scene, that last exchange between him and Morris where the viewer just has to sit and deal with the awkwardness, with the terrible feeling. Morris' face says it all. What do you do when you hear a confession like that? You feel revulsion towards the perpetrator and remorse for the victim but you also feel helpless to help. And Brenner delivered the best performance. Those tears came so naturally and his delivery, the pauses, everything felt so visceral. I knew he had it in him but, to date, we've only seen the sexaholic side. Now, we've seen a deeper part of his character and the actor. As for the actual delivery of the scene to the audience, it was cut well, alternating between Brenner's admission and the alleged pedophile's interaction with a potential new victim. It was a perfect reminder of what is out there in this world and a terrible reminder of the consequences.
  • A really powerful message

    I like this one.. how the turned so simple and usual looking episode into something bigger.

    First Neela and her bad day what already started quite weird and then she facing Dubenko and telling she does not want anyone to teach and how trough the day she realize her mistake and in the end it was good that she had medstudent near by..

    And ofcourse, the most shocking and most traumatic storyline - Brenner. The way you just did not get it until that very end when he starts to talk and everything suddenly becomes clear and the camerawork - flipping between Brenner and that man who talks with that girl.. very well done and the way the message goes - first it looks like they want to tell that not everything they say can be true.. and then.. they just turn the message all around.

    A lot of focus on character.. and well written.
  • Revelations all around. It was a chilling end to a typical episode.

    Wow. That was an amazing episode. I kind of expected to doze my way through as I have since 'The Book of Abby' and found myself absolutely riveted at the end. I was way more affected by Benner's emotional revelation than I was by Banfield's last week. Maybe having even just a little more history with a character makes a difference?? Beginning with a lightly drawn picture of the man and his relationships in the beginning, the actor deftly took his character through a downward spiral as the show progressed. The way his tale was intercut with the happenings with a patient and the little girl in another room was absolutely chilling. Nice story telling technique. Double kudos to the director on that one. And Morris continues to be the 'go to guy' with all the back stories. Scott Grimes ocntinues to rock this role. Still don't like Gates much but I did like Gates and Sam's depiction of a family with two teens. Low and behold, Newlex even bared a wee bit of acting chops...playing a teen. Duh. Gates' search for Max and his scene with Sam in the car was a little cloying. Both are decent actors. I don't get why their scenes usually seem so wierd. No chemistry, maybe? Trying to force their relationship on us? Don't know. Curiously interesting and thought provoking after watching it play out every time. I liked the interns much better this week than last. Go Team! Loved Grady's quiet 'so glad I am a resident' line. On the procedures front: the eye surgery was totally absorbing and interesting....not gross. Back to the ER that I loved to watch. And I really liked Dubenko's kick in the old arse to Neela's education as a teaching doctor. She SO needed that.