Season 15 Episode 22

And In the End...

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 02, 2009 on NBC

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  • All good things come to an end...

    It only took a return to the original credits for my eyes to get wet...
    Oh my God... I can't believe this is over, forever... Surely, my passion for the show has faded over the years but then the writers pull up a brilliant season 15, hook me up again and I just can't realise that we'll never check again at the County.

    The series finale was brilliant. The writers gave the long-time fans a beautiful ending and a decent closure.
    They managed to bring back most of the original cast. Their interaction is still perfect. Carter and Benton's hug was fabulous, Benton and Corday's talk was great, seeing Weaver and Lewis again was amazing. Not to mention the opening of the Joshua Carter Center and Rachel Green following her father's footsteps. Things have come to a full circle. Gates and Sam are back together. Of course their reconciliation is subtle but that's the characteristic of the show. Carter seems to be coming back to County, Neela seems to be enjoying her new life... We had closure for all the storylines but at the same time many things are open to our imagination so that's perfect. I know that contrary to some other shows finales I don't feel any frustration. Sadness but no frustration because my journey with ER has come to an end which gave me total satisfaction. Of course, I have a few complaints. I loved seeing Alexis Bledel and her character was particularly interesting (it would have been worth seeing her the whole season 15) but too much time was probably given to people we had never seen before or so little. I wish we had spent more time with Morris, Gates, Neela (I'm sorry Ray was not there...), Sam... all the characters we learned to love and cherish. But all in all it was faithful to the series classic. A lot of medical storylines, a lot of time spent with the patients and about the patients... That's what has always made the show so magical. The writers and the directors love their characters and they show it. The other current medical shows should feel inspired by such genius.

    When I saw that an adrenaline rush was ahead of our doctors I could feel that this was the end. The theme song started, the camera zoomed out and it was over... It lef me there with tears and happiness. I started watching the show when I was 12. I am 27 now and I never got tired of it. As well as TV history closes a page I feel like I'm turning a page too, in my life.

    I'm feeling nostalgic now and I remember the good old days: Ross, Green and Lewis doing pranks on Carter, Weaver being unsufferable, Romano being horrible, Jerry and Franck being hilarious, Abby being tortured and great... I can't wait to watch the show all over again.

    Thank you John Wells, Michael Crichton, the whole cast... I'm really gonna miss you...