Season 15 Episode 22

And In the End...

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 02, 2009 on NBC

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  • That's it?

    I have been waiting for this episode. ER has been on a great writing run for the last few years. I rarely miss an episode and made sure to rush home so as not to miss this one. But wow, this was a disappointment. It was great to see all the past characters, but very few things were tied up. I guess it was pretty clear that Gates & Sam end up together. What happened with Carter and his wife? I loved seeing Dr. Green's daughter there following in his footsteps, but again, this was a little all over the place. On as side note, Sherry Stringfield looked fabulous! It was neat seeing her back on the show.

    I think the most touching part was watching Ernest Borgnine say goodbye to his love. He did a superb job. I guess after the build up over this season I was expecting far more than this and unfortunately, I feel a little cheated. It was such a great series and with the writing being so good lately, I had higher expectations. It was a great show and I will miss it. Thanks for the entertainment!
  • Disapointed, as usual could not figure out the actions of DR Carter, maybethats why his wife left him. Plus where were Luka and Abby?

    Poor rating from me anyway, no Luka and Abby, its not ER without them. I will say Sherry Stringfield as Dr. Susan Lewis looked Hot! I remember when she left the show, Laura Innes as Dr. Kerry Weaver just said she no longer works here and that's all you need to know, found that rather weird. I know Gates and Sam held hands a sign they were a couple, they could of went deeper. But the lack of Abby and Luka an their son Joe on the last episode was sad. The last episode was tearless for me.I give it 2 stars out of 5.
  • Supperficial endings for every single character. Or not even that.

    It was the worse series finale ever. A show so full of deep stories and characters, with such a poor ending. No Abby, no Luka, no Ray, almost nothing about Neela and Simon, a superficial Sam and Tony.. The long waited Joshua Carter Center should have brought more people to its opening. We saw a lonely Carter, and kept waiting for the real explanation for him to come back to the show. He added nothing, in the end.
    A terrible ending for a great show. Pitiful. Two hours of nothing... so much could have happened! You keep waiting for something great to happen, but suddenly it ends. Fifteen years of glory, and a big stain on the last episode.
  • Good Idea, poor execution

    While I thought the premise of the finale was good, with the ER team continuing to do their jobs as they always have and us, the viewer,being the ones going away, much of the execution was clumsy or downright boring. On the plus side, seeing more of the original characters back together is always a good thing. Their interactions with each other, and the stories they shared, was a nice reminder of the shows glorious past. Bringing back Rachel Greene as a perspective med student was also a good storyline to bring everything full circle. Unfortunately, instead of an iconic return of a possible new Dr. Greene, we got Rachel walking around unnoticed by anyone, just another face in the crowd. Though Franks facial expression when Rachel told him her name was well done and touching, this was a wasted opportunity to create another timeless moment to remember, but it was not to be. The focus of much of the show was on Gates and Sam, always a downer, and an utter waste of time. Their chemistry together is tepid at best, and using up the precious final minutes of the series on them was time poorly spent. An ongoing heart transplant story of Dr. Brenners, a centerpiece of several of the previous episodes, is dropped stone cold and goes unmentioned and unresolved. The worst part is the inclusion of two characters that up to this point were either rarely seen, or never been on the show at all. Chaz Pratt is treated as if he has been working in the ER forever, though the last time we saw him was at the death of his brother in the season opener, when he was a first year med student. Somehow he is now working in the ER as if he were 3rd year or intern. Worst of all, an until now unknown character, Dr. Wise, is treated as if she too is a long time cast member, though she has never before been seen or mentioned. For some reason the PTB's made two of the regular interns disappear (Grady and Daria)and replaced them with this stranger, with no background story or explanation of where she came from. Characters unseen for years suddenly appear with weak explanations of where they have been (Lydia on the night shift for 7 years???), or no explanation (Malik, gone for months). Angela Basset is seen very little, and goes out with her usual angry black woman act. While paying homage to some of the original ER episodes,notably 'Loves Labor Lost' and '24 Hours'. I could only think how unoriginal this one was, how good it could have been, but how fitting it was for the series to go out on such a mediocre note after so many mediocre episodes over the last 5 or 6 seasons. On one hand terribly disappointing, but on the other, quite a fitting end to a once great show.
  • The end.

