Season 15 Episode 22

And In the End...

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 02, 2009 on NBC

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  • Bravo!

    A total fitting end to a classic tv drama. ER, ladies and gents.. give it up! Very well written, bravo indeed.

    Lydia waking up Morris like she did it 15 years with Mark Greene. Old characters coming back to chat.. just hoped Doug and Carol had interacted with the "old gang" (lol.. Carter and/or old characters that would be brought back in the same episode) in the transplant episode. Or maybe they could've appeared once again.. well

    Alexis Bledel, beautiful and talented Alexis, played the role of an unexperienced doctor with doubts.. and Rache.. wow.. she's grown up really good!! "Dr. Greene.. are you coming?"
    That line made me smile..

    I really think the series had juice for more seasons. The hospital theme has almost infinite plots that can be created.. unlike some other shows that get more seasons but you just watch and say to yourself: "Oh my God, really?" Everyone who watches CW and knows a legendary comic book hero can take the hint..

    Anyways.. ER.. it's been a long run, my friends. I feel kinda sad because it's over.. but it's been fun, no doubt..

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