Season 6 Episode 14

All in the Family

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 17, 2000 on NBC

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  • About the episode

    It got great editing.
  • The most disturbing episode of ER ever.

    Although superbly acted, this was, to me, the most disturbing episode... it haunts me, and I refuse to watch it again. It put me off reruns of ER since it aired. I only began to watch reruns of ER in the last few weeks. I continued to watch the first run episodes until the last one--- But I won't watch this episode again.

    Lucy, lying in a puddle of blood looking at Carter lying in a puddle of blood under the bed... she did a great job of looking upset... without trying to be redundant, it truly it haunts me.
  • I have no words.. only tears

    I just do not know what to say.. Some (ok.. more than some) ER episodes have made me cry.. but never like this. From the start of that episode.. I was just crying. The way they try everything they can to save Lucy and Carter. Benton, Elizabeth... Even Romano. If he cared about anyone, then it was Lucy. His actions after Elizabeth gave up, show that. She was somehow special - not giving up, ready to go behind his door to get the patient to surgery.

    I just cannot imagine how it will be without Lucy. She has been there not enough.. too long, I will say. She was such a great character and... This episode.. for those what I have seen.. if not the best, then one of the best ones. The way everyone is affected.. the way the sadness get trough the screen and comes to you.. It was just such a beautiful and deeply sad episode...

    Amazing episode...
  • My favourite ER episode ever.

    Amazing episode.

    My favourite of ER (perhaps joint with that when Carter and Benton's student kills himself) and perhaps favourite of any show. The acting is superb throughout, and it does seem like it was actually personal to the actors! Ramano's (sp?) reaction when Lucy dies was just so real it bought tears to my eyes, and a massive amount of respect for a character that I was previously having difficulty in actually liking.

    The efforts around Carter are moving, and Lucy's final moments and words are somber indeed. Very sad episode, and if you watch it without at least being slightly moved you've got a heart of stone!
  • The best ER episode ever! Sad all they way through. Lucy will be missed!

    That episode amazing. Watching them desperately try to save there friends and collegues was intense but fantastic. Lucy i thought was a great character! When she said thank you to corday i thought thank god then when she died, it was so sad. Even romana was devastated, seeing everyones reaction to the tragic news was very sad but again fantactic. If you ever re-watch this season, which i did whenever you see Lucy all i can think of is her death! Amazing episode!!
  • Probably the greatest episode of ER. Awesome episode that deals with the staff trying to save the lives of Carter and Lucy after they got severely stabbed.

    First of all this episode is just amazing. The first time I saw it, I was blown out of my mind. I didn't think ER could top itself after George Clooney left and well I was wrong. The episode begins where the last one left off Carter and Lucy get stabbed and Weaver finds their lifeless bodies in one of the rooms. Soon all the Doctors on call including Malucchi, Kovac, Abby, Chen and Weaver try to do everything in their ability to save the lives of their injured comrades. Soon Benton arrives and shows just how much he really cares about his intern John Carter who we thought he had pretty much sort of well hated. After Greene and Corday come to take care of their injured pals things get serious as both Carter and Lucy are rushed into surgery. Before surgery Carter thankfully regains consciousness and Benton and Anspaugh are able to ultimately save his life. On the other hand Corday and Romano severely struggle with Lucy after a serious of complications and despite Romano's best efforts and I mean best efforts, they are unable to save Lucy as she dies in one of the most tragic moments in the show history. The last scene is Romano entering the ER with Weaver suturing the dead body of Lucy, he helps out. In all honesty this was an amazing episode and sad the same time because Lucy Knight a reluctant intern just gets killed just like that, and I must admit the performance by Paul McCrane is off the charts good. His ability to change Robert Romano from the jerk like figure into someone who really cared about Lucy is just great. Overall the best ER episode.
  • One of the best episodes to date.

    The ER is slammed into action when Weaver finds Carter and Lucy stabbed and almost bleeding to death. The trauma scenes in which the team are trying to save the two is very exciting, yet so dramatic and frightening. The reactions and acting from the actors as Lucy's chest is cracked open right in front of her friends and co-workers is priceless, so realistic and really, really sad. The death of Lucy was devastating, it was just as I began to really like the character and it was also sad to think about how young the character was and how much she had to live for- she wasn't even a doctor yet! RIP Lucy, we miss you!
  • the best

    Najlepszy odcinek jaki widziałam.u mnie jednak w kraju Ciezko jest dostac ten serial, znaczy nie puszczaja go bo wlasciwie juz stary jest:) Ja planuje kupic DVD by miec caly serial i moc wracac do najlepszych scen kazdego dnia. Nie jest to takie latwe bo wymaga fundusze hehe ale jakos sobie dam rade. Jak ktos zna dobry sklep i moze mi polecic to z gory dzikuje i czekam na odpowiedz.