    ER bid farewell after 15 seasons and will arguably go down as the greatest, and most popular medical drama of all time. The show launched careers and saved careers, as much as did patients' lives throughout the show's hundreds of episodes.

    This was a fitting farewell as it did not try to create the epic episode people will be talking about forever. It was just another day at the office, with the banter you've been accustomed to, the emotional cases and the scenes that have you wanting more. There really was never a show like this before, and there probably will not be again.

    I did not watch every episode of ER, but it would be hard to not be moved by this.
  • A slightly above average series finale for one of the greatest medical dramas or any drama really in the history of television. Kind of sad to see it go.

    ER in my opinion is the greatest medical drama ever, and basically influenced a handful of the medical dramas on television such as Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, House and those other medical programs on cable television. Sure there different but you can't tell me that they weren't looking at ER's success during it's peak when creating these shows? ER isn't the originator of the Medical Drama, there were shows before it but it was so original, so fresh, and so much more exciting.The way the show merged together the trauma scenes, along with patient sob stories, work place conflict, and the doctors personal lives is just brilliant. So to the finale, well basically if you want to know what happened in the finale, not much really. In a throwback to the first episode we watch a day in the hospital as Tony Gates takes care of an girl who is dying of alcohol poisoning due to a drinking game, and a new intern getting herself associated with the ER lifestyle. In the beginning of the episode we briefly see Carter talking with Susan Lewis and Weaver about starting a Carter Foundation, and how he donated most of the Carter family money. So basically the final episode focuses on a shift of all the main characters including Morris, Gates, Banfield, Sam, Frank and Jerry alternating shifts in the hospital. We do follow one intern played Alexis Bledel playing an intern. There is a nice scene of Carter, and Brenner teaming up to help deliver a pregnant woman. So basically the only thing that really happens is that Mark Greene's daughter tries to get a match at County, and Carter opens his foundation and gets emotional, his wife Kem shows up and she's still kind of depressed and the state of their relationship is unknown. So Carter, Weaver, Benton, Lewis, encounter Corday (She's in town as well) and Greene's daughter all stop by at a bar. After having a good time, Carter asks anybody if they want to come to the ER with him, only Lewis goes and Weaver heads home, Benton has a nice moment with Corday where they realize how the paths of their careers have gone. It really makes me realize how much the show misses the presence of Eric La Salle, Alex Kingston, and don't forget the other characters. It's also nice to see Benton's a pretty cool guy. So Carter returns to county, goofs off with Greene's daughter and at the end of the episode he shoots hoops and encounter Gates. They talk briefly in a kind of Anthony Edwards/Clooney way with Carter the Anthony Edwards mold and Gates kind of the Clooney like maverick, as they start to form a kind of relationship. So anyway while Morris, Gates,Sam, the interns and nurses are goofing off (notice Susan mysteriously left) they get a call for an emergency and all the doctors step outside waiting for the calm before the storm. So they get the victims and Moriss, Gates, Banfield, and Carter all step into action and Carter asks Greene's daughter (still there) if she's coming, a nod to the first episode as they head to County and the scene zooms out to show the entire hospital and the train line above it. Ironically I never heard the train ever in the series. So my opinion? Nothing really happened. Nothing like the ER getting shut down or something, and no Clooney, or Goran Visnjic. Not to mention is it me or did Carter ever talk to Greene's daughter in Season 8 whatsoever? Kind of funny he got chummy with her. One of the negatives of the episode is that it mostly focused on Gates despite this, I like ER so much and the finale in a way was bittersweet but perfect. Not a big finale where everybody leaves forever, nope the finale just goes to show that the characters still will continue work. Though for Carter his life really didn't turn out happy oddly enough.
  • Very well done!

