Season 15 Episode 2

Another Thursday at County

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 09, 2008 on NBC



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    • Dr. Daria Wade: (to Felix) So, how long have you been a bioterrorist?

    • Banfield: He's got track marks all over his ankles. (looks witheringly at Sam) It's called a head-to-toe exam for a reason.

    • (from the elevator, Banfield curtly overides Morris's plan of where to put some of the evacuated patients)
      Morris: (with deep sarcasm, just as the elevator doors are closing) You just let me know when you need my help. I'm here for you.

    • Sam: (to Morris) One minute she's a raging bitch, the next she's Mother Teresa.

    • Frank: (handing a chart to Morris and Sam) Hey! See this guy, will you? He's been waiting five hours already. (he walks away)
      Morris: (pauses, and then loudly, with sarcasm) Oh, so sorry, Frank! We were eating bonbons in the bubble bath! Totally lost track of time!

    • Banfield: (to Daria) You're a doctor now. Try to look like one. (to Tracy) And on that note, three inch heels have no place in the hospital.

    • Brenner: Those are some shoes!
      Tracy: Oh, I always wear heels. Anything else hurts my feet.

    • (Banfield follows Morris to the lounge and continues an argument that began in the reception area)
      Banfield: Did you think that I was finished?
      Morris: (pause) You know what, lady? Shut up! (long pause) We have been through hell here the last few weeks, but somehow we're getting through it, and you know how? (voice rising) By showing up here every day and dedicating ourselves to this work. (shouting) You don't know us. You don't know this place. And the last thing we need is for some stranger to come in here and tell us how it's done.
      Banfield: (very softly) I know that you lost a friend (pause) and I'm sorry about that. But we will never have a conversation like this again. Understand?

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