Season 8 Episode 3

Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 11, 2001 on NBC

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  • Sadly the last episode of Doctor Dave. At least he gets some revenge on Weaver.

    In Doctor Dave's last episode after bending the rules in the previous episode and accidentally killing a patient things don't bode to well with Doctor Dave in the ER, especially with Weaver really hating him. Well things become worse as Dave goes in an elevator and saves a sick man, and at the same time eyes a pretty EMT. So when Weaver goes to knock on the EMT van well you know the rest, she finds Dave and fires him. At the same time Greene's bratty daughter ends up in Chicago and to Corday's dismay stays with Greene's family. So Doctor Dave's career is in jeopardy being fired and after a brief conversation with Chen outside where he tells her that "Weaver has it in for him, and that he'll continue to be a Doctor." Dave heads back in the ER to see another patient a man who burned off his eyebrows, which is a nice site because well Dave looks like he is having fun as a Doctor. After Weaver catches him she tells him to get out or she'll call security, Malucchi yells at her and then gives her a big insult finally shutting her up, and ending everybody who dislikes Weaver a crushing blow as he throws his badge and exits in true fashion. Overall I liked the episode, and I wish Dave Malucchi stayed longer. He would have made a perfect Cast compliment after Greene and Benton left the show as the sort of "Doug Ross" mold character to Noah Wyle's Carter.
  • i am an addict..thats right i love ER soooo much.....

    all i came online for was to find out what romano said to reese when peter's back was turned, and while watching it i just saw reese give romano the v sign which cracked me up..its subtle but its bloomin hilarious lol.....but also such a touching moment with romano being starngely affectioante, made me weep with emotion....i used to hate romano at first, maybe still do, but he's changed, and perhaps the er has changed him or the people have changed him, i guess you work with ppl and at some stage you start building bonds...i dunno...anyway watch reese tell romano to f**k off....its rather funny...
  • Actually, they did kill the fish...

    It was somehow humorous episode but also tragic. We finally learned some more personal things about Malucci. He has been one funny addition to the show but noone has ever took him seriously or there has not been no big storyline with him, but now we learn that there is a kids in play and he really needs that job and likes it too. Interesting know.

    Rachel is back, with new actress. It is kind a weird first but she get well into that roll. Is it me or.. it was like two year ago, when the episode where Carol had babies and it was said there Rachel is 10. And now she is 14?

    The most interesting this was Carter and Abby - getting into that apartment..
  • Malucci gets the sack...

    Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic by Red Hot Chilly Peppers, listens Carter while laying back at the garden of the Carter mansion. Short Skirt, Long Jacket by Cake, Abby listens while she packs up her staff at Luka`s house. She accidentally breaks the aquarium Luka has bought recently. She takes the CD with her, smart girl! She tires to buy a new aquarium for Luka but they are just too expensive. Weaver is on warpath, she orders every single test for any patient. Mark decides to speed the thing up. He treats a boy whose hand is stuck in a pig safe. Weaver takes Chen`s cases.Abby hides from Luka and find Carter who has a pice of broken glass under his foot. She tells him about Luka and her. Jenn kickes Rachel out and she comes to the ER. Malucci follows a new hot paramedic to the elevator. They get stuck in there and a patient throws blood on them. Abby and luka works together and it`s awkward. Luka tires to apologise to her for hurting her. Dave tries to save the patient with the little they have in the elevator.Weaver walks in on this.
    Carter and Chen work on a new born baby. Abby asks for his help to buy a new fish tank for Luka. He says he is going to think about it.An old guy wants to let his wife go, Mark wants to help him but Elizabeth is not so sure.Rachel continues on being such a pain in the you-know-where. Weaver continues on being in the wrong place at the wrong time. She walks in on Malucci and the hot paramedic having sex in her rig."Chief?!" "You`re fired." "I`m on my break!" Mark is torn between Jenn and Rachel. Everybody follows him around the hospital, Malucci, Rachel, the old guy.... It`s really not easy being Greene.
    Carter agrees to help Abby. Cleo`s lab results come back and they are HIV negative.The guy changes his mind about letting his wife go, but is it too late? Abby and Carter try to get into Luka`s apartment. Luka`s fish are dead. Awesome dialogue there between Carter and Abby. While they are in there the doorbell rings. Cops are there. The mother of the baby is brought to the hospital. Luka saves Abby and Carter from the cops and doesn`t press charges. But he is pissed. Rachel wants to stay with Mark and Elizabeth. Corday falls asleep on foot while operating on a patient. Jackie tells Peter that she can`t take care of Reese. Romano shows some heart to Reese. "The neighbours" make themselves heard to Carter and Abby. Mark tells Elizabeth that Rachel is going to live with them. Malucci is fired. He tells that he has a son. Weaver still fires him. He says really hars thing to Weaver and some of them are true. A good episode, above the average, and really funny.
  • Ericks good bye

    A very funny episode, everything expet when Malucci con fired that wasn't fun. I start to think that it was better when Weaver dosen't appear only occasionly that make a lot more pleasure to watch her, because now that she is in all the episode is king of frustrating. When Carter and Abby tried to get inside Lukas apartment was very funny and then when the cops arrived hahaha, only because abby felt guilty of the aquarium :D

    Weaver was very hard on Deb and Malucci, ok i know they kill a guy but that wasn't a good reason so she can yell at them they way she do.