    No jak juz mowilam najlepszy odcinek ze wszytkich. Duzo juz widzialam ale coz nie spodziewalam sie takiego obrotu sprawy. podrawiam wszytkich i tak pewnie mie nie zrozumiecie hehe:) i to jest chyba najlepsze...
  • Lucy and carter are discovered by weaver after being stabbed and the ER pulls together to save them..

    This epi was extremely well written and the acting was awesome.Weaver took charge and was seriously affected by seeing people she knew quite well in such a terrifying situation.To see her soo emotional was well encorparated in the episode as she is usually seen as the rock of the group.

    Benton did well but he got emotionally envolved which could of resulted in carter losing his kidney understandable seeing him in that condition.
    We saw the same from Romano usually the cold hearted but lucy's death really got to him it was a surprise to see a usually emotionless person affected.

    Bringing me on to lucy's death omg she only ever did what was best by her patient but this time she ended up paying the price i'll be sad to see such a good character leave and in some way my outlook on how i see some of the characters dealing with patients will be changed.

    An awesome epi , well written , amazing acting !!!
  • The ER family does everything to save Carter and Lucy.

    When the episode starts, I'm already freaking out because everyone's having a party and Carter and Lucy are in an exam room bleeding to death. But then Kerry finds them and I freak out more.

    We then see all the staff working together to save two of their most beloved members. We see the desperation, we see the fear. Actually, I don't think we had ever seen Benton so worried, or Kerry so desperate. But it was for the moments, for the details, that this episode became such an ER classic.

    The way Benton took care of Carter was so beautiful, with so much care. In every second Benton appears you can see how much he likes Carter, and how he's doing the possible and the impossible to save him. In one scene, after Cleo personally goes to the OR to take him out of there because other patient needs him, Benton fights with Anspaugh, because it doesn't matter if he's the former Chief of Staff/Surgery, Carter's his patient, Carter's his friend. But Carter's going to be ok. Lucy, on the other hand...

    Romano and Elizabeth taking care of Lucy was one of the most touching things I had ever seen in ER. After her surgery goes well, Elizabeth takes off her trach tube because she wants to say something: "Thank you". I couldn't not cry on that scene. But Lucy's problems aren't all finished, but Romano can save her, but then she arrests and Romano and Elizabeth try everything to bring her back. But they can't. Elizabeth's pratically crying, Romano already broke half the room while cursing Sobriki. 2:56. But what I think was the best of this episode was when the rest of the family found out about Lucy's death. One by one. Luka, Abby, Chen, Malucci, Haleh and Lily are in Doc Magoo's laughing and reminiscing about a joke Carter played on Lucy when Chuny simply walks in, very sad, and says 'Lucy'. Then Benton gets out of surgery and Cleo's waiting to tell him about Lucy. Mark finds out, and Kerry. And their faces were all so, but so sad, you can't help but cry and be sad with them. But even more than that, it's the end that's most beautiful and painful. Benton's with Carter telling him about his surgery, Carter asks about Lucy and he doesn't answer. Then after a while Carter says "Lucy's dead, isn't she?", and Benton doesn't even need to answer. After that, we see Romano, who never cares about anyone but his dog, suturing Lucy himself. Kerry comes in to help. He tells her the nurses can do it. She knows. It ends with a picture of Lucy, of another episode, when she looks beautiful and healthy. A nice tribute.

    One of the most beautiful, one of the saddest. One of the best.
  • Lucy dies in this episode.

    Perfect title on this episode \"All in the family\" because everyone pitches in to save Carter and Lucy from dying. But only Carter survies and Lucy dies. I cry everytime I see this episode because of the great effort the staff tries to save them. But at the same time in the begining of the episode I shout at the TV saying to Kerry \"Hurry up, Lucy and Carter is dying.\"
  • Weaver arrives and finds a Valentine's Party underway. She sees a bloody footprint leading from a room.

    It doesn't get any better than this episode. Not only does it have drama, it shows the human side of Kerry and Romano. Kerry becomes ill after treating Lucy and Carter in the ER; Romano knocks over a tray and curses after Lucy flatlines. Benton won't leave Carter's operation but insists on remaining. Benton avoids Carter's question about Lucy but Carter figures it out. The group gathers at Doc Magoo's and are rehashing old Carter/Lucy stories when Chuny walks in. All she says is "Lucy" and everyone immediately knows. Romano is closing the wound when Kerry joins him. She pulls the sheet over Lucy.

