Season 10 Episode 15

Blood Relations

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 19, 2004 on NBC

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  • Good cases but...

    Again, with cases they have done really great work. That family, the way this episode started - I could not even bare to see the opening, as I wanted so much to see what was going on. And the whole thing with baby - that little baby saved the mother and she was able to call 911 and Neela on that chamber with the baby - her claustrophobia hits in... it was very well done.

    But all the soap what is going on - Luka and Sam mainly - I do not buy it, to be honest. They can get some tension, yes that is interesting to follow but.. I do not know..
  • All the pression on.

    I like today's episode, it was very good. All very intense, first with the family, that thanks to the baby they save and then with the lunatic that kills their father, wow, one of the main reason i love er.

    I didn't understand why parents want to talk about things that kids don'e even care, like Sam and Alex, i don't really thing that Alex care that Sam is having sex with Luka, but Luka and Sam want to talk about it, i mean maybe he cares, but not so much becuae Alex like Luka so i don't see what the problem os.
  • All the tension!!!

    This episode was quite interesting. The first few minutes really set the tone for the entire hour. The family came in and all except the mother had CO poisoning. I didn't think they were going to make it.

    The awkwardness between Sam and Luka had me hanging on to my chair. I was about to scream. I guess it kind of foreshadows their entire relationship. This episode always reminds me of how Luka yearns to be a father.

    Pratt held quite the leadership role today over Morris. He seemed to take things into his own hands. Too bad he couldn't become Chief Resident in a year in a half.

    It was nice to see Deb again, even if it was briefly.

    There was a small scene with Elizabeth and Kerry that made me want to cry. It was when Kerry told Liz that it must be hard doing it on her own, and asked if she was seeing anyone.

    All in all, it was another great episode of ER.

  • not sure why I like this episode as much as I do

    It starts with a bang and is great all the way to the end. What really made this episode so great was the way it was set up with the opening scene where we see the mother wake up in labor and realize her husband and kids are unconcious. It was a little predictable that they had CO poisoning, but that doesn't detract from the episode at all. The scenes with Neela in the hyperbaric chamber were great. Neela is a great character and this is the first episode where we really see it. There are some other good storylines too, like the crazy kid on drugs who stabbed his parents, it was an interesting mystery. Overall this was an exciting episode.