Season 8 Episode 11

Beyond Repair

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 10, 2002 on NBC

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  • If you want drama, this episode does not dissappoint.

    You can make a strong debate that the most dramatic event in the history of ER was when Carter and Lucy were stabbed. Beyond Repair taps into that drama by bringing back Paul Sobricki. Abby tried unsuccessfully to hide Sobricki from Carter. When Carter heard the voice of his former attacker, you could practically feel the hair on the back of his neck raise. It also led to Carter facing his mother not being there after the attack. Another dramatic story line was a little boy looking for his mother, who had died. Abby was on hand to take the brunt of this emotion, and immediately after was face to face with Sobricki. The reactions of Abby and Carter to Sobricki were genuine. You could feel the anger, fear and anxiety.

    The drama continues with a patient that was worried she lost her best chance to be a mother. She made herself sick with fertility pills. She was previously pregnant, and had an abortion. This hits a little close to home as Abby had an abortion herself. Oh, by the way, her ex-husband earlier announced to her he was getting remarried to a woman who already had a child. “I always wanted children” he says. All of this, on her birthday.

    The only thing that I was not happy with, was Susie going to a hockey game instead of being with Carter after his encounter with Sobricki. But they did need someone else at the game to demonstrate Weaver’s reluctance to be out.

    With so many dramatic story lines in this episode, “Beyond Repair” rates among the best that ER has to offer. If anybody is normally moved to tears when watching TV, then they will be crying buckets during this one.