    The retrospective was lovely, and the opening credits gave me goosebumps. Funny how even a theme song can make you feel that way, in the end I was teary-eyed.

    The beginning with Lydia waking Morris up was nicely done, and once again it made it clear that Morris set the tone, I realized I actually adore him now.

    "And God created med students.", "Get away from me or I'll hit you.", coming from Haleh and Morris respectively, made me smile, classic ER quotes. Also Morris' cry of freedom was pretty funny. Carter and Kerry's exchange about Kerry being sure Carter would fail, and Susan inquiring about the money were right on.

    Rachel becoming a med student, and coming back to County made the full-circle, and also, the way that she was at Dune with Elizabeth, made me think that Elizabeth might have actually realized Mark's first item on the list. "Fix Rachel."

    Frank was really awesome, with the way he tried to get Morris to put money in the jar, than bickered to Jerry and his reaction to Rachel...

    Some classic ER moments, with the birthday celebration, huge trauma (aka "the fun") coming in, and the doc having doubts...

    It was great to see Susan, my favorite character, come back for the final. Btw, did I hear she and Chuck broke up?

    In the end, it both made me feel a weird sense of closure and gratefulness, and the feeling of a new beginning. Especially when Carter called Rachel "Dr.Greene". And him teaching Rachel was just perfect.

    I was expecting to cry but, nope no crying... I'm now left with a mixture of peace and emptiness. All I can say is I'm grateful for a show that made me come to this place and meet lots of wonderful people. And for a show that itself became a friend. Now, time for a rewatching marathon.
  • What an ending to 15 years...

    I am not sure how long ago I started to watch this show.. 10 years ago, maybe even earlier.. but for now I have seen all the episodes, grown and changed while watching it.. and now it ends. Somehow it feels weird - as it has always been around and now it won't.

    For quite long I tried to make myself come here and say something about the episode, but that is not easy. I liked it - I liked the old starting sequence, old faces, Rachel.. (wow.. I looked at her first and thought.. oo, she is familiar but I have no idea where I have seen her.. until I realized who she is).. the whole story - having all we love about ER in one episode - drama, relations, good medicine, hard cases, even harder choices..

    I loved the whole part with Carter.. the way he spent his money.. having Kim around.. and all the other old faces - Benton, Weaver, Elizabeth, Susan.. did I miss anyone?

    I loved the similarities to pilot.. and in overall, it was good.. really good.. but I am not sure.. maybe it could have been more motion, more movement.. it looked like old friends reunion.. maybe it needed to be it.. who knows.. I liked it.
  • Wow! ER is gone after 15 Seasons.

    Wow! ER is gone after 15 Seasons. It evolved with numerous character changes but it never diminished the story. Every episode was jammed packed with excitement, suspense, sadness, joy and fun. There was always a lesson to be learned. It was great to see previous actors come back for the final episodes. The two hour finale allowed the show to go out with class. It was a continuing story line of a night and day in the ER like every other episode but had some of the original actors back, including minor characters, we hadn't seen in along time. Nurse Sam Taggart was able to forgive Dr Tony Gates. Unfortunately, Dr John Carter was unable to convince his wife to stay.
  • The beginning of the end has come in the 2-hour finale of ER.

    After 15 years and 331 episodes the ER series comes to end. Old cast members mix with the new cast members getting there lost moments to shine.

    Best scense where with Sam and Tony. Was happy to see Rachel come back as a medical doctor. Kinda wish that Banfield had more to do with the finale.

    A few things that should have been clear up or should have happen:

    1) Carter and Kem kinda left there story open.
    2) Have a little more screen time with the old cast members.
    3) Should have brough Luka and Abby back.

