Season 2 Episode 15

Baby Shower

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 15, 1996 on NBC

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  • One order of beet soup to go!

    It was literally a baby shower, as the sprinkler system in OB caused the expecting mothers to come to the ER to deliver their babies. This gave us a potpourri of interesting cases. Among them, a 13 year old, twins, a mom with a drug problem and a touching case of a mom who has breast cancer. She gave up her cancer medication to ensure a healthy baby.

    In addition, they treated a woman who insisted that she was abducted and impregnated by aliens. Turns out it was a bad case of gas.

    Most of this episode is very lighthearted. There was a scene where a dad was taping the mom, who was bragging about how Doug saved their little Renee. She kissed Doug on the cheek. The dad says he loves this doctor and kisses him on the cheek. And Mark joins in and says, you know what, I love this guy, too! and kisses him on the cheek. That was a great scene.

    The mom addicted to drugs was tough to watch. It appears that she really tried to kick the habit, but her supplier came to the hospital. She also did use at the beginning. It's never easy to see this kind of case. Another sad situation was the 13 year old, in two fold. One, it's sad to see babies having babies. It was also sad in that she had a couple that were set to adopt the baby. When the baby was born, Tina changed her mind and wants to keep the baby. It was very upsetting to see the disappointment of the prospective parents faces, when it looked like they were not getting this child.

    The most touching case was the mom with cancer. She sacrificed her own life to give her baby a chance at being healthy. It's one of the most touching moments in ER history seeing that baby, and the mom's reaction. Well done.

    Mark also has redemption in this episode, as he had a difficult birth. This was great, as he had struggled since losing the mother in Love's Labor Lost. He also showed Dr. Coburn that he was capable of doing the job.

    Carter is interviewing for the surgical residency, and has to give a tour for other prospects interested in the position. He's not happy about Benton's letter of recommendation, but later realizes that it was actually high praise.

    The ER gang tries to convince Conni that the beet soup at Doc Magoos will cause her to go into a labor. That helps set up an impromptu baby shower for her.

    There are a lot of happy and light moments in this episode, and I'm thrilled to see this. They really needed a light episode here, because the one following is a heavy one. This helps to counter balance the emotions during the season. This was a great episode.