Season 14 Episode 7


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 08, 2007 on NBC

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  • Electrical blackout floods the ER...alcohol blackout destroys Abby....

    10 I read every available spoiler I can find. I knew the episode was coming. I was dreading the show but I couldn't NOT watch it. My emotions are reeling right now and it's ALL Maura Tierney's fault. SHE is the one who wanted this story line. SHE is the who felt it was 'necessary.' And she is the one who turned in a totally astounding, incredibly beautiful and heart wrenching performance. There will be those who hate Abby for the way things played out. How could she freaking do it? Well, okay...back to the other stuff... Electrical brownouts bring old people and babies to the ER. Pratt passed his boards and we learned at the end that Morris didn't. Harold dings Morris' new car and second guesses Dubenko with a patient..hee. Moretti is angry at Abby for changing several of his orders on patients. Instead of her usual 'cooperative subordinate' persona, we get obnoxious and argumentative resident. Woo. Huge red flag that something is not right. Abby goes behind Greg's back and orders a chest xray and EKG on a troublesome infant he dismisses as 'colicky.' Work is followed by a celebration at Ike Ryan's. Loved the comraderie of the nurses. Chuny's name is actualy Ethel?? Gates and Julia were cute at the pool table and way too stupid earlier in the ER. Volunteer singers to ease the tension?? Come on. Abby comes late but is ahem..little looser than the others. She is overly flirty and playful. Terribly rude to Dubenko and Neela (her biggest supporters as a rule). Another red flag. Neela caught it and made sure Abby wasn't driving home. No, instead she finds herself waking up in Moretti's bed. There is no doubt as to what has happened. No doubt at anyone except her. Abby's overwhelming panic at arriving home to a distraught babysitter and her sleeping child had my own heart in my throat. The subsequent scenes of her strapping the baby into the car, nearly having another accident, banging her head as she climbs into a cab and standing at the ticket counter demanding to purchase a ticket to Croatia....sheesh. This was cut throughout with the struggles of Pratt and Morris dealing with the infant having a heart attack - who would probably have died had Abby not ordered the tests that kept the family at the hospital. Thank God for Abby, they said. And then we see her sitting alone in the airport chairs, holding her baby, flashing back to the scene with Moretti...beautifully and heartbreakingly done.... wiping tears away from her face, rocking her baby and then profiled in contrast against the flashing arrival/departure sign. Damn. If there is anyone out there with a smidgeon of doubt as to the incredible raw acting talent of Maura Tierney....certainly it's laid to rest after this episode. I did not think she could surpass the astounding job she did in last year's 'Bloodline'....but I was wrong. I am definitely looking forward to seeeing how she handles the next few episodes...especially with Luka coming home to pitch his pennies into the pot. These two are going to totally rock it! Damn.
  • What they did to Abby?!

    I watch ER since the season 6 and I like Maura Tierney's character. She is funny, has great lines and, to be honest, she is one of my favorites. I hated to watch this episode. I felt sad and disappointed when I saw Abby that way. What the producers had in their minds when they put her with Moretti?! I thought it was an alternate reality. Abby and Luka are a great couple and this beautiful relationship can't end this way. All these events really changed the way I see Abby. I hope that the producers would bring the old Abby back somehow.
  • Bottom for Abby

    This was cruel episode. I really.. maybe it did all look so much like reality and it was so black and depressive and to see Abby, who has been quite good char and now that. It is just... cruel. The camera work was amazing and the way the showed that not normal Abby and... it was good. And the ending, how they did it.. the talking between Morris and Pratt and that Abby saved that baby's life...

    Oh.. I really hope we could have somehow little better episodes. Not that story of this episode was strong but it is not an episode you would enjoy.
  • Probably one of the best episodes of a generally poor season. Abby finally reaches breaking point.

    Abby episodes are always good and Maura Tierny plays a drunken Abby very convincingly. It is quite upsetting to see how far she slips in this episode, actually cheating on Luka and almost putting her son in danger. I also can't believe how Moretti could take advantage of her like that. A bit of a nasty character!

    This was quite an interesting and emotional episode. Like the ER of old, it had lots of little storylines and touches which made it enjoyable. Things like Harold crashing Morris's car might seem like superfluous details but all contribute to a memorable episode. The only problem is when the actors (Goran Visnjic for example) clearly want to take time out of the show it kind of messes with the narrative too much and you almost don't recognise the characters you have come to know and love.

