Season 12 Episode 10

All About Christmas Eve

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 08, 2005 on NBC

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  • Firing Eve on Christmas Eve...

    Mm.. quite interesting Christmas episode. Like usually, some nice sining and the song sang by Haleh and Morris - it was really beautiful. And then the case with little girl, the usual Christmas case - to remind us and show the tragedy and the irony of the life.

    On anything else.. They really get read of Eve. Somehow I am happy about that, but in the end, they really managed to show us that there is so much humane in her too. So, it was little weird, open her more up, make us interested but then, get read of her. Not that I will miss her at all.
  • Is there anyway i can get the song that Haleh and Dr. Morris sang in the \"All about christmas eve\" episode? i think the song was, \"have yourself a little merry christmas\" i loved how they performed that song. pls, let me know. Th

    i love this show, i\'ve seen every single one of the chapters during this past 12 seasons. I am still sad cause Dr. Green died. He was one of my favorites characthers, he was always neutral and took smart and tough choices. He was just the best there, after him is Dr. John Truman Carter, i just love this guy, he\'s the best of the series, and my always predilect female doctor, Susan Lewis. I\'ve been in love with her and her voice since day one. ER it\'s just the best tv show ever, just the best. My dad is a doctor, and one time i sat him down with me to watch the show and there was a guy who was diying in the ER table, and Dr. Green was working on him asking for meds and drugs, and my dad was so excited that when the couldn\'t save him, he started to cry, he though it was a real life show, that it was actually happening that. That can tell you how good this show is. Thanks.
  • Storylines are not what they use to be, but I still love the show.

    Wow Abby is pregnate ... I am sure I have seen this before?
    I like the storyline though and I hope they decide to keep the baby. It could make for some more interesting storylines.

    It is excellent to see Haleh getting some storylines and I hope they keep it up. She is the only original cast member left even though she has never been a main character.

    I love the Christmas episodes but there didn't seem to be as much drama as usual.

    I don't really get the character Clemente???

    Yeahy Eve has gone, she never really suited "ER" to me and didn't seem to fit in.
  • Characters not acting as they should, no interesting storylines and the start of a whole new era for The Abby Lockart Show. Sorry, I mean ER.

    ER is really going downhill. This episode was a bore, there were no interesting patients, no good storylines, no nothing.

    I\'ll miss Eve. The show needed someone like her to spark things up, all the characters are so DULL now. I hope they bring her back. I really didn\'t like HOW they got rid of her, it was too undignified for a character like Eve and I didn\'t buy it.

    Clemente\'s storyline didn\'t feel much like Clemente either. I don\'t know what they want out of this character really, at first he seemed to be the straighten-the-ER-up guy, then he turned into the new-methods-which-don\'t-work guy and now he\'s the sleeze-ball guy? Make up your minds for crying out loud, or at least be consistant. He can have all these characteristics but the show goes with one at a time. \"This episode his is like so, and his other traits are gone\". And what\'s that lame storyline with his ex girlfriend whose cop husband is going to chase her down? What is he, the mob?

    Haleh trying to find someone to sing with her was mildly amusing at first but turned into a lame storyline as well. We\'ve seen some of the characters on staff sing in previous episodes and sing well, so why go with Morris and turn the mike off? Just for laughs, really cheap.

    And let\'s not even talk about the Abby Lockhart Show... From what I understand Maura Tierny is not pregnant. \"Let\'s pull a Friends and throw a baby in to mark who we love the most - yaaaay\". Seriously, can\'t they drop a helicopter on Abby and focus on the GOOD characters on the show instead?

  • ER was boring up to this point..

    Abby pregnant! what a shocker! And Eve FIRED! AWESOME!

    Luka and Abby are getting closer and closer, spending Christmas together and more.....i love Luka and Abby together i really hope this works out for them. They seem to have this connection, like the compass"it seems we always find each other" . I love Luka with Abby and Sam and Luka so did not work and they never will. Luka and Abby dont have a communication problem like Luka and Sam.

    I really enjoyed this episode.
  • good episode

    this show is weel made and writen. The directors delivers an exciting episode with a twist having abby expecting a child and wit hthe dilema od abortion or keepinf the child of luka. The new comers do a good job fitting inn and delivering good ratings for us the viewrs to enjoy
  • wow

    What an episode , eve slugging Santa, Clementes Crazy exe, the Christmas party with Morris singing and wowhe can sing, but most of All Abby and Luka, Lukas gift so sweet .. then Abbys 2nd gift if you will call it that..Wow a Baby for our fav couple..but that brings up questions what abouts Abby's fears..I hope Love will win the day
  • Good bye nurse manager, I will miss you.

    I was sad to see Kristen Johnston's character Eve fired. But it was very fun watching her go crazy just as she walks out the door. I can only hope the ER has room for a little more Eve time.

    We finally meet Dr. Clemente's phone pal, ex-girlfriend who has decided to leave her husband after his recent abuse toward her. Which brings her to the ER trying to talk Clemente into fooling around with her by swearing she'd never return to her husband again.
    Boring storyline, yes it's true.

    And how sad to see Neela get Christmas Eve off! Although the one scene she was in was lots of fun, I never did get my Neela fill for the night.

