Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 08, 1994 on NBC
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A severe blizzard leaves the ER utterly devoid of patients, and the staff takes the opportunity to goof off. Doug and Linda return from the Caribbean just as Carol makes a surprise announcement. The fun and games are quickly abandoned when a call comes from dispatch about a 32-vehicle pile-up with mass casualties. The ER goes from deserted to capacity, and all surgeons are called in. Bob surprises everyone when she makes a quick, life-saving decision, and a new ER attending, Dr. Angela Hicks, arrives.moreless

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  • A truly amazing episode, pearl of first season

    It was such a special and great episode - that beautiful Christmas music and all the fun and humor, good time at the beginning. It was such a fun to see them all not so stressed up, having great time. And when those traumas came in - all the motion, fast moving, dynamic. It was so enjoyable. There will be that kind of episodes (major accident) is almost every season coming, but this one - it is special. The first season does have something what is lost later.

    And all the storyline with Bob and her saving that man. It was just so great addition to this episode.moreless
  • The unthinkable occurs, as the ER goes from seemingly vacant, to becoming deluged with scores of injured after a thirty-plus car pile-up caused by a horrendous blizzard.

    The viewer is brought into the ER to find nothing but shenanigans about. The staff that have arrived for work have found absolutely no patients to care for, resulting in all of them to go as far as roller blading around the ER, to creating a cast on an unsuspecting and sleeping Carter, even to playing a game of soccer. But all of their fun and play quickly comes to a halt. County gets word that there has been a thirty-plus car pile-up on the Kennedy Expressway, with as much as one hundred injured. The staff spring into action, preparing the ER for the deluge of casualties making their way to the hospital. In the midst of pure chaos still lies hope, as Polish immigrant and janitor Bob illegally but successfully revives a man from dying. Though Bob is to thank for the man’s feat over death, she bounds out of the ER in fears that legal action will be taken, since she is not a doctor by law in America. Finally, it seems the staff has survived, and with flying colors. The episode ends warmly as the staff celebrates an early Christmas (and of course the triumph over the disaster) with music and pizza. But the most touching moments come as Dr. Greene is leaving the hospital for home. As he walks out of the ambulance bay, a mother and father with baby are making their way to the hospital entrance. Sure enough, it is the mother and father Greene helped via phone to deliver their baby during the blizzard. All in all, this is a timeless series classic that really shows the caliber of a drama such as ER.moreless
  • easy going pre-Christmas day turns into a disaster as huge car accident puts County General into disaster procedure

    I really liked this episode Probobly because of the beginning when there are no patients at all and all the doctors/nurses are just having fun. Greene and Lewis putting the cast on carter is hilarious. And I like how he has it on for basicly the whole show. I really like the switch from the playful atmosphere to when the accident happens and the ER is swamped. i really like it when its really chaotic like it was then and there's people everywhere doing so many things. I find its extremely exiting. WEll all in all a very good episode.moreless
  • A slow starting day in ER turns out to be one of the hardest..

    Everywhere is covered with snow and ER is dead. No patients even the homeless come. The staff starts entertaining themselves, like Greene and Lewis putting a cast on Carter`s leg and then calling him "Because sticking his hand in a bucket of warm water would be juvenile". They all sit and wait for Carter to come out and he comes.. very disgracefully. The fun continues on until a traffic accident happens and patients come. It`s a disaster with lots of hurt people and the Er staff trying to save them. Blizzard is a really good episode with lots of fun and excitement.moreless
  • In the midst of a Chicago blizzard, there is a 30+ car pile-up, and Cook County General Hospital is the only receiving. Bob cross-clamps an aorta.

    This is one of the reasons I watch ER for! While there may not be a lot of character development, it's extremely exciting! It also has hints of humor throughout, particularly Greene and Lewis putting the cast on Carter! It had sad moments as well. One of those moments was when Benton was working on a patient and he realized he knew the patient, and he was missing his leg. Another sad moment is when Doug green-tagged a man, and he wound up dieing.

    Bob and the surgery was a great moment. It was amusing to see that the woman who everyone thought was a bit dim was actually a vascular surgeon.moreless
Kevin Michael Richardson

Kevin Michael Richardson


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Christian Coleman

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Alix Elias


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Abraham Benrubi


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Andrea Parker

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CCH Pounder

Dr. Angela Hicks

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Goof: When Bob is performing unauthorized surgery on a patient, Lydia is performing CPR. In some shots, Malik is standing behind her, in others, he is not. At a certain point, when he is not shown in the frame, you can hear him say "Oh my God" as if he were there.

    • Goof: When Susan Lewis is examining an elderly male patient, his wife is being escorted off by Lydia, which pushes Susan almost completely out of theframe.In that same moment you can clearly hear Susan talking to the man, but in the far left of the screen she is not talking at all, she is smiling with a closed mouth as if she is reacting to something the patient says, while her voice is heard on audio.

    • Goof: At one point, when Greene and Malik go through a doorway, to the upper right there is a visible reflection of the boom-mic.

    • One of Carol's lines in this episode, "Hurry up, Carter, you've got a million things to do!" can be heard again in the Season 11 finale, "The Show Must Go On," when Carter is remembering his early days in the hospital as he leaves the ER for the very last time.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Dr. Hicks: Doctor Benton, I heard about you.
      Benton: Oh yeah? Is that good or bad?

    • (Linda spots Carol's engagement ring and grabs her hand)
      Linda: Wow!... Marquis cut, 2 karat... probably an F/SI1... platinum setting... (she looks up at Carol's face) That's a twelve thousand dollar ring.

    • Mark: (on the phone) Calm down, Mr. Blinker... When's the baby's due date?... Uh-huh... How far apart are the contractions?... Call 9-1-1 now... Yeah. (he hangs up and turns to Lydia) Mrs. Blinker's in labor, but doesn't want to come in to the hospital. She wants to deliver watching the snow fall.
      Lydia: She'd enjoy the snowfall more with an epidural.

    • Linda: Do you think there's one perfect love? You know, like Sleepless in Seattle, somewhere under the stars? One perfect person for everybody?
      Carol: I don't know. Why?
      Linda: Because for Doug, it's you.

    • (Susan and Mark are putting a cast on Carter's leg while he is asleep)
      Susan: Why are we doing this?
      Mark: Because sticking his hand in a bucket of warm water would be juvenile.

    • (while gazing at a sleeping Carter)
      Susan: He's kinda cute.
      Mark: Really?
      Susan: Yeah. He's got great eyes... thick hair...
      Mark: That was a low blow.

    • (Carol is pushing a biker in a wheelchair)
      Carol: You know what we call motorcycles around here, Ace?
      Ace: No. What?
      Carol: Donor-cycles.
      Ace: (laughs) Donor-cycles. I like that.
      Carol: Yeah, you would.

    • Morgenstern: How are we doing?
      Ross: One step ahead of the Reaper.
      Morgenstern: That's all you can ask for.

  • NOTES (1)