Season 15 Episode 2

Another Thursday at County

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 09, 2008 on NBC

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  • Barf.

    I only watched the first episode because I wanted to see if Abby was the one who was going to die. Upset that it was Pratt. I was accidently sucked into watching this one and I agree with another reviewer that it was familiar to the smallpox episode. I'm just really disappointed in this show and I'm glad it's the last season. How many years can we meet new interns and new bosses? It gets old fast and I'm not up for it anymore. I am officially going to stop watching ER. It is the end of Abby and Luka; then it's the end of me.
  • Yet another good one

    We open this episode of ER with the new interns on their very first day. We also met the new Chief of the ER, whose name is Catherine Banfield. A mad man comes into the ER. As Gates cuts pen his shirt a white substance enters the air. The man claims it is Rican. So the room is sealed off. When it is tested they learn that the Rican was not all that dangerous as it was diluted. Everyone at the ER seems to hate the new Chief of the ER almost as much as I do. A good episode, which introduced new characters.
  • Still reeling with the loss of Pratt, the ER gets new interns, new patients and a visit from the Hazardous Materials Team.

    Didn't expect to like this one much. Have a huge chip on my shoulder about how this final season is playing out. My favorites are going to be gone. There's new - and unfamiliar - blood on the team. But this one one kick a** episode. It was fast. It was furious. There was an emotional undercurrent boiling. The players were plugging along, putting in their hours, seeing patients..... Bring on the new interns, solidly put in their place at orientation by their new boss. Bring on Dusty...with hair- and much better grunge looking than Gates ever frustrated as Neela with the loss of Dubenko. Their seperate attempts to get him back were cute and well played. Watching Gates deal with the frightened and inexperienced interns in the infamous trauma room (why is it ALWAYS that one?)HazMat situation seemed as real as it comes. LOVED Daria's 'So...when did you decide to become a bio-terrorist?' line when she was ordered to keep the patient talking. Hee. Definitely a character to keep your eye on. Hope they don't let her slide into the background like interns have in the past. Bassett definitely made her presence known. She came in like a Moretti - professional, intense and taking no guff from anyone....including an intensely emotional Scott Grimes in the end. Liked how she managed to allow herself some compassion for his loss....but she is making no friends.....anywhere. Gonna be interesting.....very interesting.

    And the promos for next week had my head hurting....already. An ER without Abby? Say it ain't so!
  • Angela Bassett arrives as the new chief and the ER is under lockdown when a man brings ricin in to the ER.

    This was a good episode by all means, but the storyline was one that was used before. If you remember all the way back to the Season 8 finale, Lockdown, some staff members were quarantined because of a smallpox outbreak. This was somewhat similar, but a man brought in ricin to the ER and Gates was with the new interns when the accident happened. We meet the new interns this episode and they are just like any other intern that has come to County General: naive, scared and eager to learn. We also meet Dr. Cate Banfield, played by the incompriable Angela Bassett! She is a tough-as-nails, no-nonsense doctor who has a hidden past but we didn't get to get much into that this episode. Morris and her immediately clash because he is still in pain from losing Pratt. Her and Morris will no doubtedly butt heads more this final season, but they came to an understanding. This episode was a "get to know you" kind of episode, not much really happened. Next week...hold your's Abby's last episode! So sad!
  • If you think of the level of last seasons ER episodes, then this is very good

    They have started the last season with big bang and this episode has good level too and I am very happy with it. I would not be too amused if we could get a lot of that kind mediocre episode like last year.

    So, we have a lot of new people around and it is hard to remember who is who in the start but they settle in and we get quite much going on - I adore the intense motion, the way Morris and the new boss clashed all the time and how everyone took her. It looks like we have got one strong person to ER not that I am sure I like her char but there looks to be a lot to learn as the ending shows.

    Anyway, I love the irony of the title of this episode. This is another day in County.. I think they have had not day like that for long but they should have more days like that - more action, more motion, more going on and less talking :P

    I am eager to see next episode.
  • In this episode, we are introduced to the season's new interns, and a new Chief of the ER, Dr. Cate Banfield (Angela Bassett). The episode is focused on an accidental bio-terrorist attack that consumes the ER.

    I strongly disagree with the review of this episode that classifies it as "bottom of the Barrel." In fact, this episode is far from the bottom of the barrel. The story told here is classic ER. The acting is superb (especially by Angela Bassett and Scott Grimes), and the scenario is in fact new---not recreated. The staff of the ER is still dealing with the death of doctor Pratt, while quickly being forced to adjust to the new (and altogether different) leadership style of Dr. Cate Banfield (Bassett). Dr. Banfield's personality ranges from compassionate to utterly blunt and downright rude. At various times throughout the episode, viewers could get the impression that something from Banfield's past is affecting her present emotional instability. At the end of the episode, a little foreshadowing about Banfield's family leaves lots to the imagination. Ultimately, well Banfield is not immediately embraced, she is a strong character who will bring much change to the ER. Her story is intriguing, and her commanding attitude is a force to be reckoned with. Undoubtedly, she will set high expectations for her staff, leaving no room for error---accidental or not.

    The main issue in this episode involves an accidental bio-terrorism incident that leaves several new interns, along with Dr. Gates, quarantined in the ER. Exposure to weaponized ricin leaves Gates and the interns at the mercy of a Hazmat team, which evacuates the ER of all patients and personnel. The discovery of an additional patient in the quarantined room poses additional challenges for Gates, and the inexperienced interns.

    Additionally, Sam makes a deadly mistake with her patient, and Neela is hellbent on getting Lucien (Dr. Dubenko) reinstated. Overall, a great episode to watch.

    I think anyone who dislikes this episode enough to only rate it a 1.0 is missing the point. After 15 seasons, this series is coming to an end. We all need to accept that--no matter how much we don't want to. We are not the writers, and things don't always turn out as we would like. This season promises to be a very powerful ending to an incredible series which paved the way for many modern dramas (hospital focused or not) that reside in primetime. Abby's departure will prove to be a difficult and sad event for faithful ER viewers, but the season is not over yet, SO DON'T STOP WATCHING NOW!!!