Season 13 Episode 5

Ames v. Kovac

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 19, 2006 on NBC

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  • Chaotic day

    Luka has to go tot he court as there is problem with one of the patience he treated and how now is partly paralyzed. Abby has her first day back and that is chaotic.

    So we have two storylines switching back and forward to create very unique motion and it works well. Luka storyline is very serious and in the end, when court has to make a decision there is also question for us - we all like Luka and feel sorry for him but the way the story is put, I think we also feel sorry for the patient.

    Abby's day is just one crazy day in Er with some shocking moments.. some fun.. and blood..
  • Excellent show by two excellent actors, Forrest Whitaker and Goran Višnjic.

    The best thing with this episode is that we, as viewers, get to see both sides of the Ames/Kovac controversy. Neither Curtis Ames nor Luka is blamed for what has happened.
    Considering the preassure that the ER staff are working under, Luka's point of view is understandable. He had been giving Mr Ames in the best possible care, given the circumstances.
    Meanwhile, I can understand that Ames found Luka and Chuny to be arrogant. He wasn't familiar with the situation and he felt ignored.
    Luka's line that he had decided to treat Ames agressively, really sounds much worse than he meant to, I believe. It was Ames' pneumonia he treated agressively. Not the patient.
    Most dramatic scene: Luka and Curtis Ames in the restroom outside the courtroom. A lot of tension in the air. Luka wants to create a friendly atmosphere, but Ames is bitter and unresponsive.
    Best scene: Luka in the courtroom, looking thoughtfully and meaningfully at Ames and his children.
    Funniest scene: Abby singing "Should I stay or should I go" over the phone to Joe, and Sam's comment that Abby is auditioning for "American Idol".
  • Some drama with Luka and some comedy with Abby.

    Luka in court and Abby back at work. This episode wasn't as action-packed as it usually is but it was still decent. Although the story of a patient having been mistreated and the doctor getting a malpractice suit is as old as time itself, all the flashbacks and the comparisons between Luka and Ames' memories were quite interesting. We got to see the patient's point of view for a change. I don't have much compassion for Ames though because after all he's suing Luka. And no matter what Luka tells the jury, it's going to be on the victim's side. I have yet to see how this plays out. Abby had some great moments, the singing and the 'my boobs are gonna explode'-thing. I just love her character no matter what she does. I think she hasn't quite figured out that Pratt is her superior but the realization must come some time. The Neela/Ray relationship was again pushed back when Katey asked Ray out. They are trying to build obstacles so that Neela/Ray doesn't happen too quickly and we get to wait. I guess it's a good thing, wouldn't want everything to happen just like that. Sooner or later they are going to have to confront each other though, and I'll be waiting anxiously. On a side note, it was refreshing to see Maggie Wheeler as a 'normal' character when in Friends she was not. She was surprisingly believable as a lawyer. Overall a good episode, I enjoyed it greatly (as the case usually is with ER).
  • Luka and Ames battle to win a court case, its abby's first day back at work and a man spontaneously combusts! all in one episode!

    i thoroughly enjoyed this episode. it was much better than i thought it was going to be. i think i was expecting an episode like " darfur". when TPTB only focus's on one thing, but they proved me wrong and did a nice mix of the court room and the ER.

    i loved the scenes in the ER, and like so many others completely dont get why or HOW the man was set on fire ?? it has me very confused lol. how good is to get our abby back, and doing what she does best, being a super doctor! i liked her interactions with Gates, i think she was very kind to her and probably the only one so far who has treated him as an adult and given him the deserved respect an adult gets!

    Luka and FW were great in the scenes in the courtroom, i felt sorry for FW because he was kinda neglected, but i think he embeleshed a bit with what things happened. like how in gods name was he able to tell luka ate a bagel with poppy seeds on..... i thought the flash backs were a great aspect to a show, its been a while since we've had flash backs! and i thought they just made the episode better!

    i enjoyed it, hope everyone else did
  • Curtis Ames a carpenter who suffers a stoke under Luka's care and then sues him for malpractice. Luka and Ames go to court. Abby returns to work and deal with the changes.

