Season 3 Episode 9

Ask Me No Questions, I'll Tell You No Lies

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 12, 1996 on NBC
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Mark, still reeling from Susan's departure, crosses ethical lines to obtain Jeanie's confidential files after learning Al is HIV-positive. Benton rides Gant hard. Carter and Keaton find it harder to maintain their secret relationship, and she tells him she will be going to Pakistan soon.

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  • We learn much more about Dr. Greene and another great storyline gets more focus.

    Greene is still down because Susan left and he needs to find a way out. He is working and gets Jeanie's ex-husband as a patience. Of course, he learns that he has HIV and interested in Jeanie, who lies for him. But Mark do not leave the thing this way and goes for digging and learns the truth and makes a stand against her. On the same time, Weaver is still protecting her and they end up in quite a mess.

    I think the most powerful and emotional moment of this episode was, when Mark faces Jeanie and she says that she preferred it this way, as now she knows much more are Greene. And it is true, as Greene always seemed as a person who understands and who can but himself in other potions. Now we have seen the other part of him too.moreless
Anne-Marie Johnson

Anne-Marie Johnson

Sickle-Cell Woman

Guest Star

Kevin Carroll

Kevin Carroll


Guest Star

Mike Kennedy

Mike Kennedy


Guest Star

John Aylward

John Aylward

Dr. Donald Anspaugh

Recurring Role

Deborah May

Deborah May

Mary Cain

Recurring Role

Ellen Crawford

Ellen Crawford


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: When Carol and William are reviewing physics, Carol states that the formula for work is ½mv², and William agrees with her, but that is actually the formula for kinetic energy, where m = mass and v = velocity. The formula for work is F×d, where F = force and d = distance.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Mark: I'm sorry today I was--what was I today?
      Doug: Vicious, humorless, pain in the ass.
      Mark: Right. Thanks.

    • Mark: You should have come to see me from the beginning.
      Jeanie: Why? So I could lose my job sooner?
      Mark: No, so I could have dealt with the situation appropriately.
      Jeanie: No, it's better this way. You know about me, and I know a hell of a lot more about you.

    • Doug: It looks like snow.
      Carol: It smells like snow.
      Doug: Carol, what does that mean?
      Carol: You can smell snow coming. It has a smell.
      Doug: It smells like burritos.

    • Conni: I don't see Weaver as yellow. I see her more in the red family.
      Haleh: Yeah, something in burnt sienna.
      Conni: Lavender is too pastel for Doyle.
      Haleh: She's more like an eggplant.
      Mark: Are you redecorating my board?
      Haleh: Just a little constructive criticism.

    • Al: Living with AIDS, that's nothing, but knowing I gave it to you, there's no pill for that. I just have to face it, every day. Hating me might feel good, but it won't change anything.
      Jeanie: It doesn't feel good, Al. Nothing about this feels good.

    • Carol: You know, that re-engineering committee's a joke. It's downsizing in sheep's clothing. I should have spent my time studying. I still don't know iodine from cosine.
      Doug: Well, if memory serves me, one is an element that you find in an antiseptic and the other has to do with right angles... or hypotenuse, something like that.
      Carol: If that's how your memory serves, how'd you get through it?
      Doug: Well, he told us we could bring one sheet into the exam, with all the formulas written on it.
      Carol: And?
      Doug: I brought in a really big sheet.

    • Mark: I'm afraid we might have a problem with Jeanie Boulet.
      Kerry: What sort of problem?
      Mark: This morning, I treated her ex-husband, Al. He has AIDS.
      Kerry: I see.
      Mark: Did she mention anything to you?
      Kerry: Why would she?
      Mark: She claims she tested negative.
      Kerry: Well, we'll have to take her word on it, won't we?
      Mark: Doesn't this make you uncomfortable?
      Kerry: Not especially. She says she's negative. What else can we do?
      Mark: I guess I'm just a little surprised at your lack of concern.
      Kerry: It's a lack of alarm, Mark. There's a difference.

    • Carol: Doug, can you help me out here? "If a red quark is attracted to an anti-red quark, is it a gluon or a meson?".
      Doug: Thank you, Carol, for pointing out something else I know nothing about.

    • Randi: Gant, can you handle a hemorrhoid?
      Gant: Not in this life.

    • Carol: Look, what are we going to do about Mark?
      Doug: Put him on a plane or have him killed.
      Carol: I don't think I can take this much longer, you know? Maybe you should talk to him.
      Doug: I talked to him once, he said he was okay. Ask him again, it gets a little weird.
      Carol: Ohh, you'd be violating the guy code.
      Doug: Guy code?
      Carol: Yeah, of non-communication.

    • (while studying with William)
      Carol: (reading) "A man pushes a vacuum cleaner with a force of 70 Newtons at a 45 degree angle, and moves the vacuum cleaner 5 meters. How much work has he done?" Well, let's start with the unlikelihood of a man pushing a vacuum cleaner.

    • Carter: (to Keaton) You're not sleeping with Anspaugh, are you?

    • (when asking if everybody had their flu shots)
      Ross: (to Randi) What about you?
      Randi: I take garlic pills.
      Ross: Good for you. Very "cutting edge."

    • Doug: I can't wait—Weaver and the Sound of Her Own Voice: A Love Story.

    • Doug: Just call me Mr. Blue.

    • Doug: Mark called a staff meeting.
      Carol: Mark Greene?
      Doug: Mmhmm
      Carol: Glasses, receding hairline, broken heart?
      Doug: That's the one.

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