    It was fun to see Chuny bring up Mark Green and Doug Ross - kind of sad to remember how much better the show used to be though.
  • ...

    Loved this ep, it was brilliant, finally some real action after episodes of wavering.

    Maura's acting was just amazing. I loved drunk Abby at the bar - it seemed so realistic. And the scene when she came home to the babysitter really struck a chord too. We really got a full range of emotions this episode.

    Obviously Morris failed, but how can he keep it a secret? Surely the hospital i.e. Moretti finds out his score?

    I like the potential new BF of Sam. However, I don't really like her two-timing two men, it's out of character. ER seems to have a history of making characters multiple date at once for not much good reason (Greene and Elizabeth spring to mind).

    The bar scene was really nice. It was good to see everyone hanging out in a sociable setting. There were also so many one-liners and in-jokes and side-jokes this episode that I can't really count them.

    So annoyed at how they're wasting Harold. I thought he showed such promise in his first ep, and ever since then it has been just down-hill.
    Likewise, I want Neela to get some really gritty surgery storylines any time soon...

    I'm quite pissed off about Abby/Moretti. The storyline doesn't really do either of them any favours. Personally I haven't really seen any chemistry there at all. Sure, Abby could have got drunk and slept with someone, but did it have to be Moretti? Also, it paints him in such a bad light. Sure he may not know she is an alcoholic, but he has seen how much she has been struggling recently, he saw just how drunk and unlike herself she was and it seems he really took advantage of her. He is painted as such a rational figure that him sleeping with a completely wasted woman doesn't feel like ignorance on his part. On the other hand, we didn't exactly get to see the actual build-up to her going home with him, so I don't know how unfair my reaction is, as Abby could have been equally to blame. Which pretty much means that I'm just annoyed at the ER writers!!! Cause I guess Moretti did obviously think Abby was maybe just having marriage problems, and then she did raise the subject of his flirting, potentially suggesting she wasn't impartial to it...

    Hope and Morris broke-up? I assume this is because the actress has left the show? Feels like the 101 scenes regarding Morris and women in the last few episodes were kind of pointless for him. Interesting to see where his future romance life will go. Hope worked for him quite well last season, but I don't just want to see Morris and Pratt shoved into comfortable mature 'I'm a settled adult' relationships to highlight character development.

    I think the baby's illness and Morris' comment about Abby's tutoring were a little OTT. They were both clearly included in the episode so we could all watch and see just how amazing a doc Abby is, and how sad it is she is having problems yada yada yada. It wasn't necessary for us to see Abby shine medically for us to empathise with the character though, and I don't think she would be so competent on the job when she's clearly drinking constantly now.

    I wonder if the ending means that we'll see Abby in Croatia next ep? Or more likely we'll have a couple with her missing? Unless there is a time jump.

    Interesting that they chose to use a big situation - city-wide power-cuts, in an episode where they didn't play a huge part. The episode so revolved around Abby and we didn't get an idea of the medical consequences of the power cuts. It was more used to aide the social storylines. Normally this would provide a host of episode material in the form of patients and hospital disasters, but there was so much going on already that it became quite irrelevant.

    Loved the happy singing volunteers.

    Gates and Chaplin mildly interesting. Quite predictable route to go down but I think the romance will be good for his character.
  • The most emotional episode so far this season.

    Once again Maura shows us what a talanted actress she is. This is an Abby centered episode and the other stories don't seem important in comparison to hers. We hear the Queen/Bowie song "Under preassure" in this episode and it's very apropriate, but I still don't know exactly what it is that has triggered Abby's alcoholism at this point. Is it Luka's absence or is it more than that? I believe she has been in difficult situations before without turning to alcohol. Anyway, I hope Abby realizes that her drinking problem has gone too far and that it has to stop.

    Best scene: Abby crying at the airport. Most painful scene: Abby waking up at Moretti's. And later, her flashbacks of what had happened there.

    Best line (dialogue): Morris: "Thank God for Abby, saving that baby's life!" Pratt: "Yeah, thank God for Abby!"

    Lovely little detail: Chuny remembering Mark & Doug. – Wow, it's already been almost five years since Mark's death, and it's nearly nine years since Doug left! Nice to know they're not forgotten.
  • Abby slips

    Ouch. I had a difficult time watching this episode. Abby has always been my favorite character, and it bothered me to see her slip once again. It was truthful to see her disease in action. She is frustrated with Luka gone, and chose a poor coping skill. I am scared to watch the next episode because I love Luka and Abby. I would hate to see them break up because she succumbed to pressure. Personally, I want to beat the heck out of the Moretti for taking advantage of her situation. I would love for Luka to come home and put him in his place.
  • I loved this episode when I watched it. I just want to watch this episode over and over and over and over and over and over and over again because this episode is so well written. Poor Dr. Morris he did not pass the exam hope he does next time.

