Season 15 Episode 22

And In the End...

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 02, 2009 on NBC

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  • The Perfect Ending

    This Episode was truly excellent in every way. I actually loved the way they left the relationship between Carter and Kem open to the imagination. I have always had mixed feelings about her. In the beginning I didn't like her at all. Then I loved her when they were pregnant but after she lost the baby and deserted Carter I grew to not like her at all again. The fact that she was not there for him in the hospital made me absolutely hate her so I am really glad they didn't show them getting back together.

    Rachel, Rachel, Rachel OMG that was fabulous. I had read she was going to be there for this final episode and even knew why but seeing her... I was on the edge of my seat, hands clasped over my mouth to keep from literally screaming. I was so excited to see her and she is absolutely stunningly beautiful. There is no doubt she'll be a great doctor. Carter's tutelage of her was perfect. Showing her how to start an IV was the best choice also since it was the first procedure they showed Carter having to do that he struggled with in the beginning. (I really wish Carter had said something to Rachel that he remembered his first IV patient was Frank.)

    Also the whole IV thing was reminiscent of his days as Lucy's teacher. It brought home that idea that he was determined that Rachel learned this procedure correctly right from the beginning even if she was still a couple years away from actually doing one.

    All the old gang together was just amazing to see. Yeah I wish Doug and Carol had been there too but it was still very well done.

    One last note that I have to throw out there is I really miss Dr. Malucci. He was one of my favorite Characters.

    Good-bye ER
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