    Best finale episode in a long time.
  • About the episode

    It got great directing.
  • Epic ending to one of the most amazing tv shows

    You know what I loved most about this epi is that they played the intro theme song one more time. In all the time i've watched ER they have never shown you a full view of the hospital. I loved it. Everyone wrote their own opinion about who should have come back for this epi and who got more air time blah. I thought it was a perfect ending and it left you with a feeling of continuity for all of the characters. If you have a creative imagination like I have thinking about what comes next for everyone is easy. lol :).
  • Goodbye my best friend..... ER

    In this episode of ER, the following happens. We open this last ever episode of ER on a Monday morning at 4:00am. And of course we are straight away thrown into the ER drama. Then comes the thing I have been hoping/praying for, the ER credits are back!
    We also soon learn that it is Sam's birthday. Then we see Susan and Kerry being shown around the Joshua Carter Centre by Carter himself. Possible new interns are shown round the ER by Pratt's brother, Chaz, and we see that one of them is Rachel, the late (and great) Mark Greene's daughter. A pregnant woman is brought into the ER. She has been in a car accident and is in labour, she is having twins. Soon one of her baby's, a girl, is delivered in the ER and it isn't long before the next one is on its way. Rachel introduces herself to Frank and as soon as she mentions who she is, he starts to look upset, almost as if he is about to start crying. Soon the 2nd baby is born, another girl, but she isn't doing as well as her sister. Then the mother starts getting worse and everything turns into a game of touch and go. They manage to stabilise the mother and soon she and the twins are taken to the OB wing of the hospital. As everyone is moved, the husband/father just stands in the room, and starts at all of his wife's blood on the floor. Soon word gets round about Rachel being in the hospital, and so Carter goes to see her. When they met, we learn that she is now 22 and that Elizabeth is in Chicago with her. So carter invites them to the opening of the Centre. She goes in for her interview and we see that Banfield is doing the interviews. We also see that Alex and Gates are working on a car for Sam. As the Carter Centre opens, we see that everyone is there, and then Kem shows up. Carter also tells the story of why the Centre is named the Joshua Carter Centre. Carter sees that Kem is there and he makes his way through the crowds to go and speak to her. When an intern goes to check on the twin's mother, we learn that she died. Alex turns up at the ER and takes his mother outside and gives her his surprise present, a red Mustang. At first is worried where Alex got the car from (possibly believing that he has stolen it), but she soon learn the truth from gates and is beyond happy with her present. Elizabeth and Rachel don't make it to the opening but they join the old gang for drinks. Soon they all disband, but Carter, Susan and Rachel all head into the ER. As a patient dies, we see Gates and Sam reuniting. We see Carter and Gates playing basketball, just like in the good old days. The hospital soon gets a call that there has been an industrial explosion nearby and that the casualties are only a few minutes out. And so it is all hands on deck. Everyone is outside as they waiting for the ambulances to start arriving. As ambulances start rolling in, there isn't enough room for them all and so they end up in the street, with ambulances. As the cameras move out, we see the County as a whole, and the famous music starts playing. Then the tears start rolling down my face, this is the last ever ER. And what a great ending to an amazing show.
  • It made me cry. A show which i haven't watch for about 7/8 years made me cry. I wish i'd never stopped watching it. A fantastic episode, not to dramatic but eventful none the less. Job well done.

    Dr. Tony Gates treats a teenage girl in a coma with alcohol poisoning after she played drinking games with her friends. Gates calls the police when he discovers that the parents of the girl's friend supplied the alcohol, and has the friend's father arrested. Later, the girl's parents arrive, and request she be transferred to Mercy Hospital. Before she can be transferred, the girl finally awakens, but just thrashes around, and is sent for a new CT to diagnose possible brain damage.

    Dr. Julia Wise new to County General, treats a homosexual HIV-positive patient who has severe breathing difficulties. It is discovered he has terminal cancer. With the support of his partner, he decides not to seek treatment, as he has already outlived most of his friends who died at the height of the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s.

    An elderly patient named Beverly is brought in by a fire engine with a broken wrist, and comments on Dr. Archie Morris' "soft and strong" hands. She is later claimed by her daughter, as she had wandered off before her accident. She returns later, having wandered off again but otherwise not further injured.

