Season 14 Episode 12

Believe the Unseen

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 10, 2008 on NBC

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  • Beautiful thoughts..

    Abby is back.. and it is not easy as everyone thought she has been in with Luka. But she has been home and dealing with her problems.

    Now she is back and there is a lot of lies and things to sort out. And there is a little kid, a case she takes personal.

    Neela has trouble with her cousin and when she leaves, both Morris and Harold have to deal with it.

    Gates has a patient who dies in the end and he takes it hard but Julia has a very beautiful thought about that all and I think there is something to learn about.
  • Abby is on the right track again and at the end of the day she's off to Croatia at last.

    Best scene: Little Keyla singing for Abby. What a lovely girl an what a great voice!

    Best story: Mrs Smalls, the insomniac ex-rockstar, who says her dead husband keeps her awake, dies without anyone noticing it.

    Best line: Morris: "How was Croatia?" Abby: "European..."

    Friendliest scene: Abby & Neela talk, Abby appologizing, Neela saying she's been so worried.

    Silliest story 1: Jaspreet/Harold/Morris.... "Thanks for a lovely evening and don't call again ever." This has been an unnecessary storyline.

    Silliest story 2: Neela playing hockey at ortho. Did Grossman & co recruit her just for the hockey?
    Angriest look of the week: Sam looking at Abby, after Abby having told the staff about her alcoholism....
  • Abby returns to the ER

    Abby returns from rehab and everybody starts asking her questions but at the same time showing her support and a shoulder to cry on. Neela begins her rotation in orthopedics and she has a great time with the team she even jokes and plays hockey! I loved the LCA case. Very interesting and new. First I thought that this would be another case of domestic abuse in foster kids, fortunetly it turn out to be something completely different. I liked that Sam reacted badly to Abby's confession, she is right! Jaspreet spend a night with Harold and another one with Morris? Poor girl...
    I like the team Sam-Gates!
    Good chapter! Funny and touching at the same time!
  • Hasnt scott grimes got a cute little butt XD

    I absoulty loved this episode, Especially cos Abbys back ! Im a fan of sam but she was a bit of a b***h when Abby admitted she was in rehab :(. I did love the scene where Grady and Morris where in the trauma room and he was ganna give in the shot had me dreaming... lol. Although on the whole it was deffienlty a great episode. But im really hating that there giving that intern harold more lines hes so ugly and is just freaking annoying !! ¬¬ Im hoping that maybe next episode he says he isnt cut out for it anymore. And great news for Neela, shes doing great on her ortho rotation and now is part of there hockey team !! Cant wait for next episode !!
  • it did what it had to do.

    With the writer's strike and this the last episode that had true writer input, I guess it did what it was supposed to do. hile I enjoyed seeing Gloria Rueben back in "Status Quo', I was sitting on needles waiting to see the outcome of Abby's trip to rehab. It was good to see Maura Tierney back. She was mellow, remorseful and very, very vulnerable. It was alluded that she had been gone for 30 days and would be allowed back in the ER on probation. She would be expected to complete 30 more AA meetings, random urine tests etc. in order to be allowed to finish her residency. I don't get the meeting in front of so many staff memebers. (When Carter came back from his forced visit to detox, it was Kerry and Mark that laid down the law to him. And he was using drugs FROM work AT work!) It looked as if Abby was sitting in front of a representative of every department or something. Kind of sad. nd when she asked for some time to visit her 'husband' (my heart jumped at how easily she said that....) she was told she would need to start her program all over again with 60 days worth of meetings and diversion therapy. She had a heart to heart with Pratt and admitted that she is not good at asking for help...but jumped right in to help when she was told they were short staffed. And as always, she proved herself to be a good and astute physician. She busied herself with Dexter and Kayla, foster children brought in from a fire. She diagnosed an obscure vision defect in the little girl. She took a moment at the staff meeting to confess that she had been in a detox facility...that she respected her colleagues enough to be honest with them and hoped that she hadn't managed to destroy any kind of a relationship she may have had with them. The only reaction that seemed off kilter was Sam's. She was disgusted aparently. Sam? She had been the one who had encouraged Abby to cut loose several episodes back. And she thought 'loose Abby' was pretty dang funny in 'Blackout'. And Sam doesn't begin to hold a candle to Abby when it comes to bad decisions in life...heh. Other patient stories were interesting as well. There was the tale of the disfigured neighbor saving the life of a unappreciative beating victim...and finding some satisfaction for himself. Gates had a patient that died while waiting for a psych consult...a victim of her own grief. Neela is enscounced with the 'cool kids' of ortho...much to Harold's discomforture. Her cousin, Jaspreet, is gone....but not after providing Neela with a bit of comedic reliefe while relaying Jas' thanks to Morris...and Harold...for a wonderful night and request to stop calling her Hee. Back to Abby. Her reconciliation with Neela was beautifully played by both actors. It was very, very real. Abby's walk to the 'L' station steps from the ambulance bay, the way she stopped to look back at the ER entrance was reminescent of Kerry's last day...and Carter's...and Mark's...and Jeanie's. It was a look back of satisfaction and no regrets. Of fondness. And I am wondering if she will be back. Becoming a doctor has been her goal for the past eight seasons. One has to wonder if she is willing to chuck that in hopes of repairing the family that she has so desperately been seeking? Again, with the expiration of contracts and the continuing strike, one wonders if the production company has given us this episode as a gift for 8 years of following Abby and Luka's story?? If that is to be the case, I am totally satisfied. I can picture in my mind the three of them - Abby, Luka and Joe - on a beach somewhere. Together. Happy at last.
  • Please kill off Sam.

