Season 6 Episode 13

Be Still My Heart

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 10, 2000 on NBC

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  • Another day in the ER ends with a huge shock...

    This episode is one of the most shocking for ER. Much of the day is spent looking after patients - with the normal squabbles between patients and medical staff. A touching scene with a young boy and his younger sister watching their parents die is handled nicely. However, the major shock comes at the end. Carter has been unusually short with Lucy - who has a patient with mental problems. This ends in Carter walking into the darkened room where the patient should be. The ER is filled with loud music from the Valentine's Day party by the medical staff. Carter bends over to pick something up from the floor - behind him is the mental patient - who stabs him. Carter cries out but nobody hears him and then falls to the floor - only to see Lucy lying in a pool of blood nearby. Shocking, shocking ending to this episode.