Season 11 Episode 15

Alone in a Crowd

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 17, 2005 on NBC

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  • I love this episode.

    Watching this mother and her life, when she was sending her kids to the school remeber me to my own mother, haha, the only diference we have sleepy faces.

    I like very much how they made us hear everything the mother was thinking, it most be very frustrating that *shivers*. I was very happy when Wendall get mad at Carter, he really deserve it. I mean why does Carter couldn't just stay with Abby they were the best coulpe and didn't have to go with the horrible Kem and the one with ridicules name wendall- And the kids with the mother who had dies weeks ago, was... poor them-
  • Very unique idea

    This episode was so refreshingly shown. First it was little confusing, but when I got it - that she had stroke and she can think and hear and we are hearing her thoughts - it was so great. The camera work added so much to the feeling and really - this was refreshing.

    If forget that storyline - I do not think there was much else. Is it really going to be Morris who will get a chief resident? We had not had much storylines with him and it will be very interesting choice but I am waiting. And so glad Carter and Wendell are over.. wupii.. :)
  • We are in the head of Ellie a stroke victim whilst Morris applies for chief and Wendall dumps Carter.

    I enjoyed this episode it was good to see it from a different perspective.The writting was phenomenal along with the acting.To see it from the point of a stroke victim was adventurous, the start scenes where she had no idea were hard to watch but i enjoyed later dialogue from Ellie.The complete idea was fantastic and extremely good to watch.

    Wendall dumped Carter after his attatchment to Kem shone through.I don't blame her but like Carter said he can't just let go they went through too much together.

    What was with Dubenko asking Abby to write up a case then turning it into what appeared to be a date.Abby was totally dumbfounded and she looked akward when she realised especially since she and jake are close.Dubenko obviously has a crush , i know realise hints from previous episodes.

    Morris as Chief what a thought,he would be totally annoying and useless but Pratt on the other hand would be quite good if not rather arrogant.
  • Cynthia Nixon stars as a mother who has had a stroke.

    Ellie who is a mother has had a stroke, and viewers are practically taken into her mind, as she narrates the episode with her thoughts and fears as she is cared for by the doctors and nurses of the ER. I didn't have high hopes for Cynthia, as I thought she probably couldn't act seriously, after watching her for 6 years in Sex and The City. But she proved me wrong, as I was amazed at how well she acted, and won me over.
  • Ellie Shore is a woman who had a stroke and is narrating her experience throughout the episode.

    This episode is directed beautifully and narrated gracefully but ever so surely. Nice character interaction, the plot is well-designed, and I almost cried. I wanted to watch this episode over and over again. Ellie Shore's story inspired me to become a better person. It gives me a reason to watch E.R. as religiously as I do. If you can find this episode anywhere on the Internet, you definitely want to find a way to download it or something. I've loved this show since it began 12 years ago, and this episode makes sure to keep me watching. Thank you, NBC.
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