Season 8 Episode 11

Beyond Repair

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 10, 2002 on NBC

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  • It is a busy day as usual, but the underlying story for me relates to Abby and her getting older, being childless and single.

    It's Abby's birthday - her Mother remembers, but no-one else. Throughout the day she is reminded of her getting older and not yet being a mother. Luka tells her he has decided to go to Bosnia with Doctors without Borders. Carter and Susan are kissing in the drs lounge when Abby walks in.
    A young boy, Douglas is sitting in chairs waiting for his mother. It turns out she died earlier in the day. Abby gets close to him, but still has to let him go to Social Services at the end of the day
    Richard comes to see her, he is getting married to a teacher, who already has a child, so he is going to be a father. He says he always wanted to be a Dad, which surprises her, and makes her sad, as she had an abortion whilst married to him
    A patient is brought in who has a clot, due to the fertility drugs she is taking. She admits to Abby that she had an abortion a few years ago, because she didn't think she was ready, and now she is scared it will never happen.
    She even sees the man who stabbed Carter and killed Lucy; he is brought in for a fall on the ice. She talks to his wife, who has a young child and says they are still a family. Carter is coping with Gamma being home from hospital and his Mother coming to stay. When he sees his attacker, he finds it very difficult, but retains his composure in public.
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