Season 14 Episode 15

...As the Day She Was Born

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 17, 2008 on NBC

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  • Neela's birthday

    Neela is year older and that gets to her and not only her. The med student she has feels that surgery is not for him and after all Neela has done to him, he will switch and Neela is not happy with it.

    Tony gets personal case when Sarah's grandfather is brought in and Neela has to deal with Sarah and Gates dating Sam and she loses her temper.

    And in the end even if she does so much good in one day, she ends up doubting herself but Dubenko is there and what he says and does is just.. caring.. and the ending.. Neela on phone.. one of the best sentences I have heard, I think
  • I miss the good old days!

    Good episode. I'm kinda going to review the last three episodes here, in short.
    Neela's birthday! And she really got depressed...I think after some ages that's what happen! I can't see her married with children anyway...I think we could have some Gallant references over there, it seemed like she was always single and lonely, I know her marriage didn't las long, but I missed it!
    Pratt is looking stupid, I don't know why! He is the worst chief I've seen! I know he's trying to improve and everything, but common, he doesn't sound like ER's chiefs!
    I miss Luka and Abby! More he than she! Apperently he is leaving =/ ... the best doctors always leave, i'm sick of it!
    Sam and Gates...not a terrible couple, but they won't stay together for long!
    Sam is my favorite character this season...all others are terrible...I'd prefer Luka if he shows up, but...
    Is Carter coming back?? Chuny and Haley mentioned that a few chapters ago! I miss him a lot! I miss old ER!
    There's too much sex and naked people's not like the show! They're missing the point! But still, I'm sad it's gonna end next season!
  • Neela realizes that her life is going where she does not want it to even though she is an talented and accomplished surgeon.

    i liked this episode in the fact that they did this one already with abby in season 8 (beyond repair) that episode we learn that abby birthday was january 10 in the last 5 minutes of the episode. this was the case with this show since we learn that neela's birthday was april 17 in the last 5 minutes but I think since it was repeated it still is a good episode. on the other hand this episode did give some good advice as dr. dubenko gives his advice to neela as she is crying over her life going no where. i think it was one of the best this season
  • In my opinion nothing much happened in this episode.

    This episode starts off with Neela walking around the Er wearing nothing. But is she really walking around naked (with everyone talking normal to her) or is all a dream and if so, who's? Turns out to be a day dream, by Neela herself.
    Sarah's grandparents come and visit, but Hank (her grandfather) faints and so is taken to County to be checked over. When they get there both Sarah & Neela, remember what happened in that same room when her mother died and there are some flashbacks from that scene. Hank's condition gets worse and he needs surgery. The grandmother, Tony & Sarah all watch Hank as he has his surgery. Thankfully he pulls though. Sam receives red roses and all of the ER is gossiping about who she got them from. Later on Neela sees Tony with Sam. She puts two and two together and isn't too happy about the situation. Their relationship seems to be building and becoming more serious. The ER receives a picture of Abby & Luka (Luby) with baby Joe. From the picture (at least the quick glance we had at it), the couple did not look very happy. But maybe just I thought that. At the end of the episode Neela reveals that it is her birthday toady and that she is 31 years old. If I am completely honest I am very disappointed in this episode. I was hoping for a good old fashioned episode and I simply did not get that. I am putting all of my faith into next week's episode, which looks much better in the promo. But then again doesn't the promo always look better than the actual episode is?