Season 12 Episode 4

Blame It on the Rain

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 13, 2005 on NBC

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  • Rain.. and more rain

    Somehow all rainy ER episodes mean busy days and catching cases. If there would not be that nurse manager, it would have been create.

    I loved the little emotional thing going on with Dubenko. He is interesting character and now we also learn little more about him. And Sam and Luka working together - it was quite good and got it's point.

    Neela and the family - another catching storyline. Really reminded me Neela's early days when she so much wanted to do something, but never managed it.. as things fell apart - like this time. She wanted something good but... it did not worked out.

    And lightning..
  • great episode

    good episode, I think I liked it better the second time, Neela really came into her own in this one, in my opinion, Good Luka moments, I really like it when I can rewatch an episode with the perscective of seeing what has transpired since, and knowing what we know now, made the Lucian Dubunko moments with Abby funnier
  • Thoughts of the week.


    1. Dubenko and Abby. Poor Dubenko, I do hope he is ok, and I liked the continuity with the story-line involving him liking Abby. But oh my, was that his name we heard????????!!!!!!!!??????? I am frankly appalled, I had hoped for it to be the new ER mystery for the next 11 years!!!!! But hey, that ending was sweet despite being obvious (with Abby pointing the 'therapist' in his direction).

    2. Abby throwing coffee...Okay, the shoe thing I understand; it was the woman's fault and Abby did all she medically was required to do. But burning coffee? Please! Abby is a 40-year-old, I think she's a little more mature than that - she could have seriously injured that man, really scalded him!!! I'm also reckoning on having an 'Abby's foolish action bring a patient to the ER' of the week situation. Seems to be the current trend. Or something there abouts anyhow.

    3. Luka had gorgeous hair!!!! The best hair I have seen on anyone, ever. Go Luka's hair!!! Oh, and Abby's hair was certainly improved. And Neela's got wet a lot.

    4. I LOVED Sam confronting Eve. Well, I like Eve a lot (and may I mention she looks better with her hair tied in a bun than in a pony-tail, just a small observation) but Sam was completely in the right. And I found I was liking her character a lot more than I have been recently throughout the episode. I mean, it's clear she's a good nurse and she ande Kovac work well together. But anybody...what exactly is a teapot?

    5. I was disappointed with Kerry. Well, I'll always love her but I watched the episode a few hours after seeing a season 5 episode. In that, she was back to being an ER doctor full-term (after quitting something to do with interns...?) and the message that she loved actual physical medicine and was brilliant at it was repeated a lot. Then I saw this episode, where she was just a little "rusty", is the term she described. I just don't believe Kerry would ever have allowed management to damage her skills as a doctor...Also, did we ever actually find out who was right - her or Kovac?

    6. The Jerry bit was the 'humour of the week'. I really do appreciate the lighter sentiments thrown into these heavier episodes, I must admit.

    7. Ray...does he even have a point anymore? All we saw last week was some shaking walls. This week, we have him on the phone. Does this mean we're due an entirely Ray-centred episode, or are they slowly phasing him out? I guess the first, but would rather the latter. Ray used to be the 'rock doc.' who couldn't decide between medicine and music. Then he was forced to make that decision at the end of season 11. Now though, what on earth is he doing???

    8. Lucien isn't too bad for Dubenko. I was more disappointed about finding out in general. I'm sure most people never noticed/didn't connect the mystery of the name with the finally solved crutch mystery, but us ER fans did and thought of it as the replacement mystery for the next few years...So it seemed to me they needlessly told us the name rather than give us a heads-up on this occassion.
  • Paul McCrane, Laura Innes, Christopher Chulack are what ER needs.

    Paul McCrane gave a really special touch to this episode. The hole dark humor is just amazing. It\'s great. I didn\'t liked his character Romano, but McCrane is a great , great director who diserves more ER episodes. In fact, he and Laura should direct, that\'s offcourse if they wan\'t to, direct all the episodes. They\'re great.
  • Not very memorable.

    I didn't care too much for this episode. There were no big character developments and once again Shane West barely made an appearance. It felt like the old episodes with Kerry back in the ER, Paul McCrane directing and more focus on the patients bu all in all just an average episode with nothing to place it high up with other classics. My least favourite of the season.
  • For this far in the series, "ER" has managed to do a fine job of pleasing everyone in this episode- and the faults were few and minor!

    For this far in the series, "ER" has managed to do a fine job of pleasing everyone in this episode- and the faults were few and minor!

    I enjoyed this episode: I felt sorry for Dr. Dubenko (cancer-guy), but appalled when he asked Abby to have sex. But it also was humorous, and Abby's reaction (I'm flattered, I think, but...) well- Perfecto! When Abby threw the coffee on the guy I had a genuine smile on my face, and I was only a little annoyed by the fact that rain was the cause of all the problems AGAIN today- at least, according to the title it was. Jerry struck by lightning (AGAIN)- Hillarious! More moments like these would make every "ER" fan happy. And Neela is trying really hard- and obviously, since something is going to happen to the deliberate car-crasher, I am with Neela on that one. Neela's character is truly growing! And Luka intrigues me still, which is amazing, since his character's stories are advancing so SLOWLY. And that Nazi Nurse (Jenny Craig, Third Rock from the Sun person) is funny and annoying at the same time- which somehow works! I'm glad Sam and Luka can work together again. All in all- a great episode!
  • Riveting and humourous! Great episode!

    First off, I thought the whole deal with Jerry and the lightning was hilarious, especially Weaver's reaction to the toy being burnt.

    I was also impressed by Neela's attempt to help the post-partum mother, although I have a good idea that we will be seeing little Grace and her mother again very soon unfortunately.
  • above par.

    while i'm still unconvinced about the fate of this show...this episode was above par and quite humorous. maura tierney is the only reason i still turn on the tv each thursday. her scenes with dubkeno were real and heartfelt and great. i wish all episodes were like this, more personal, yet still about the patients. for some reason, not all episodes work this way.
  • One of the better episodes this season.

    I liked this episode. Abby throwing coffee at that driver who almost ran her over and then trying to hide when he came in with scalds was funny. Jerry should have just said no to Dr. Weaver. I dont even know what her purpose is. She is hardly on the show except to cause problems. Eve is still getting on everyone's nerves, but at least she redid the work schedule. Neela is finally coming into her own. Morris was actually ok in this episode. Please put Luka and Abby back together.
  • Loved it!!

    This is a what ER use to be about. All main characters making it into an episode, except Pratt, but we did see him in the beggining. Ray doing poision control was helarious. Abby being kind to most of the time creepy Dr. Debanko, I was worried for while that she was going to actually sleep with him. Glad she told him no. Sam standing up for herself. The only bad part is that I am almost positive that we will see the mother who is in denial about post-partum depression in another episode but with a much worse conscequence.
  • best of the year so far, hands down

    This is one of those episodes that will be talked about for years. It basically has a triple surprise ending. There's the woman who wakes up from the coma after 6 years, there's Jerry getting struck by lightning, and there's the guys wife coming and seeing his "therapist." I thought the Dubenko storyline was a little dumb, bu the rest of the episode was great. The Eve-Luka storyline is well done in this episode, and I like the way it's resoved (for now anyway). I think it was kind of predictable that Eve would put Sam back on her regular schedule eventually. The most memorable storyline of course was the woman in the car accident with her baby. I have a feeling that will not be the last we hear of this storyline. I really enjoyed this episode and I can't wait for next Thursday.