Season 15 Episode 2

Another Thursday at County

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 09, 2008 on NBC

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  • Still reeling with the loss of Pratt, the ER gets new interns, new patients and a visit from the Hazardous Materials Team.

    Didn't expect to like this one much. Have a huge chip on my shoulder about how this final season is playing out. My favorites are going to be gone. There's new - and unfamiliar - blood on the team. But this one one kick a** episode. It was fast. It was furious. There was an emotional undercurrent boiling. The players were plugging along, putting in their hours, seeing patients..... Bring on the new interns, solidly put in their place at orientation by their new boss. Bring on Dusty...with hair- and much better grunge looking than Gates ever frustrated as Neela with the loss of Dubenko. Their seperate attempts to get him back were cute and well played. Watching Gates deal with the frightened and inexperienced interns in the infamous trauma room (why is it ALWAYS that one?)HazMat situation seemed as real as it comes. LOVED Daria's 'So...when did you decide to become a bio-terrorist?' line when she was ordered to keep the patient talking. Hee. Definitely a character to keep your eye on. Hope they don't let her slide into the background like interns have in the past. Bassett definitely made her presence known. She came in like a Moretti - professional, intense and taking no guff from anyone....including an intensely emotional Scott Grimes in the end. Liked how she managed to allow herself some compassion for his loss....but she is making no friends.....anywhere. Gonna be interesting.....very interesting.

    And the promos for next week had my head hurting....already. An ER without Abby? Say it ain't so!
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