Season 6 Episode 14

All in the Family

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 17, 2000 on NBC
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Carter and Lucy are found almost bleeding to death by Weaver. The two are worked on in trauma and then are operated on up in Surgery. Lucy's injuries appear serious when her chest needs to be cracked open. Because of Anspaugh's quick thinking, Carter survives, however, Corday and Romano are unable to save Lucy, which throws the ER into devastation. Cleo is forced to crack open a man's chest to save his live when no surgeon is available, much to Benton's dismay. Lucy and Carter's attacker is found after he is hit by a car, and he is admitted to Psych with schizophrenia.moreless

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  • About the episode

    It got great editing.
  • The most disturbing episode of ER ever.

    Although superbly acted, this was, to me, the most disturbing episode... it haunts me, and I refuse to watch it again. It put me off reruns of ER since it aired. I only began to watch reruns of ER in the last few weeks. I continued to watch the first run episodes until the last one--- But I won't watch this episode again.

    Lucy, lying in a puddle of blood looking at Carter lying in a puddle of blood under the bed... she did a great job of looking upset... without trying to be redundant, it truly it haunts me.moreless
  • I have no words.. only tears

    I just do not know what to say.. Some (ok.. more than some) ER episodes have made me cry.. but never like this. From the start of that episode.. I was just crying. The way they try everything they can to save Lucy and Carter. Benton, Elizabeth... Even Romano. If he cared about anyone, then it was Lucy. His actions after Elizabeth gave up, show that. She was somehow special - not giving up, ready to go behind his door to get the patient to surgery.

    I just cannot imagine how it will be without Lucy. She has been there not enough.. too long, I will say. She was such a great character and... This episode.. for those what I have seen.. if not the best, then one of the best ones. The way everyone is affected.. the way the sadness get trough the screen and comes to you.. It was just such a beautiful and deeply sad episode...

    Amazing episode...moreless
  • My favourite ER episode ever.

    Amazing episode.

    My favourite of ER (perhaps joint with that when Carter and Benton's student kills himself) and perhaps favourite of any show. The acting is superb throughout, and it does seem like it was actually personal to the actors! Ramano's (sp?) reaction when Lucy dies was just so real it bought tears to my eyes, and a massive amount of respect for a character that I was previously having difficulty in actually liking.

    The efforts around Carter are moving, and Lucy's final moments and words are somber indeed. Very sad episode, and if you watch it without at least being slightly moved you've got a heart of stone!moreless
  • The best ER episode ever! Sad all they way through. Lucy will be missed!

    That episode amazing. Watching them desperately try to save there friends and collegues was intense but fantastic. Lucy i thought was a great character! When she said thank you to corday i thought thank god then when she died, it was so sad. Even romana was devastated, seeing everyones reaction to the tragic news was very sad but again fantactic. If you ever re-watch this season, which i did whenever you see Lucy all i can think of is her death! Amazing episode!!moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: In the previous episode,"Be Still My Heart," Greene and Corday left the hospital at 8 p.m., before Carter's patient died, to have dinner with their parents. In this episode, however, the time of Carter's patient's death was given as 19:19 (7:19 p.m.).

    • Goof: When Weaver goes to talk with Cupid, the camera and operator are reflected in the window.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Carter: Lucy's dead, isn't she?

    • Chen: No, not that Vanessa!
      Haleh: The one and only. You know her?
      Chen: Oh, I saw her when I was in medical school.
      Haleh: She comes in with abdominal pain, Carter orders a pelvic. Tells Lucy the patient would feel more comfortable with a woman.
      Chen: Oh man!
      Malucci: Whoa, Whoa, who's Vanessa?
      Haleh: Lucy is all official. She's polite, she gets her tray all in order, puts on her gloves, pulls back the curtain…
      Lydia: Meanwhile, Carter's outside waiting.
      Luka: Uh, waiting for what?
      Chen: The scream.
      Malucci: I don't get it.
      Chen: Carter sent her in to do a pelvic on a drag queen!
      Malucci: He did not!?
      Chen: Oh, you've got to hand it to Vanessa. He's got a better figure than I do.

    • Luka: Pretty scary, huh?
      Malucci: Yeah, pretty scary.
      Abby: I was complaining about my day.

    • Kerry: Are you blaming Carter, Mark?
      Mark: No! I'm not blaming anyone, are you?

    • Malik: Dr. Weaver, we've got a problem with the Medivac chopper, industrial trauma from Wyden.
      Kerry: Try to divert.
      Malik: I did, but Lakepoint's closed.
      Kerry: Whatever.

    • Chuny: Oh no girl, Alex and I broke up.
      Conni: What happened? I thought he was the man.
      Chuny: Yeah, so did my neighbor.
      Yosh: Ouch.

    • Luka: Looks like nail polish to me.
      Malik: It's buff, ok?
      Carol: You got a manicure Malik?
      Malik: Hey man, that's what the ladies like. That's the first thing they check out is your hands.
      Lydia: I check out their butt myself.

    • Elizabeth: (about Lucy) Time of death, 2:56.

    • Kerry: People were having parties while these two were in there bleeding to death!

    • Benton: Carter, don't worry, I'm going to explore the abdomen. I'm going to check out everything.
      Carter: I'm glad it's you.
      Benton: Hey, I'm getting you through this, man. You hear me?

  • NOTES (6)

    • Along with the Season 6 episodes "Abby Road" and "Be Still My Heart," this episode has the most credited main cast series regulars (13).

    • Though spelled correctly when he is listed as the series creator in the opening credits, Michael Crichton's last name is incorrectly spelled "Chrichton" when he is listed with the other executive producers in the end credits of this episode. This mistake was repeated in most of the Season 4 episodes and in all of the Season 6 episodes.

    • The closing credits are traditionally shown over a freeze frame from the episode, but in this case the freeze frame is from a previous episode; Lucy and Kovac are shown in conversation in a scene from "The Domino Heart." This would be the only time in ER's history that the closing freeze frame was not from the episode that had just aired.

    • This episode marks Kellie Martin's final appearance as a series regular.

    • Music: "More Today Than Yesterday," Spiral Staircase; "Tell Me Something Good," Rufus & Chaka Khan; "A Whiter Shade of Pale," Procol Harum; "Piano Man," Billy Joel (sung by Mark and Elizabeth); "Samba Pa Ti," Santana (also used in Lucy's first episode, "Day for Knight")

    • The episode won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Single Camera Picture Editing for a Series (Kevin Casey). It was nominated 2 for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series (Jonathan Kaplan), Outstanding Sound Editing for a Series and Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Drama Series.