Season 1 Episode 6

Another Perfect Day

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 03, 1994 on NBC

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  • Almost a perfect day for Carter

    It was good episode on characters development - everyone got a little, everyone had something to do. But overral, I do not feel it was too good or too special.

    Susan is having birthday but it is ruined as she founds out there are rumors about her and when her sister shows up - it is disaster.

    It is not better for Greene either who is trying to keep her marriage up but her wife is always somewhere else when he is there and when she is home, he is on work. It can be complicate and it looks like he cannot find a way out.

    And Carol and Doug... it almost looks they are back on old days but that is just moment of weakness for Carol to remind her what all will go wrong with Doug and so she is back for her doc and Doug takes it hard.

    So, Carter, in the end, is only one having good day. Getting two (?) bottles of champaign and then drinking it with Susan.. doing a procedure he had never done before..
  • A little Susan-centric episode..

    Susan Lewis is having a bad day while Carter is having one of the greatest days... It`s Susan`s birthday and everything starts really nice and well. A surprise party that everyone participates in and all.(Attention to Susan`s fear when she is told that Mark is hurt)Her boyfriend Div is taking her out for the night,we get to see her in that black dress... It all gets ugly when Susan`s sister ,Chloe, comes to the ER all drunk(and maybe high)They start argueing and it ends with Chloe punching the glass and crying like crazy.Div talks to her and then Susan and Div talks and finally Susan ends up at the roof all alone. A really happy Carter is there to celebrate with the booze Greene gave him and they sat, talk and drink together.
    Another perfect episode:D
  • Another good one.

    Let's start this review by saying that if you like exciting, gripping, and captivating TV, then you should already be watching ER. If you aren't, start now. This episode is another reason why I completely love this show. It was able to touch base with all of the main characters. It was able to do this without making the viewer feel confused. It also included some character development for many of the main characters. It was charming, funny, and witty. It was very exciting, as is customary for all ER episodes. There was great acting all around. The directing was great as well. The way they ended this episode with Carter and Lewis was great as well. Check it out.
  • Another busy day in the E.R.

    Mark's wife Jen must head back up to Wisconsin for work, which causes her to cancel their weekend plans.

    Doug and Carol work on a 12 year old boy in trauma, after saving him they kiss.
    Tag asks Carol to move in with him and she says yes.
    Carol tells Doug that she is moving in with Tag and Doug is upset.

    Carter is looking for a new apartment, and successfully diagnosis a meningitis patient.

    It is Susan's birthday and her sister Chloe stops by the hospital drunk, with some guy.
    Chloe and Susan fight, Chloe busts the glass at the desks cutting herself, and causing her to get stitches.

    A great episode. I love the early years of E.R.
    Especially the scenes between Doug and Carol.

  • Another perfect day, or is it?

    The title for this episode, "Another Perfect Day" is sarcastic at best. Carter was the only main cast member that had a good day. He finds some good prospects on an apartment, and he does his first lumbar puncture, perfectly. He even comments, "What a perfect day!"

    Doug kisses Carol, who was kissing him back. She realizes what she does wrong, and it's a conflict in her relationship with Tag.

    Carol tells Doug that she's moving in with Tag.

    Jennifer has to go to Milwaukee to fix a brief that she wrote, and it ruins her planned romantic night with Mark.

    Benton has an interview for the Starzl fellowship, in which Dr. Bradley asks only two questions. And is chewed out by Halleh, because he didn't treat the kid that she wanted him to treat.

    And probably the worst day of all, Susan. It's her birthday, and Chloe shows up drunk, probably stoned, picks a fight and smashed her hand through a glass window. Earlier, Div blows up at Malik, and Susan is started to wonder about him and his mood swings.

    The show is still building up some steam for the season's heaviest story lines. This is an ok episode, but it's still building it's character. I cannot say that there are any memorable events here, but it's still important to build up to the season's climax, Love's Labor Lost.