    A married couple comes in with the woman going into labor with twins, and John Carter and Simon Brenner handle the delivery. During the delivery of the second baby, complications set in. It turns out she has an inverted uterus, and requires an emergency caesarean section. The second baby comes out requiring intensive care, and the mother ultimately dies in surgery trying to fix the complications.

    Mark Greene's daughter Rachel is visiting the hospital as a prospective medical student, and is interviewing for a spot in the teaching program. She is interviewed primarily by Catherine Banfield who confides to Carter afterward that she made it through the first cut. Carter shows her around after her interview, giving her a few pointers she will need if/when she is accepted into a medical school.

    Carter opens his clinic for the underprivileged, with Peter Benton and his son Reese Kerry Weaver and Susan Lewis among the guests. He named the facility after his lost son, Joshua. After the event, he has an awkward reunion with Kem who is briefly in town. He also has drinks with his old friends plus Elizabeth Corday who brought Rachel to Chicago for her med school interview. Benton and Corday linger together after everyone else go their separate ways.

    Marjorie Manning a previous elderly multiple sclerosis patient, comes in with her husband suffering sepsis and pulmonary edema. Mr. Manning is initially unwilling to let Marjorie go, but with guidance from Dr. Gates, he finally accepts the inevitable. Before Marjorie dies, her daughter arrives, and confides in Samantha Taggart her regrets over her relationship with her mother. This leads Samantha to call her own mother.

    It turns out it is Samantha's birthday. Her son Alex reveals her present: a vintage Ford Mustang restored by Alex and Tony, who both decided upon bright red as its color over cobalt blue.

    A young woman and her new mother-in-law both come in, in separate ambulances, with minor injuries sustained in a drunken brawl at their wedding reception, and continue arguing all the way into the treatment rooms. The groom later arrives, and is promptly torn between tending to his mother and his new bride.

    The episode ends with the beginning of a disaster protocol: an industrial explosion, with a minimum of eight casualties. Dr. Carter is again pressed into service to assist. Dr. Morris is ordered by Dr. Banfield to triage patients as they arrive. The first patient was thrown 20 feet, and is diagnosed as a possible lacerated spleen or liver, to be sent straight to the OR. The second patient has a compound leg fracture with no circulatory impairment, which Dr. Banfield takes herself for an orthopedic consult. The third patient was electrocuted, and flatlined on the way in, declared DOA. The fourth patient has smoke inhalation, relatively minor burns and a pneumothroax, and is set up for a chest tube. The fifth patient had his left arm blown off below the elbow, with nothing left to save; Dr. Gates takes him in to repair the damage. Dr. Morris gives the sixth patient to Dr. Carter: third-degree burns over 90% coverage. As he runs the patient in, Dr. Carter asks Rachel to tag along, which she does enthusiastically. As Morris continues to triage patients, the original theme song plays and the scene pans out, revealing the entire hospital for the first time.
  • Final episode was just tieing loose ends and reverting back to how they started...Great show!!!!!

    The finaly episode was awsome. if you have seen it since the beginning from the pilot you would realize the meaning behind of alot of what was going on in the final episode. Like the beginning when nurse came and woke up Dr. Morris. in the pilot she was waking up Dr Greene the same way and treating the same kind of alent. and the ending when Carter said "are you coming Dr Greene?" to Dr Greene s daughter. just all around good writing and i though exciting..i enjoyed it and i applud for 15 great going to miss it!!!
  • Not mind-blowing which is what made it such a brilliant ending.

    I have to start with how happy I was to see the old opening credits playing...I was so annoyed when they got rid of them. That music just says ER straight away. The episode was just was our last viewing of them but they were not ending...things would continue at County. I liked seeing characters like Weaver and Susan back, Corday and Benton added some humour.

    The minute that girl came on screen I thought 'I've seen her' then it turns out to be Rachel, Mark's daughter. Really cool twist and idea. I thought Alexis Bledel was great as Julia...I liked her reaction the dead mother. That was pretty harsh of the kill the mother after she had twins. So not a huge pile to talk about...Sam/Gates look to be getting back together...Carter opening his medical centre and there's a new Dr. Greene.