    This episode was very exciting but I was watching this episode and their was hardly any ER action from what I can recall so they should work on that. And why was it so important for Neela's new young immature student doctor to drive Dr. Morris's smart car? Well at least it did not get wrecked or a fight would have broke out. Poor Abby alone with Joe without her husband thank heavens he it coming back next week I thought he would never be coming back. And I thought they hired a new desk Latino clerk and these past three episodes I have not seen him whats is name?.
  • Morris fails the boards, Gates flirts with the chaplain, Sam plays the field, Neela plays mom, and Abby gets drunk and makes a major mistake.

    It was difficult to come up with a fair summary because to be honest most of the outerlying characters were forgettable in this Abby-centered episode. But Abby's plot was definitely not forgettable. In fact, I may never be able to erase the images of her and Moretti from my mind, try as I might. Maura Tierney did an excellent job portraying a loose and fun-loving Abby, who is obviously quite intoxicated for at least half of the episode. It would be easy to be disgusted with her character; it is only due to Maura's phenomenal acting and my utmost loyalty to Abby that I don't. It was obvious that Abby completely blacked out and had no idea what she was doing. Her panic and remorse were also evident and went a long way in helping her fans forgive her (and Luka's fans too). This is not to say that what she did was okay. Not at all. But I think the one to be upset with is Moretti. Abby was obviously drunk when he ordered her another drink, and she was right: he has had a pattern of provoking her and then flirting. This review is quite narrow; but I meant it when I said the other plots were forgettable. I have very little comment on any of them, except that Pratt should know by now that Abby knows what she is doing. She saved that baby's life.
  • An episode that jumps the shark with unbeliavably cliche storyline and horrible acting.

    As ER comes to it's 14th season, many things have changed. No major characters from the first season are there any more: and "Blackout" reflects this the most.

    In the lack of genius storylines, ER jumps the shark by executing mindless and cliche storylines that resemble a FOX sitcom instead of a quality drama on NBC: ER has fallen to the pit, and deserves to be cancelled. As Abby struggles through personal life problems, typical patient storylines with no additional meaning to them (unlike earlier episodes) keep coming and going.

    The good times are over. Very. There is nothing to be done, except just cancel the whole show.
  • I'm so sad for abby! it was painful to watch this! poor abby!

    when i watched this episode, i told to myself "oh no!!!!!!!!!" i don't want that! i know they had to find a way to make kovac leave but poor abby! they already have a lot of problems in her life... i don't know what they will do but i hope she'll be ok. i didn't like the boss, now i really don't like him! otherwise the episode was good. it's good to see sam happy ^^
    too bad, morris and hope break up... they were cute together .. i can't wait to see the next episode of this long show. bye
  • This was hard to watch because it put Abby in a very bad light. I wish it had not gone this way.

    It didn't surprise me that Morris lied about passing the boards because that's what they tend to do. Lie and then go back and tell the truth. That is really sad. He was the one that was pumped about passing them and studying. Then I read in the National Enquirer that Abby would have an affair with morretti, but I just assumed it was a made up story and low and behold it came true. That was really dissapointing. I feel like this is going to come out and cause more drama. I prefer the patients to be the drama of the doctors lives rather than their own problems. Especially ones like this. It made me sick. So I hope this will be the beginning of a wake up call for Abby to get help. I wish we could of seen the reaction of Morris seeing his damaged car. Overall I feel like this is just the beginning of alot of bad things happening.
  • For anyone who thinks this show can't compete with Grey's and House!

    Ok, this episode was huge!! I really can't believe that Abby actually slept with him, but it just shows you how they really try to tap into reality. Everything she did was so painful to watch as she was spiraling out of control, but it was so real. It also proved that even though she has her problems with alchohol, she's still an amazing doctor. Other than Abby, the rest of the staff were great to watch too. Even though Morris didn't pass his test, he's such a great doctor, and he and Pratt's interaction is just hilarious! I can't wait to see Luka return and see what goes on with he and Abby. I hope they work through this! I can't decide whether I want her to tell him the truth or not!