    Interesting episode. I like the start with the whole Luka and Ames at court. I think Luka deserves to win. Ames is like the worst person you could get in an ER and he doesn't understand that their are people with worst stuff. So glad Abby is back at work and we get more of her. This was a great episode and yeah. I don't really know else to write because I have been doing so many reviews lately to get my level up so yeah and normally I have lots of things to say or maybe it's because I am tired and not thinking that much. Very good episode again.
  • Oh, finally they aired on Dec 15th the so famous episode with Evil Mr. Ames... (Evil? )

    Some considerations: 1) I have to confess that reading guys discussing about Ames this, Ames that, I was really confused thinking "how could I have missed this episode of which season again? when this happened ?..." Last night I understood the new episode is a flashback one ... Duh, Luciana.... 2) They showed quite plainly the consequences of a healty system that does not work properly. And then I have a question for the American members of this board: is the real thing like that? I mean, I live in a 3rd world country where the public healthy system is null - the ones who can pay for private medical assistant do that, cause the option is to die in a line... So, I am quite used to people mistreated in hospitals, doctors taking care of thousands of patients at the same time. My sister is a doctor and once she worked in a public hospital - she had only 20 minutes to attend each patient and then had to move on to the next. Can you imagine this ? A total failure. At the same time, there are private hospitals that are the most moderns in the world. - but who can afford them? We latinos always have in mind that America is the land where everything works perfectly, especially public services, contrary to what we see here in Brazil. I watch for instance the Critical Hour, aired by Discovery Channel and it is about a hospital where everything works all right and people are rescued and saved really nice... So, what is the reallity ? Neither of them ? Somewhere between them? 3) For the first time, I didn't like Forest Whitaker acting - and wonder why... Perhaps this spoilering thing has set me up against him from the begining. But although I have always admired him as an actor, this time I thought he was a little too forced or ... don't know, not really him. Is it just me or anybody else felt the same way ? 4) I thought it was a good idea they showing the double-version flashback. This is weird how people see and feel the same fact in very different ways. And that part of Forest's acting (the first what ? 15 minutes...) was better than the rest of the episode. Anyway, now I am dying here to know what happens, but of course, because of all the spoilers around, I pretty much have guessed everything.... * checks the calendar and counts how many days to next Thursday...*
  • Luka confronts Curtis Ames in court and Abby's back at work.

    Luka's in court, being sued for malpractice by Curtis Ames, who came in the ER in 2004 with a cough and left it with a paralised arm after a stroke, which, for him, Luka could have prevented. Ames' story is a bit of a cliche. He's not the first patient to be neglected due to a full ER. Of course not all of them end up having strokes, but still, it's not the kind of story that would call my attention. I know he's going to be around for a while, so I hope his story gets more interesting. But both actors (Forest Whitaker and Goran Visnijc) were really, really good. Goran's always at his best as worried Luka. (Plus, Ames' lawyer was Maggie Wheeler, whom I love since 'Friends', and was great as well)

    Also, Abby's back at work, worried at leaving baby Joe at home with a sitter. She was the cutest on the phone singing 'Should I Stay or Should I Go' for her son to sleep. I loved her little crashes with new attending Pratt. Someone is not used to the attending not being her husband (for now I'm considering Abby and Luka as husband and wife). I'm liking Neela a little better in surgery. I guess she's understanding how different it is from the ER and learning. Even Crenshaw's a little better (tough everytime I look at him I miss Romano). I couldn't believe Katey asked Ray out, could someone please tell her he has to be with Neela? And Pratt's brother Chaz's going to move in with him, so we'll probably see more of him soon. Oh, missed Kerry and Morris a lot. Where's the humor?

    Not the best, not the worst.
  • The main focus of this episode was Kovac's trial for mistreating Ames, an patient from a while back. Abby also returned to work in this episode and tried to deal with being a working mom. Everyone else was in the ER dealing with typical ER problems.

    What I liked a lot about this episode was the court room scenes between Kovac and Ames. I thought the whole episode should have been just the court room scenes and the flashbacks. I thought Forest Whitaker was brilliant in this episode and very powerful when we saw his scenes in the hospital. I thought it was interesting that the writers did not tell us who was telling who\'s right because Kovac\'s and Ames\' recollections of everything that occured were very different. You just don\'t know who to beleive. Also this episode goes on to show how county hospitals are struggling to accomodate to large communities. At the end of this episode, I tended to side with Ames simply because at the end of it all, he\'s still going to be partially paralyzed, without his kids or a job. Even though I felt for Ames, I didn\'t think Kovac was to blame. It was more of a problem with hospitals and this trial isn\'t limited to Kovac and Ames, it is more of a social issue.