    This is a classic.
  • I miss these kinds of episodes...

    A great episode where we see all the ER staff trying to save Lucy and Carter. I guess that ER is the only show that can make that this kind os episodes have the drama, the action and a little bit of comedy.
    I think that was absolutely great how they tried to save Carter and Lucy, and then how Lucy died... I didn't see that coming (well as a mather of fact I did, but just because it was something of public known that Lucy was going to die), they way in which she died it was great, at first she was talking with Corday and Romano and the she colapsed and died. And the reaction of Romano... I dind't know that he liked Lucy so much...
    This episode it is also very important because it would be the one that set up Carter's drug issue.
  • Best episode ever on ER.

    This episode was great, with really amazing scenes, expecially the beggining, following Dr. Kerry Weaver throw the ER, until her reaction founding Carter and Lucy stabbed on the floor. The scene was pretty cool. Then, the scene when Romano and Elizabeth are trying to get Lucy back was just great, their reacton to her death.

    Really powerfull episode, possible one of the best episodes ever on ER.
  • One of the most riviting episodes of ANY television program I have ever seen. The drama and emotions are so real in this episode, it was almost as if the actors never really had to act. Supurb episode.

    The best episode ever filmed for series television. Acting, camera angles, editing and sound are all top notch in this the most dramatic episode ever filmed. Kellie Martin's final episode where she only says two words, but those two words sum up everything she had been through with getting injured and being worked on.
  • What a great episode.

    It's 7 years old but i still remember it so well. i rememeber crying when i seen this. It was so sad but acted out wonderfully by the cast. Ooh im filling up thinking about it now. Quality.! has got be one of the best ER episodes. definitely. And this episode joined with the previous one gave a great 2hour viewing.
  • I love(d) Lucy

    I've watched quite a load of ER episodes in my life. For the last two years I've been an addict for a lot of TV-shows, but I've been watching ER all my life. I got to know all the characters and all the story's. And that said, I can honestly say that "All in the Family" is probably my all time favorite ER episode.

    I really liked Lucy, especially with Carter. I think she was funny, sometimes kinda bitchy and it was great how she cared for all her patients. But I really think her relationship with Carter was the cutest. Always fighting but also so obviously liking each other. It's so typical they both got stabbed. Together.

    Apart from the very gripping action scenes, you know, the ones where they operate on Lucy and Carter and stuff. This one was all about emotions. It's only aboout Lucy and Carter and you see everyone reacting to the fact that they got stabbbed and might not survive. Especially Weaver broke my heart. Her face when she saw those two lying there, and how she was in shock just made me wanna hug her.

    But it wasn't only her reaction, also the reactons of everyone else. Everyone sitting in the diner waiting for news, and talking about Lucy and Carter in such a cute way. And then their faces when they heared the news :( And Benton and his surgery on Carter, the way her cared. And Romano and Elizabeth with Lucy. It all was so real.

    Everyone was in shock, needed air but didn't get it. It seems like a dream but it's not....and then it stops. Lucy's dead, Carter is getting better. That's the way it is. Lucy is made all clean, and that's it. You take a deep breath and then you start working again. Because life always goes on.

    *Depressing review, I know. What can I say....I guess the episode really was too*

  • heartbreaking

    I wasn't a big fan of Lucy, but it was incredibly sad to see her die. The episode was set up perfectly with the ending of the previous episode. You go into the episode wondering what will happen, and the action starts right up. There is a struggle to save Carter and Lucy while everyone searches for Paul Sobriki. The scene where Carter is in the ER and Dr Benton is talking to him is a classic. The scene where they are at Doc Magoo's talking and they learn that Lucy has died, is the saddest in the series up to this point. This is an unforgettable episode for a lot of reasons.
  • A sad and heartbreaking episode, but magnificent nonetheless....

    Truly one of my favorite episodes of all time of ER!
    I already found the cliffhanger from the previous episode a tearjerker and this tops all!
    Really sad about Lucy, because I liked her character and then she gets stabbed.
    The episode was really bringing you on the wrong path imo when it seems that Carter is in a critical situation but comes out okay with the help of Benton, and it was so sweet when Carter said he was happy that Benton would do the job on him.
    But it seemed that Lucy was doing fine since she was wide awake but then her heart stops. Corday and Romaray (i think he was) try to help her but fail. That was so sad....

    But brilliant acting in this episode. I think it will be hard to top this episode! A definite must see!