Season 11 Episode 5

An Intern's Guide to the Galaxy

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 04, 2004 on NBC

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  • A game...

    Pratt turns a shift into a game as everyone of the residents have to discharge 25 patient - it turns later into 30.

    So.. Ray is enjoying is way of dealing with patients. He has something for nurses, every one love him and he gets patients out very quit. But he also makes a mistake as he does not listen for patients wish and that makes a lot of trouble. So the whole game thing has some negative aspects.

    Abby goes very interesting way to get a medicine for her patient and Neela - her first day back and she takes everything low but she cares.

    Adventurous episode.
  • Not my favourite episode by any means.

    This episode was too busy in my opinion and full of garbled technical dialogue. I am familiar with most of the medical terminology they use in this show, having watched ER and other shows of this nature for many years. But this one lost me along the way. I know the idea was to show the fast pace these interns are forced to work at, but it made me slightly dizzy, and the storylines weren't as good as I expect of ER. For example, I may have missed it, but I didn't understand what eventually happened re the organ donor storyline. Did the wife agree to it after all?
  • 25 discharges by the end of the shift for Ray , Neela and Abby.

    I like episodes that focus on the 3 characters.The whole storyline wasn't totally action packed but i like the fact it focus's on competition within the ER.

    Good to see Neela back , even if she was a bit rusty at the start.I admired her involvment with the leukemia patient and how it planned out i believe she did the right thing by waiting.Somehow i got the impression that he needed that time in the chapel before he could handle the news.

    Ray, well he may be quick at streeting patients and charming the nurses but when it comes to patient care he sucks.He learnt his lesson after a confrontation from Carter, the ego may be gone after he unecessarily distressed a widow.

    Dubenko seems a bit nerdy to me but he has good ideas and his scene with Abby in the trauma room was well written,ray had no right to ride over her.

    Damn good writing.
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