    Aside from the court room scenes, Pratt realizing how the older men at his barber shop don\'t take care of their health also builds off the same theme with the Ames/Kovac storyline that the medical system is far from perfect.

    Also the other ER scenes were ok but nothing as exciting took place.
  • This was only painful to watch because Curiis Ames is so naggy. He complains throughout the entire time.

    I can understand his hurt feelings about having a stroke, but the doctors can't fix everything! They aren't perfect. When Ames first went up there he talked as if it was the first time discussing it. I hated that. He would be taken more seriously if he acted like he knew what he was going to say. Confident in what he was saying and even mad about what happened. All I saw was a person trying to fix things after they realised they don't want to live with it. He waited forever to take Luka to trial. That says something.
  • Was it Mark or was it Luka

    More and more ER are just regurgitating storylines. In either series 1 or 2 Mark Greene gets sued by the husband of a patient who died (a character played the Josh Lyman from the West Wing incidentally) and it was all very similar. Abby and the baby is paralleling Susan and her baby. Two good things - 1. seeing that knob of a surgeon get it wrong and 2. No Morris.

    I enjoy ER but I think it is really past it's sell by date. The stories are all done before and there is nothing left to tell. The irritating characters are too irritating and have no redeeming features, the good guys are starting to wine and the patients have lost their humour.

    Sigh. Another one about to bite the dust.
  • this episode was okay

    this show is really great
    i love all the drama of er and all the crazy things that happen
    i really like last seasons finale with all the gunman that came into the er
    very well written
    and every episode is very good too

    i jsut started watching last season and i am amazed at how much happens in every episode
    they never tone down the drama

    i think john stamos is a great addition to the cast and i am quite interested in his character

    so i will keep watching every thursday
    and er good luck at another great season this show is one of the best
  • The Return of the 'Bestest Doctor Evah'!

    Alluding to the fact that the character of Abby (and the actress that plays her) are regularly trashed on various forum boards, it was WAY fun to see her back in high form the ER in this episode. One of the things that is fun to watch about Abby is that while the academics come hard, she thinks on her feet and regularly diagnoses and treats with creative methods. (Which was why it was kind of difficult to buy her reluctance to try the experimental meds during Joe's NICU stay several episodes ago.) Watching her deal with the Crohn's patient, frustration with Pratt's new found reluctance to try something different AND deal with being a new working Mom was a lot of fun. I could detect the possibility of an upcoming alliance with Gate's 'cowboy attitude' that could being something fun to watch as well. However, given Pratt's new status/attitude as a 'responsible' attending and Luka's first experience with the malpractice system, I doubt that her attitudes and methods will go unchecked for very long. I was also glad to see that she didn't just come back without dealing with the difficulties of being a new mom - apprehensions about the baby doing well with a sitter and breast feeding issues, etc. Pratt's face was priceless when he finally realized what she was going to do in the break room. LOL I can also relate with her saying that the best thing about coming back was 'talking like an adult with adults' again. SOOooo true. I missed Weaver, Morris and more with Neela...and NOT flirting with Gates. That is happening too fast in my book. Goran Visnjic's portrayal of Luka is really getting a workout thus far this season. It has been WAY relieving to see him relaxing a bit, enjoying his relationship with Abby and the baby. This episode has taken him back to darker days and I hope that they plan to give him some balance with future stories. My heart broke for him with the camera shot that pulled back with him sitting on the bench in the courtroom hall after missing Abby on the phone. He obviously feels some guilt for the condition of his adversary in court and was going through that all alone. I am not sure if that guilt was warranted or not as the writing basically gave both parties reasons for reacting the way they did. The way the episode was shot - jumping back and forth from the past to present, from one person's perspective to another as well, made the entire show kind of difficult to watch. I understand the need to create cutting edge television but at 10 pm my poor little brain is shot from a long day. Sometimes having to think too much makes something less enjoyable. Thus, I am not sure what my feelings are about the whole court case. Boarding a patient in the ER for 3 days until a ward bed is open seems improbable but it HAS happened in my family. Being there can be frustrating and irritating and I could not understand the cold, heartless approach that Laura Ceron took with her character of 'Chuny' - long one of my favorites in the nursing staff. Even as overworked as she was surely she would have been able to understand Ames' frustration and been a little more patient. Listening to the jurors in the jury room trash County wasn't pleasant either. They do their best...but maybe this episode's intention was to show us that their best isn't always enough??? One thing the show did is whet my appetite to see what else in store for Luka.
  • Ok. This episode was fine, but…

