Season 7 Episode 18

April Showers

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 19, 2001 on NBC



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    • Abby: Somebody might want to take a look at the guy in Curtain 3; he used Bengay instead of Preparation H.

    • Romano: Good evening, gentlemen.
      (Malucci and Carter stare at him)
      Romano: What? Didn't think I'd be invited? So, where's the bride?
      Malucci: She's in waiting. Dr. Greene hasn't shown up yet.
      Romano: Really? Well, if he's smart, he's halfway to Mexico by now.

    • Abby: Urgh,my last jail bird had an ingrown hair in her groin.
      Yosh: How lucky is that.

    • Isabelle Corday:Oh he'll be here Elizabeth,don't fret.
      Elizabeth:But I do fret, every time he's late I fret. Every time he slurs a word or gets tired or bumps his head I fret. I'm about to get married and I'm afraid, not of being with him but of being without him. I'm afraid he won't be around to raise this child.

    • Isabelle corday:This colour looks fabulous on you.
      Elizabeth:I didn't have much choice did i, if i'd worn white i would of looked like i could sink the Titanic.

    • Luka:How are you feeling?
      Abby:Like a Snuffleupagus on Benadryl.

    • Romano: (Opening door) Is this a private party?
      Elizabeth Corday: Uh, Mummy - Daddy, I think you know Dr. Romano.
      Isabelle Corday: Yes, I believe you were operating on a dog last time we met.
      Romano: That's right. You were in town attending an astrology conference.
      Isabelle Corday: Astronomy!

    • (Carter discussing Malucci showing up with two women at the wedding)
      Carter: Did you RSVP for them?
      Malucci:I figured with the rain, there's bound to be a couple of no-shows, right? A few extra butts in the pews couldn't hurt. (pointing to gift) Know where I can dump this?

    • Isabelle Corday: What could be more perfect than marrying the man that you love while carrying his child?
      Elizabeth Corday: Yes, well, this love child also comes with an extra 40 pounds and hemorrhoids.
      Isabelle Corday: There are some things I don't need to know.

    • (Romano sees Elizabeth in her wedding dress for the first time)
      Romano: Oh, uhhh, you look beautiful Elizabeth.
      Corday: Thank you Robert.
      Romano: Greene's one lucky man.

    • Elizabeth:This is America, and sometimes in this country, you have to kick some ass!

    • Female Inmate with Tattoos: This isn't going to leave a scar, is it?
      Chen: Not that you'd notice.

    • Chen: (to Abby) New rule--anything involving pus or cysts waits until after lunch.

    • Corday: I don't care if it's raining fire and brimstone, you are going to get me to that church if I have to ride on your back like a bloody donkey!

    • Corday: (smiling) Nice of you to show up.
      Greene: It was raining.

    • Greene: In a few hours, we're going to be surrounded by friends and people we love...and your mother.

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