Season 15 Episode 22

And In the End...

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 02, 2009 on NBC

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  • A slightly above average series finale for one of the greatest medical dramas or any drama really in the history of television. Kind of sad to see it go.

    ER in my opinion is the greatest medical drama ever, and basically influenced a handful of the medical dramas on television such as Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, House and those other medical programs on cable television. Sure there different but you can't tell me that they weren't looking at ER's success during it's peak when creating these shows? ER isn't the originator of the Medical Drama, there were shows before it but it was so original, so fresh, and so much more exciting.The way the show merged together the trauma scenes, along with patient sob stories, work place conflict, and the doctors personal lives is just brilliant. So to the finale, well basically if you want to know what happened in the finale, not much really. In a throwback to the first episode we watch a day in the hospital as Tony Gates takes care of an girl who is dying of alcohol poisoning due to a drinking game, and a new intern getting herself associated with the ER lifestyle. In the beginning of the episode we briefly see Carter talking with Susan Lewis and Weaver about starting a Carter Foundation, and how he donated most of the Carter family money. So basically the final episode focuses on a shift of all the main characters including Morris, Gates, Banfield, Sam, Frank and Jerry alternating shifts in the hospital. We do follow one intern played Alexis Bledel playing an intern. There is a nice scene of Carter, and Brenner teaming up to help deliver a pregnant woman. So basically the only thing that really happens is that Mark Greene's daughter tries to get a match at County, and Carter opens his foundation and gets emotional, his wife Kem shows up and she's still kind of depressed and the state of their relationship is unknown. So Carter, Weaver, Benton, Lewis, encounter Corday (She's in town as well) and Greene's daughter all stop by at a bar. After having a good time, Carter asks anybody if they want to come to the ER with him, only Lewis goes and Weaver heads home, Benton has a nice moment with Corday where they realize how the paths of their careers have gone. It really makes me realize how much the show misses the presence of Eric La Salle, Alex Kingston, and don't forget the other characters. It's also nice to see Benton's a pretty cool guy. So Carter returns to county, goofs off with Greene's daughter and at the end of the episode he shoots hoops and encounter Gates. They talk briefly in a kind of Anthony Edwards/Clooney way with Carter the Anthony Edwards mold and Gates kind of the Clooney like maverick, as they start to form a kind of relationship. So anyway while Morris, Gates,Sam, the interns and nurses are goofing off (notice Susan mysteriously left) they get a call for an emergency and all the doctors step outside waiting for the calm before the storm. So they get the victims and Moriss, Gates, Banfield, and Carter all step into action and Carter asks Greene's daughter (still there) if she's coming, a nod to the first episode as they head to County and the scene zooms out to show the entire hospital and the train line above it. Ironically I never heard the train ever in the series. So my opinion? Nothing really happened. Nothing like the ER getting shut down or something, and no Clooney, or Goran Visnjic. Not to mention is it me or did Carter ever talk to Greene's daughter in Season 8 whatsoever? Kind of funny he got chummy with her. One of the negatives of the episode is that it mostly focused on Gates despite this, I like ER so much and the finale in a way was bittersweet but perfect. Not a big finale where everybody leaves forever, nope the finale just goes to show that the characters still will continue work. Though for Carter his life really didn't turn out happy oddly enough.
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