Season 4 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 25, 1997 on NBC

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  • about the episode

    It got great technical direction
  • ER Live. Watch through the eyes of a documentary crew that films the hectic lives of doctors and nurses.

    This was the only episode of ER to be aired live. Throughout the episode, Dr. Greene and other staff members are followed around by a documentary crew. We see events unfold through the camera. Dr. Greene is still coping with the trauma of his attack months ago. When the camera crew find out about it, they ask about it, but Greene refuses. Carter is now an Emergency Medicine intern and a little sore about having to be an intern again. Ross and Hathaway are dating again, but keep it a secret from the rest of the staff. David Morgenstern, Chief of Emergency Medicine, suffers a heart attack. The way the staff responds to this shows how much he is cared for and respected. Also, British surgeon Dr. Elizabeth Corday makes her debut. For a change, we get to see how the characters in the ER would respond if they were really behind the camera.
  • Outstanding and very different camera work but it seems to be it.

    I cannot say that I expected something else - it was good episode, it has very unique camera work, story and everything was unique. The way it started, so many other things. But that constant moving, jumping, no deep peak into the story - it seems like clip here, clip there. I did not felt the depth of the cases, depth in actors. I cannot deny that there was moving case - the main case. A man tried so save another's life and he ended up paralyzed, the boy lived and the people who did it - they did not even know the boy they beated very well. The way Greene acted on that case, to call the husband - moving. The old good cases. (I think somehow that the end of last season was somehow week on the cases matter). But they just couldn't seem to get the balance - case good, no good plot between chars. It was quite disturbing to look how everyone was pushed aside by this or that. And boor Carter - his decision seems to be not so pleasant.

    Anyway, hopes are high and next episode ready to watch.
  • Not one of my favorite episodes

    I love the fast pace in which ER is shot but this was not one of my favorite episodes.
    I didn't like the way the camera moved around so much and I found it very hard to watch.
    I sort of liked the storyline of the characters but the camera movement was just too distracting for me.