Season 6 Episode 13

Be Still My Heart

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 10, 2000 on NBC

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  • Without words...

    This episode was just amazing, really proving that Laura Innes is really a good director, the way the story went, the drama, the comedy, everything, made this special episode, even special. In the last scene, is almost impossible not to remember everything that have happened to Carter and Lucy, it's impossible not to remember Lucy's first day in the chaoctic ER, her smile and her tenderness, that were there for Carter, even when he wasn't paying atention, even when he was more concerned with Abby, even when he was more concerned with someone else, he left Lucy go, he stoped being her friend, in fact, his close friend, to just being a college. In a way, I think he kind of forget all the things that they been through together...

    The badside of this amazing episode is that, since she's starting in the show, Abby isn't going so well, since, in a way, Carter wasn't spending much time with Lucy, because of Abby, and to introduce a character in a show like ER, making ER, in a way, "the bad guy" isn't very good, and I think that's one of many reasons why fans don't like Abby to much as they liked and loved others.

    I would also like to make references to Jing-Mei and Dave scenes, proving the whole Laura Innes episodes are allways great, with amazing supporting stories, like this one. Another good story was the connection between Dr. Green's dad and Dr.ª Corday's mother, the scene when they're fighting over which one of the doctors had done the most amazing thing was really funny.

    Also, Carol and Luka getting closer by the minut was also a very good scene, with a good story, a good director and offcourse, good actors.

    To finish, the two brothers story was really good, really, really good...