Season 14 Episode 13


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 17, 2008 on NBC

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  • Good episode dealing with some important issues about life and death, as well as some silly fun and games.

    Most powerful story: Robert Truman, prison doctor and executioner, dying from cancer, looking for forgiveness for what he has done by helping families of executed prisoners. I feel sad for Truman. He is afraid of dying and desperately wants to be forgiven before he dies, but he doesn't get the spiritual guidance he needs. Silly story: Neela playing ice-hockey with the ortho team against the trauma surgeons, and fighting with Morris. Later the teams continue fighting in the ER. Not a very professional thing to do!

    Funniest dialogue: Morris: ".....You're too serious......" Neela: "I'm fun." Morris: "No, you're English." Kiss of the week: Gates & Sam kissing outside "Ike's". I guessed something was about to happen between those two, but I think they are an odd couple.

    This is the last of the "pre-strike" episodes, so I'll take a moment to sum up this season so far: Season 14 hasn't been as good as the previous one. Old characters (Kerry, Ray, Luka, possibly Abby and Pratt) have left or are on their way out, but they haven't really been replaced very well by new ones. Some new characters have been introduced, but they have seemed to disappear again quickly. The continuity has been bad this season. Some storylines have been a bit too superficial for my taste, for instance Harold's, Jaspreet's and Sam's. I don't watch "Greys Anatomy", but I've heard people compare it to "ER" this season, and if "GA" is about stories like these, it worries me if "ER" will go in that direction.

    On the other hand, as painful as it was to watch it, Abby had a really strong storyline, and Maura's acting was as brilliant as ever. We got a little update on what's happened to some of the old characters (Jeanie, Reg, Al Boulet, Doug & Carol, Carter) which was nice.
    Also, I have surprised myself by actually liking Gates better this season. Somehow he's grown on me... Surprise, surprise!