Season 14 Episode 13


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 17, 2008 on NBC

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  • Hockey silliness and cast comraderie abounds.....

    9.0 I felt like a freaking ping pong ball after watching this episode. Bang...silly hockey game set up....bang....intense and dreary near drowning.... game silliness....bang....intense and dreary back story of near drowning game... bang...prison game pig pile.... bang bang bang. Throw in some Gates and Sam snipeing at each other and an occasional glimpse of Pratt's fear of commitment angst...oh and Skye's back for a shot or two. Heh...getting nekkid again. Totally wierd episode. And no wonder. This was the last of the 'written' episodes before the strike. The one with the 'notes' and not much else. Gotta hand it to the actors and the director and the producers for trying. The show was choppy. There didn't appear to be a patient/doctor story that helped meld the intense and the silly. But the episode was still worth a 9 rating in my estimation. I love when the cast gets together for something fun. I don't remember the baseball game of season 7's 'Where The Heart Is' taking up quite so much screen time but it was the same kind of fun. I love Scott Grimes....especially when he is allowed to be something more than a character in search of romantic conquest. His needling of Neela on the ice was classic...and, a rarity for ER, showed some character continuity. Who else got a flash of Neela behind a counter with a snarky Liberty foam headband when he told her to go back to work at the Jumbo Mart?? Hee. I like Pratt. I like Bettina. Not sure if I really like Pratt and Bettina. I do not like Sam. I do not like Gates. Not sure if I do not like Sam and Gates. Wouldn't hang around long to watch them do much but ride off into the sunset, but they deserve one another. The incident that was most gripping personally was the scene with Julia and the prison doctor. I have felt that her character was a little too light...a little too condencending when it came to her career of choice. She tried to embrace and bridge too much. It was gleefully devastating to see her ripped apart in that trauma room. I am entirely invested in seeing how she deals. Never liked her with Gates. But I hope that don't let her slide into ER oblivion after that scene. I want to know what happens to her.