Season 6 Episode 15

Be Patient

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 24, 2000 on NBC

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  • No easy way out of that...

    After the last episode... it was somehow... it cannot be compared. But this episode does have the beauty - Abby is going by her hint as she feels her patient is not alright and he should come back if he feels something is wrong. He does come and that saves him. Weaver most admit, that Abby was right even if she did not believed what Weaver was saying and did not discharge the patient and ordered expensive test.

    Carter is having hard time and it is not easy for him to recover. Also, Lucy mother's come by and visits Carter. He lies for her telling that it was painless and he felt nothing. But in truth, he is just holding barely up, feeling helpless.

    And Elizabeth founds herself in quite weird position when she learns that her mother and Mark's father.. mm.. have something going on. And that is not the only thing Mark founds out about his father - he also has cancer he has not told anyone.
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