    The show has remained strong for 15 years and it ended well. Sure it's been rocky but it'll be remember very well. Goodbye ER.
  • I cried a lot during this fantastic episode

    I'm very emotional right now after I finished watching the final episode of my favorite series of all times.

    The show started when I was 15, and now I'm 30.
    Half of my life, this ER was a constant factor for me. And I can't believe it has come to an end. The End of an ERa!!

    I was so happy they brought back the opening theme that I LOVED so much and missed so terribly!! What a treat for old fans.

    Great episode, full of all the elements ER was great at!! Action, Drama, the personal lives of the Doctors. To see all the old characters, and to have narrative and emotional closures and yet, to still have the feeling that it's SO not over, and it'll continue Forever!!


    I can go on blabbering and it still won't be enough to express what I feel right now. Thank you for a perfect ending to a humane experience

    I salute the creators and writers!!
  • All good things come to an end...

    It only took a return to the original credits for my eyes to get wet...
    Oh my God... I can't believe this is over, forever... Surely, my passion for the show has faded over the years but then the writers pull up a brilliant season 15, hook me up again and I just can't realise that we'll never check again at the County.

    The series finale was brilliant. The writers gave the long-time fans a beautiful ending and a decent closure.
    They managed to bring back most of the original cast. Their interaction is still perfect. Carter and Benton's hug was fabulous, Benton and Corday's talk was great, seeing Weaver and Lewis again was amazing. Not to mention the opening of the Joshua Carter Center and Rachel Green following her father's footsteps. Things have come to a full circle. Gates and Sam are back together. Of course their reconciliation is subtle but that's the characteristic of the show. Carter seems to be coming back to County, Neela seems to be enjoying her new life... We had closure for all the storylines but at the same time many things are open to our imagination so that's perfect. I know that contrary to some other shows finales I don't feel any frustration. Sadness but no frustration because my journey with ER has come to an end which gave me total satisfaction. Of course, I have a few complaints. I loved seeing Alexis Bledel and her character was particularly interesting (it would have been worth seeing her the whole season 15) but too much time was probably given to people we had never seen before or so little. I wish we had spent more time with Morris, Gates, Neela (I'm sorry Ray was not there...), Sam... all the characters we learned to love and cherish. But all in all it was faithful to the series classic. A lot of medical storylines, a lot of time spent with the patients and about the patients... That's what has always made the show so magical. The writers and the directors love their characters and they show it. The other current medical shows should feel inspired by such genius.

    When I saw that an adrenaline rush was ahead of our doctors I could feel that this was the end. The theme song started, the camera zoomed out and it was over... It lef me there with tears and happiness. I started watching the show when I was 12. I am 27 now and I never got tired of it. As well as TV history closes a page I feel like I'm turning a page too, in my life.

    I'm feeling nostalgic now and I remember the good old days: Ross, Green and Lewis doing pranks on Carter, Weaver being unsufferable, Romano being horrible, Jerry and Franck being hilarious, Abby being tortured and great... I can't wait to watch the show all over again.

    Thank you John Wells, Michael Crichton, the whole cast... I'm really gonna miss you...
  • The Perfect Ending

    This Episode was truly excellent in every way. I actually loved the way they left the relationship between Carter and Kem open to the imagination. I have always had mixed feelings about her. In the beginning I didn't like her at all. Then I loved her when they were pregnant but after she lost the baby and deserted Carter I grew to not like her at all again. The fact that she was not there for him in the hospital made me absolutely hate her so I am really glad they didn't show them getting back together.

    Rachel, Rachel, Rachel OMG that was fabulous. I had read she was going to be there for this final episode and even knew why but seeing her... I was on the edge of my seat, hands clasped over my mouth to keep from literally screaming. I was so excited to see her and she is absolutely stunningly beautiful. There is no doubt she'll be a great doctor. Carter's tutelage of her was perfect. Showing her how to start an IV was the best choice also since it was the first procedure they showed Carter having to do that he struggled with in the beginning. (I really wish Carter had said something to Rachel that he remembered his first IV patient was Frank.)

