Season 15 Episode 22

And In the End...

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 02, 2009 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Eriq La Salle is incorrectly listed in the opening credits as "Eriq Lasalle."

    • Carter and Gates playing basketball is reminiscent of of the same kind of scenes between Doug Ross and Mark Greene in the early seasons.

    • In this episode we hear, for the final time, the recurring ER phrase "Isn't that a nurse's job?". It's been said by almost every round of fresh med students.

    • In this episode we find out that Susan is no longer with Chuck, and that she is dating again.

    • The way Carter teaches Rachel how to do an IV is the exact same way Dr. Benton taught him in the pilot episode, "24 Hours."

    • An early scene in this episode mirrored the way the pilot episode, "24 Hours," opened, with Nurse Lydia Wright waking up a doctor in Exam Room 8; Dr. Greene in the pilot and Dr. Morris in this episode.

  • Quotes

    • Banfield: What is that?
      Morris: Meatlover's special. You want a piece?
      Banfield: You'd better call a cardiologist and schedule your first angioplasty.

    • Morris: (about the weather) Global warming? A couple of scientists should spend April in Chicago.

    • Brenner: People need help and you know how to help them.
      Wise: And if I can't help them?
      Brenner: You do the best you can. Then you go home, get some sleep, and come back the next day and you help the next one.

    • Carter: (at the opening) I don't want to try your patience by rambling on too long, but I hope you'll bear with me for a moment while I talk about why we chose the name The Joshua Carter Center. My wife and I had a son, and we named him Joshua. And he died. And it seems so senseless... That we... My wife and I, we've struggled to find some sort of meaning in it. And in the aftermath of our small tragedy, we realized that we could make a difference in other people's lives, other people experiencing their own small tragedies. And that made, somehow, the loss of Joshua bearable. (pause) Thank you so much for coming.

    • Carter: Kinda quiet today, huh.
      Frank: (sarcastically) Yeah, I'm thinking of pulling out a crossword puzzle just to fill the time.
      Carter: I just had lunch with Susan Lewis and Kerry Weaver.
      Frank: Really? How is the old dragon lady?

    • Tony: (about her birthday) Are you going to do anything special?
      Sam: Like what?
      Tony: I don't know; get a tattoo, go skydiving, hang out with your friends.

    • Chaz: Isn't this a nurse's job?
      Haleh: And why God created med students...

    • Tracy: I saw a rat over there by the dumpsters. I thought it was a cat at first.
      Gates: Call Jerry. I'll have
      maintenance bring down a couple of extra traps.
      Tracy: More like a couple of shotguns. That thing was the size of a beaver.

    • Carter: The ill begotten gains of my Carter forefathers put to good use.
      Kerry: Redemption?
      Carter: Maybe so.
      Susan: Your grandma would be so proud.
      Carter: Grandfather's rolling over in his grave. He thought the Carter fortune would last longer than the pyramids.
      Susan: You spent it all?
      Carter: No, but most of it.
      Kerry: You've done a great thing here, John. Truly great.

    • Frank: Can I help you?
      Rachel: You don't remember me?
      Frank: Should I?
      Rachel God, it's amazing how little has changed around here... My dad used to be on staff.
      Frank: Mmm hmm.
      Rachel Mark Greene. I'm his daughter, Rachel.

    • (Morris's shift has ended and he is trying to leave)
      Sanchez: Dr. Morris...
      Morris: No, no, no! Get away from me or I'll hit you.
      Sanchez: The, the kid...
      Morris: I mean it! Right in the face!

    • (Neela can be seen on the computer screen in a video conference)
      Carter: How's the teaching going?
      Neela: Oh, I've got mostly R3s. Very polite. They follow me around like ducklings.
      Carter: I'm sure they're in awe of the depth of your surgical brilliance.
      Brenner: It's either that, or your exceptional beauty.
      Neela: I think they may just be stupid.

    • (Morris joins the video conference with Neela)
      Morris: How's life on the bayou?
      Neela:(she gives a short laugh) The bayou is like, a hundred miles away, Morris.

    • Banfield: (as they are walking away from a curtain area) Gates, is it my imagination, or is Dr. Carter, who is not on duty, by the way, in Trauma 1 with a patient demonstrating IV placement to a college student?!
      Gates: What?
      Banfield: Never mind. (she approaches Jerry at the admit desk) Jerry, why is Dr. Carter performing medical procedures on our patients?
      Jerry: Uh, because he's a doctor?

    • (out in the ambulance bay, while he, the paramedics, and a nurse quickly wheel in a burn victim)
      Carter: (to Rachel) Dr. Greene. (he holds her gaze as he passes her, then says with a hint of a smile) Coming?
      (she smiles back, with a look of amazement, and hurries after them into the ER)

    • Carter: (to Rachel) So, hey, you want to come see what a real doctor does for a living?
      Susan: Oh, yes! A doctor in an underfunded, over-utilized insane asylum that passes for an urban medical center.
      Rachel: I'm in!

    • (about the Carter Center)
      Weaver: Wow! I, I can't believe you were actually able to pull this off!
      Carter: You had doubts?
      Weaver: No. (wryly) I, I was pretty sure you were going to fail.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • According to a Fox report from April 02, 2009, one of the story lines in this episode was inspired by the death of producer John Wells's 17-year-old niece, Shelby Lyn Allen, of Redding, California. She died of alcohol poisoning in December 2008.

    • Three different crew members were honored in this episode: the patient with AIDS who was having trouble breathing was named Mr. Gandhi, most likely in homage to "Gandhi" Bob Arrollo, the key makeup artist on ER until his death in 2002; the father of the newborn twins was named Chris Salamunovich, a second assistant director who died in 1999 (the Season 6 episode "Leave It to Weaver" was dedicated to his memory, and his name was on one of the name plaques up on the wall that we first saw in this season's "The Book of Abby"); and while Carter was first talking to Kem at the dedication ceremony, a man interrupts them saying he wants to introduce Carter to Wendy Spence, named for long-time ER producer Wendy Spence Rosato.