    Poor Luka! When he – at last – found happiness and stability with Abby and his new child, now he has to struggle with a case of malpractice against him. Oh, please, writers, leave him alone! Don’t you think he already suffer so much? You have a great storyline already about his baby and his relationship with Abby. Why you just can’t use this? I don’t know, maybe you can use a storyline about him be overprotective with his baby (you know, he already lost two children) or maybe that he don’t have too much time to be with his new family and has to make changes… I don’t know, something like that, but please let the man be happy for once.

    The episode in general terms was well-written. See flashback to explain what happened was very interesting. The writers took the necessary precautions not to take a side. The case was explained not only from the point of view of the doctors and hospital personnel (Dr. Luka Kovac), but also from the point of view of the patients (Mr. Curtis Ames). You can see that both sides have their reasons to act the way they did. I think Ray is desperately for at least Neela to talk to him. He asked her for permission to date her medical student, but she even see him at the face when she answer. Ray was, of course, very upset. He’s trying to get closer to Neela, but she can’t help him. And what the heck happened with Pratt? He is the very Gates in his beginnings. But you know, two “machos” in the same cage, never worked. Is very interesting the interaction of those two. Pratt has to accept that Gates is good and be more professional. He can just try him, you know, press him – You think you’re good, let’s see what you made off. The Pratt we see every week (so self-confident, a little bit selfish – Am I talking about Pratt of Gates?) had to be challenge when his little brother moved with him as his roommate. The story about Abby was very funny. It reminds me about Susan Lewis, when she had to do the same for her little boy, Cosmos, and sang a song through the phone. I think baby Joe are going to make a more affectionate and tender Abby. That’s what babies are for. I think she’s going to learn not to think on her only, but care for others too. You know, she should see that she is capable of being loved.

    Let’s see where the waters go in this amazing show. I want to think – and hope – that Luka is going to be alright.
  • This was an enjoyable episode that let us check in with many of the main characters, although most of the episode was Luka's, of course.

    I DID enjoy this episode, but I'm not a fan of flashbacks. At times it wasn't clear if it was Luka's flashback or actually occuring while Abby was on shift. One part, that I clearly missed, why did that elderly surgery patient burst into flames?? Was it equipment malfunction or what the heck was going on, there??

    As another person has posted, I'm NOT looking forward to the possibility of the "depressed" Luka reappearing. The court case doesn't look like it's going well and I see that Forest Whitaker is set for a six episode arc. I'd wish this storyline to be over sooner rather than later.

    All in all, though, the episode was fast paced, lots of characters touched base for a few minutes of the episode, so we know what's happening with the central characters, albeit briefly. I do, however, miss Carrie. I had great hopes she'd be more of a regular, but not so, perhaps with her directing duties taking precedent.
  • Well...ok...hmmm...

    Alright, I'm not sure how to describe this episode. It was...ok. The main bit of the episode being the trial (hence the title) which was heart-wrenching for both sides. I was a little surprised to see that ER was going off on yet another Kovac storyline considering he just had a big storyline with Abby and the baby. In any case, it doesn't look good and I think we'll be seeing a resurface of "Depressed Luka." And we had just gotten to the seldom seen "Happy Luka." Abby and Pratt were cute but not all that interesting. The worst/best moment of the night, Ray and Neela once again. He actually asked Neela for permission to date; and she had no real opinion on the matter...poor Ray!! Can we say rebound? And what's up with Gates? Stop flirting with Neela! You've got an undefined relationship to deal with, not that I especially care about that.
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