    Also the whole IV thing was reminiscent of his days as Lucy's teacher. It brought home that idea that he was determined that Rachel learned this procedure correctly right from the beginning even if she was still a couple years away from actually doing one.

    All the old gang together was just amazing to see. Yeah I wish Doug and Carol had been there too but it was still very well done.

    One last note that I have to throw out there is I really miss Dr. Malucci. He was one of my favorite Characters.

    Good-bye ER
  • Indeed a very special episode and a great series finale...

    At first I was sad when I started watching the episode (ER is ending after 15 years), but at the end I was really grateful for this closure. It was so good to see the old regulars like Benton, Weaver, Lewis and Corday again. I really liked seeing Rachel Greene following her father footsteps. As for John Carter what can I say… he started and closed the show perfectly. I also find it great that they used the original theme song and opening sequence. I will miss watching the show, but the producers, the cast (old / new) and the crew left us with a memorable two hour episode.
  • Bravo!

    A total fitting end to a classic tv drama. ER, ladies and gents.. give it up! Very well written, bravo indeed.

    Lydia waking up Morris like she did it 15 years with Mark Greene. Old characters coming back to chat.. just hoped Doug and Carol had interacted with the "old gang" (lol.. Carter and/or old characters that would be brought back in the same episode) in the transplant episode. Or maybe they could've appeared once again.. well

    Alexis Bledel, beautiful and talented Alexis, played the role of an unexperienced doctor with doubts.. and Rache.. wow.. she's grown up really good!! "Dr. Greene.. are you coming?"
    That line made me smile..

    I really think the series had juice for more seasons. The hospital theme has almost infinite plots that can be created.. unlike some other shows that get more seasons but you just watch and say to yourself: "Oh my God, really?" Everyone who watches CW and knows a legendary comic book hero can take the hint..

    Anyways.. ER.. it's been a long run, my friends. I feel kinda sad because it's over.. but it's been fun, no doubt..

  • Overall it was a great way to end it over the last 15 years. Well done!!!

    I thought they did it right. You can tell it was an homage to the pilot. Little things like Morris being woken up by the same nurse that woke up Antony Edwards in the pilot. All the old nurses were back, Lydia, Chuni, Connie, of coures Halleh. That was very cool to see. I like how they brought in the old and the new. And tied it together with the next Dr. Greene, Rachel. Of course, after his death she decided to follow in his footsteps. It all tied together at the end. Carter even mentions it, it was deja vu, just like at the end of the pilot episode. The last line of Dr. Greene are you coming, she takes over from her dad. It still keeps on going and will always be there. The Greene legacy. Very well done indeed. I was very satisfied with how it came to a close. Very fitting.
  • A fitting end that is a play off of the beginning.

    As ER ends its fifteen year run, viewers are treated to many treats that make the series finale so grand. One of the most notable similarities between the ending and the beginning of the series is that there is a scene in which Lydia waking up Dr. Archie Morris in the same manner that she woke up Dr. Mark Greene fifteen years ago.

    The newest med student also has a Carter-like moment where she doubts she can be a doctor after watching a patient die. In this scene, Dr. Simon Brenner takes the persona of Dr. Mark Greene and tells the med student that the reason they do this job is to help as many people as they can, even if they cannot save everybody.

    By far the best moment of the entire episode (other than seeing Sherry Stringfield reprise her role as Dr. Susan Lewis one last time) is when the prospective med student who seems navigationaly-challenged turns out to be Rachel Greene.

    All in all this was a fitting farewell to such an awesome television series and a groundbreaking medical drama.
  • What an Episode... SUmmed up What ER was all about grounbreakking drama, with heartfel sentiments and emotions captivating the audience with the performaces b the actors writers and directors

    I loved the tender moments and really real moments like the pilot it chronicoled the lives of the doctors through a 24 hour day and showed us what we will be missing...:-(

    real trauma new interns their struggles their emotions and the regular doctors with their struggles with everyday life in the ER there are too many moments to pick from! which shows how this was so memorable! This show will be missed...! The End with Doctor Carter and him returning to the Er was such a fitting end to his character... you always knew he'd end up there and it was the Carter story all along with the new hospital care cenre that has opened it all came together...

