Season 11 Episode 17

Back in the World

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 24, 2005 on NBC

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  • Reunions...

    A very beautiful continues episode for previous one - Gallant is back for some hours and first Neela misses him when he comes to hospital to bring in that girl. Neela is then out to find him.. and the moment they saw each other.. oh.. it was so beautiful, emotional and moving episode. For so long, none of the episodes had made me cry but this one did - it was so beautiful and... But that is not the only reunion as Alex's father is on town, he is wanted and he wants to take Alex with him, but Luka manages to prevent it. But Alex is mad now.

    But still - for Neela and Gallant storyline - the ending scenes.. it was so beautiful
  • Neela and Gallant are re-united whilst Steve returns.

    Neela's run towards Gallant was awesome acting and although the pair's interaction was akward they are a great couple both have that quiet don't know who i really am thing about them.It was good to see the pair back together!

    I like the relationship between Abby and Neela that ease of talking about anything and knowing each other so well you know when somethings up.For example when Abby went looking for Neela and found her with Gallant she didn't ask question's she just winked and took care of it for Neela.True friends.

    So Steve returned i know he's not supposed to be a character you like but i've never liked the idea of him , the dynamic.Always getting Alex's hopes up and then letting him down it's not right for a young kid.Luka's intervention although it annoyed Alex was right and showed that he is twice the man Steve will ever be.
  • Neela and Gallant are finally reunited when he returns from Iraq for 72 hours.

    This was probably one of my favourite episodes of Season 11. It was just so great to see Neela and Gallant together again, you can really see just how much they missed each other while he was in Iraq. My favourite scene, was at the end when they said goodbye, terrific acting by both actors. I felt a few tears run down my face!
  • Evocative drama at it's best

    For all the helpless romantics out there and those who love high class drama - this was the episode for you. Gallant and Neela put on an excellent show for viewers in an incredibly erotic play of 2 people in love who have been separated by causes out of their control. Gallant and Neela - in a long awaited reunion create a sense of commitment and drama that has the audience tingling at the crucial moment. Despite all the efforts in of the show's makers in raising the hopes of ER viewers - they basically condemn Gallant to die in Iraq as he leaves Neela a letter to only be opened if he never returns.
  • Forget Carter and Kem. It is all about Gallant and Neela now.

    I LOVE THIS EPISODE!!! Possibly the most touching episode of ER this season. Neela and Gallant have the most romantic scenes. The hottest love scene this season belongs to Gallant and Neela. That whole up against the wall thing was just great. This was just beautiful. I hope Sharif Atkins returns to the ER just so that we can see Neela and Gallant get together and STAY TOGETHER. I would like to see an ER romance story to end with a happy ending. Neela and Gallant should have a semi-smooth romance story. Carter and Kem lost a baby. Green and Corday - Green dies. Doug and Carol get together, but it was the last episode that she was in. Let's have one good romantic relationship. I know ER is not about the romance, but still why do most relationships in the ER have to end sadly.