    And to finish off the night, a secret is revealed. (Which is why this episode is rated so high despite no Neela, no more Eve, and that damned Clemente's lengthened storyline.) Abby prepares to tell Dr. Kovac something, I'm thinking she wants to tell him that she needs to slow the relationship down a bit, but nope she's pregnant!!! Kovac stares at her and we don't get our ER fix until January!

    Damn repeat syndrome. Although it does allow me time away from the TV because I rarely watch repeats. That's what TV on DVD is for, and syndication too.
  • I have been waiting for this every since they split Luka and Abby up the first time.

    Luke playing Santa was great. Neela was able do go on a real honeymoon with Gallant. I have never liked EVE, and I am glad she is gone, but the Santa guy deserved what he got as well. They can get rid of Sam and her kid too. Pratt and Weaver don't give up and save the little girl. About Luka playing Santa, I loved it when he gave Abby her present and they talk about spending CHristmas together and she had a happy face when she told him her present to him was bigger. And at the Christmas party, I when Abby finally opened Lukas present I loved it. The compass pointing north because they always seem to find each other. While she is worried about telling Luka she is pregnant, she asks to talk to him on the street and she doesnt act upset or anything like she is finally ready for the next step.
  • Again, a misplaced plot twist destroys what could have been a very uplifting episode.

    The story line involving Pratt, the little girl Danielle, the vigil outside, and the shooters brought to face their victim had the power to be the overwhelming impact of this show. But, following true to form, if there isn't someone either getting fired, getting dumped, or getting pregnant, it isn't ER.

    I think it's terrific that Luka & Abby are back together, nevermind the fact that she's an alcoholic and he's never really addressed his constant drinking. But to get Abby pregnant? That's just sloppy - one could surmise that if they were drunk, perhaps two DOCTORS would be careless enough to get pregnant, but we know Abby doesn't drink so she has no excuse. Oh well.
  • great from beginning to end

    There have been some great Christmas episodes on ER, but this one beats all by "Hindsight" and "A Miracle Happens Here." I liked how Luka marked his entrance as chief of the ER by giving out presents and sending people home with pay. I won't miss Eve, but I can't say that Santa guy didn't deserve to be punched and have urine thrown on him. She definitely didn't have a merry Christmas losing her boyfriend and her job. I think it's pretty much assured that Sam will be nurse manager. There was also the required Christmas miracle with the girl who was shot and was brought back from the brink of death. That was a very well done storyline, Pratt handled it well. Of course it all led to the great surprise ending with Abby announcing she's pregnant. That will lead to a very interesting storyline. I can't wait for the rest of the season.
  • wonderful episode, good subplots and emotion. great ending!

    I think this was a great installment in the ER series. the GSW victim's story was very nice. Wonderful acting and good way to bring it full circle. The ending was amazing. I love the suprise of Abby being pregnant, and I am anxious to see what happens with the baby and Luka. Had some good humor in it as well. Like I said, great overall episode!
  • The ending took my breathe away!!! I luved this episode. It has to be one of my favorite episodes of ER.

    I luved this episode. It has to be one of my favorite episodes of ER. Helah had a beautiful singing voice and it was sad what happened to that little girl Danielle...Thats my name!!!. I can't wait until the next episode. The gift Abby gave to Luka was phenomenal. I took me by suprise. Just gotta say...GREAT EPISODE!
  • Merry Christmas from the ER.

    Another great holiday-themed ER eppy, as usual.

    Kovac and Barnett deal with a patient who has dangerously low sodium levels but refuses treatment ... then they find out she's been diagnosed with cancer and wants to spend Christmas with her kids. Meanwhile Neela gets a paid vacation as a gift from "Santa" Kovac and leaves for her honeymoon ... but not before going to Gallant's parents' for Christmas dinner. Sam visits her ex-husband in jail ... only to find out that the gifts he gave Alex were stolen ... and now the police are looking for them. After she finds out that Alex has been telling people his father's dead, she takes him to see him in jail on Christmas Eve for a heartfelt reunion.

    Pratt and Weaver treat a young girl who has been shot by a couple of gangsters. After all hope seems lost, the mother shares her words with her daughter, and she miraculously regains a pulse. Yet, she is still messed for life, and Pratt forces the two punks to see their handiwork. Also, Clemente gets a visit from a woman he had an affair with "back east" and ends up doing the nasty with her. The ER holds its annual Christmas carolling contest and at the auditions ... everyone who tries out pretty much sucks .... except for Morris, who ironically sings very well.

    And Holy SH**! Eve completely lashes out and just goes crazy after she both loses her boyfriends AND is fired from the ER (holy crap ... guess she's gone from the show) on Christmas Eve, the latter for punching a fake Santa and then dumping pee all over him because he was making fun of blind children (.... long story). And finally, the shocker of the night (actually, I totally saw it coming, as soon as Abby said she wanted to "talk outside" I knew it could only be one thing) happens when Abby and Kovac exchange their Christmas gifts ... and she takes him outside and drops the bomb on him ..... she is pregnant.
  • This was a wonderful episode. I'm thrilled that they finally got rid of Eve, although she finally did something that I liked in this episode, which ironically got her fired. This was a great episode all around. What an ending!

    This was a wonderful episode. I'm thrilled that they finally got rid of Eve, although she finally did something that I liked in this episode, which ironically got her fired. This was a great episode all around. What an ending! They both had such amazing voices too, that was great.
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