    A Truly Great SHow Has Ended!
  • Wow its finished I can't believe it!

    I've watched this show from the very beggining, i've loved every minute of it! It was such a ground breaking show when it first began nothing really like it before, filled with great writting, great directors and fab cast members. I love how they have kept the majority of the background artists since the first episode was aired. This show has seen some fantastic actors and storyline and i'm just gratefull for the many hours of great tv. I was really pleased with the way that the last episode was written and in the end there was still a Dr Green walking the halls of the er. It will be sadly missed.
  • If you want to watch this finale again, this is the moment This show has cahnge the world for the better.

    This is the end of an era of one of the most popular television shows in the history of television, ER Ends with a simple premise that shows will never be the same again and it shows, terriffic performances by the cast and the crew did excellent, this is the finale everyone will watch for a long time.
    I Will remember this show since I Was 13 when it first came on the air, it it just a classic and will always will be

    Thanks for making er the best show television has ever seen and I Will continue to watch it.
  • A great episode! Really! One of the best ones of the serie and so true to the show! Great finale!

    A great episode! Really! One of the best ones of the serie and so true to the show! Great finale!

    From all the ER episodes, and I probably watched all of them, this will remain as one of my favorites. Lots of action, lots of patients, many cast members made an appearance and I loved how it ended. Many critical patients coming in and the camera following Moritz do the triage and slowly pulling away while the doctors and nurses will try to save as many patients as possible. Really nice way to end the show and to let us know that life goes on and the ER crew's work goes on.

    Great TV show, great cast and great finale!
  • The end of a great run. ER's finale.

    The end of one of the best shows for as long as I can remember. The episode had some of the old charm. Something that I have personally missed, and I thought it was a well-deserved end. I loved the (Joshua) Carter Center, and that the old friends were back, Weaver, Lewis, Benton and even Kem came by. The fact that Rachel Green came to County? That was a really good thing, and that Carter called her Dr. Greene. Just perfekt.
    It was the end of a show that I can't believe won't be around anymore, and i can only say that it had me in tears a few times. Great end to a GREAT!! show.!
  • Thank you for the great run.

    I was moved by how much effort went into this series finale. I was teared up from the beginning of this episode. I have to watch this finale several times in order to really grasp that this show has ended.

    The older characters coming back was nice to see. I enjoyed the relationships between the actors. "Kerri and Elizabeth" never got along on the show, but it seems that the writers decided to leave everyone on a positive note. John Carter is amazing. He is still confused and broken inside. I loved how Noah Wiley said so much throughout this episode, without speaking. The fact that Kerri, Elizabeth, Benton, did not want to come back to County to visit was true to their characters. But Susan was carefree, fun, and didn't fall into the "politically correct". When Banfield asked her why she was sitting there, I was laughing! How wonderful. The return of Dr. Greene's daughter has me welled up hours later. How amazing to leave us with that possibility that the legacy continues. (John Carter showing her how to do procedures was classic, everything comes full circle.)

    I gave this episode a ten, not that I wish I would have seen more, cause I would have loved to see Abby, Luka, Joe, Anspaugh, and a bunch of others,but I gave it a ten because it was realistic, and true to ER. Thank you again!
  • Tearjerker...

    I couldn't stop crying for the 84 minutes it lasted... It's the end of one amazing show. 15 years. The chapter was really good, closing all the open leads but at the same time introducing new characters that would continue at the ER. It was great to see the old gang all together and Kem coming back for the Joshua Carter inauguration. I really liked how they filmed this last chapter. It was like a normal one. And I really loved the ending, like everything is going to continue in the County General. I really liked that they used the old song and all the characters were in the introduction. I'm gonna miss ER, but fortunately I have 15 years of amazing chapters to remember them.
    Farewell, ER.:)
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