Season 6 Episode 13

Be Still My Heart

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 10, 2000 on NBC

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  • Leading to tragic events..

    To be honest.. The first part of the episode was not so impressive but after seeing it all, I can understand it. It is just a big interlude for the events we can get a idea after the last scenes.

    It is Valentine Day. The elder woman we saw some episodes ago, is brought back and now it is her time to die. Abby is taking it quite hard and she is having hard time getting used to the life and action on ER. The episode gets it's turns up when trauma is brought in. Two critical patients with two children. they have been on the car accident. Luka, Carol, Elizabeth and Benton do whatever they can but they are not able to save none of the parents. It is maybe the hardest thing they have to say for those children. Very well portrayed by so young actors.

    But the ending.. it is Valentine party.. the music is loud.. and.. the way it just happens.. and when Carter fells on the floor and sees Lucy... shocking.. and knowing what will come next...

    I do not want to know..
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