Season 6 Episode 13

Be Still My Heart

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 10, 2000 on NBC

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  • Leading to tragic events..

    To be honest.. The first part of the episode was not so impressive but after seeing it all, I can understand it. It is just a big interlude for the events we can get a idea after the last scenes.

    It is Valentine Day. The elder woman we saw some episodes ago, is brought back and now it is her time to die. Abby is taking it quite hard and she is having hard time getting used to the life and action on ER. The episode gets it's turns up when trauma is brought in. Two critical patients with two children. they have been on the car accident. Luka, Carol, Elizabeth and Benton do whatever they can but they are not able to save none of the parents. It is maybe the hardest thing they have to say for those children. Very well portrayed by so young actors.

    But the ending.. it is Valentine party.. the music is loud.. and.. the way it just happens.. and when Carter fells on the floor and sees Lucy... shocking.. and knowing what will come next...

    I do not want to know..
  • Another day in the ER ends with a huge shock...

    This episode is one of the most shocking for ER. Much of the day is spent looking after patients - with the normal squabbles between patients and medical staff. A touching scene with a young boy and his younger sister watching their parents die is handled nicely. However, the major shock comes at the end. Carter has been unusually short with Lucy - who has a patient with mental problems. This ends in Carter walking into the darkened room where the patient should be. The ER is filled with loud music from the Valentine's Day party by the medical staff. Carter bends over to pick something up from the floor - behind him is the mental patient - who stabs him. Carter cries out but nobody hears him and then falls to the floor - only to see Lucy lying in a pool of blood nearby. Shocking, shocking ending to this episode.
  • Carter and Luct gets stabbed in this episode while the others are having a Valentimesday party.

    This is one of my all favorite episodes of ER, so much exciment at the end. First time I watched the episode; I kept on asking myself where is Lucy and then you see her stabbed on the floor.At the same time as Dr. John Carter becomes stabbed too. But too bad its the tradgic death of Lucy Knight, who always faught against Carter.
  • Lucy's last day she deals with a schzitzo,Carter is on her back about spending to much time on one patient. The ER staff is having a Valentine party Carter is supervising Abby, they finally join the party but Carter relizes Lucy is still with that patient

    Every time I see this I am reminded how ER uses music to create a feeling or convey an emotion. This happens when Carter walks into the room and Battleflag is playing he is stabbed,makes your hair stand on end. This episode is an ER classic in the top ten.
  • Without words...

    This episode was just amazing, really proving that Laura Innes is really a good director, the way the story went, the drama, the comedy, everything, made this special episode, even special. In the last scene, is almost impossible not to remember everything that have happened to Carter and Lucy, it's impossible not to remember Lucy's first day in the chaoctic ER, her smile and her tenderness, that were there for Carter, even when he wasn't paying atention, even when he was more concerned with Abby, even when he was more concerned with someone else, he left Lucy go, he stoped being her friend, in fact, his close friend, to just being a college. In a way, I think he kind of forget all the things that they been through together...

    The badside of this amazing episode is that, since she's starting in the show, Abby isn't going so well, since, in a way, Carter wasn't spending much time with Lucy, because of Abby, and to introduce a character in a show like ER, making ER, in a way, "the bad guy" isn't very good, and I think that's one of many reasons why fans don't like Abby to much as they liked and loved others.

    I would also like to make references to Jing-Mei and Dave scenes, proving the whole Laura Innes episodes are allways great, with amazing supporting stories, like this one. Another good story was the connection between Dr. Green's dad and Dr.ª Corday's mother, the scene when they're fighting over which one of the doctors had done the most amazing thing was really funny.

    Also, Carol and Luka getting closer by the minut was also a very good scene, with a good story, a good director and offcourse, good actors.

    To finish, the two brothers story was really good, really, really good...
  • Lucy and Carter help a patient who has problems and get more than they bargened for.

    This episode was one of the best episodes every written. This episode geve the show the boost that it needed. It just sucks that somebody had to die to make this episode happen. Also it is Valentines day. Carter goes to find Lucy and gets stabbed in the process. He finds lucy laying on the ground. Then Carrie comes in and does a few things then winds up finding them. THat was the shocking part.