    Please kill off Sam. Abby is a wonderful character, while Sam is a cheap ho. How dare Sam question Abby? Blonde or brunette, Sam is the lowest form of a woman. She sleeps around, has low self esteem, and judges others. Hello! This chick-a-dee murdered her ex. She should be on death row. The best part of this episode is the preview for next week. Let her go with gates. Two shallow ass people together. Let's hope that they don't spawn. And if they do, let them more to Seattle with Carol and Doug...more shallow idiots. Losers should die a slow death.
  • Already missing Abby. Hope she comes back soon.

    Overall, I liked this episode. It made me think... The song that little girl sang reminded me something I tend to forget: "we're all beautiful, no matter what some people say".
    That man with a transfigured face and Abby's great heart, besides she being an alcoholic, proved that.
    (I woke up with a facial paralisis after a mandible transplant, 2 yrs ago; these storyline really hit me)

    Sorry .. ER calling Planet Earth!
    This episode was balanced, it kept me involved with the patients' stories and the ER staff.

    An old nice lady dies while she's waiting for a psych consult. Guess she found peace near her husband, who passed out 6 yrs before.

    Abby's back in the ER for a few hours because she's leaving to Croatia. In the meantime, she helps a foster kid who has LCA. The disease hadn't been diagnosed before and that caused adjustments problems between the little girl and her foster families.

    About Abby:
    At first she lies and says she has been in Europe. Hopefully in the end, she chooses to tell the truth to everybody. They're all very supportive, except Sam whose reaction I didn't understand.

    Loved how Neela's handled with Abby.

    Loved the way Pratt guided the ER. He turned out to be a great doctor and is proving he can be a great leader too.
  • Uh, did I actually just waste an hour watching this?

    I can think of only one word for this episode...

    Because the required length of a review is 100 words, I am forced to keep typing, but like this episode, I really have nothing else to say. Uh, OK, I have something. Words I associate with ER: Slow, Boring, silly, non-sensical,bad, worse,even worse, amazingly, bad. Stamos, sucks. Bad, acting, bad, writing, lack, of, plot. Abby, jumped, shark, long, ago. Morris, joke, doctor, not. Harold, geek, kill, him, please. Pratt, disappears, empty, character. Sky, who?, sometimes, cast, member. Sam, Frank, Chuney, Haleh, replacing, doctors, as, cast, shrinks. Carter, Africa, please,stay,there.Stick, fork, in, it.Once, great, now, NOT.
    WHY, DO, I, WATCH????
  • I've missed Abby!

    Glad to see that Abby had a big part in the show tonight. She came back and her and Pratt told everyone that she was in Croatia, but in reality fell off the wagon. I'm happy that she came clean finally in the end to the staff. Sam seemed really pissed and let down after she heard the news. Abby is such a kind hearted person. She is now really going to Croatia though... is this their way of writing her off? I hope not!
    It was hysterical when Harold and Morris found out that they both had a night with Neela's cousin. Their faces were priceless.
    An all around good episode, but nothing spectacular.