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Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 21, 2006 on NBC

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  • Great continue to previous episode...

    When last episode was shocking and quite scary, then this time. I have never liked Sam not seen the char much developing but this was her episode and I really liked it - the situation she was, the hopeless condition... and the decision she had to made in the end - it was quite predictable and I am really interesting to see what comes out of it. One shot would have been self defense, but three...?

    And ofcourse it was about Abby and Luka and Jerry... It is always much more tragic when someone of their own is hurt.

    And Abby.. and crying Luka.. oh.. very emotional
  • This must be one of the most dramatic episodes ever. A classic "must see" ER episode!

    Best scene: "The 'One is all we need' scene", Abby & Luka looking at the picture of their son in Luka's cell phone.
    Funniest scene: "The Mongo scene", Abby & Luka discussing baby names. These two actors are just so great together!
    Most emotional scene: Luka in the restroom. Wow!
    Excellent acting by Goran & Maura throughout the episode.
    I was impressed by Linda Cardellini too. She does a very good job here. In fact, all the charachters seem to grow an inch or two, I mean maturity-wise, in this episode. Morris and Neela saving Jerry's life; Kerry supporting Luka in the NICU, just to name a few. Well done, everyone!!!
  • Amaizing!!

    it was perfect!!, is like all the drama of the show have become in one amaizing episode, i had to wait a long time to see this episode, it was one of the most expected in the history of ER. everyone of them were suffering on a different way, each one with their own problems and also with everybody elses problems, at the end abby's mother came but this time she wasnt so hard on abby, sam had to kill steven to protect her and her son, luka got away very well, and is so exciting to remember all the things they went trough, i couldnt ask for a better episode, is one of the best!!
  • First posted every :)

    This was a really good season start. I was really looking forward to this episode and it turned out really great.

    PS: Can somebody tell me why you always have to say at least 100 words here... :p And now I really have to keep typing to get my words count up. xD
  • Absolutely amazing, worth watching several times.

    This show could not be better and this episode proves it. As a long fan of Luca and Abbey I was overjoyed when they first got together mid season 12, but the season finale and opening episode of season 13 were the best i have ever seen. The passion is incredible, an so well portrayed by Goran Visnjic and Maura Tierney. I cried time and time again, due to he fact i watched this episode so many times. It's well worh keeping as an example of how good TV can be. This episode is something to be measured against as the best there ever was. ER Forever!
  • A powerful episode following the action-packed season finale.

    This episode was magnificent. Picking up right where it had left off, Bloodline fullfilled all of my expectations. I was amazed by the astounding acting that was performed by everyone on the cast. Maura Tierney and Goran Visnjic were exceptional. I couldn't stand watching the pain that Abby was enduring while giving birth to Baby Joe, and the anguish that both Luka and Abby faced after hearing that Abby would not be able to have anymore children. Scott Grimes' chracter Morris was also phenominal. We finally see Morris step up to the plate with authority that we've rarely seen from him in any episode and single-handedly save Jerry's life. Meanwhile, Sam is trying everything within her power to receive help for her and Alex, as well as to get Steve and his accomplices captured. All around, this was a brilliantly written ER classic, and it puts anyone who says ER is "past its prime" to shame.
  • Almost too much too take in!

    I had forgotten how many unresolved characters-in-jeopardy situations there had been in the 12th season finale/cliffhanger. This could easily have been expanded to a two-hour episode as the 13th season's premier, but I think that the writers did fine in getting everything resolved in an hour. It was sad, but not totally unexpected to see the outcome of Abby's pregnancy. After all, she did experience a significant trauma for a pregnant woman. It was nice to see Morris portrayed as something other than a total jerk; there's a reason he got the job of chief resident outside of politics and by default -- competence. Meeting Jerry's mother explained some things we didn't know before. But the most gripping plotline was Sam's. She was placed in such a hopeless position, fearing for Alex' safety and her own. As soon as Steve started drinking, you could tell that she was going to get out of this alive. Her parting shot at Steve was totally understandable as the reaction of a mother seeking not only revenge for the final insult imposed on her, but as her one real chance of making sure that he never again can harm Alex. Don't provoke a mother bear.
  • After a long time waiting for Season 13, I did miss the first episode. Too good there are reruns !

    Last night we had the rerun of Season 13 1st episode - Bloodline. I was really hoping for a new episode, but ok, reruns are good as well. And I have to confess I totally missed it the first time. And even worse, when they rerun the episode three days after (meaning on Sunday 3pm) I missed half of it... I am really bad in tracking things... - Thousands of people running back and forth and it had to be Kerry after hours to find Abby and Luka ? Come on, they were in suture room, the most active part in a hospital under emergency situation like that... Ok, I am a big fan of realism... Sorry ! - Scene Luka is coughing his soul out -> me saying "Easy Luka, I am on my way to apply a good mouth-to-mouth..." - Ok, bad guy nr. 2 was not the same one of the Season 12 last epi, was he? Looked so different 3 months later... - Morris never entubated someone during all this time at the ER? Or was he just nervous because was Jerry? - Jerry's mom - I love her since Seinfeld, but do not know her name. She is a very good and classic-fun actress. Good special appearance. - Really liked to see Morris so part of the team, worried about Jerry and so. And Neela, the smart girl always. Go girl ! - The car runaway (Steve and bad company) scenes - there is always a detour on the road, right?! - Finally I understood the scene of Abby lovingly punching Luka before Joe's birth - but I do have to say: "Dear, cute, gorgeous Goran, you can name our baby whatever you want, including Mongo.." - Moving scene that one of Luka and Abby watching little Joe on the mobile - and then poor Luka suffering alone, crying for his son... - And, Steve, you are cr*p... Good shot, Sam! I would do the same. Good rerun, guys !!!!
  • Recap of last seasons episode and the beginning of some gr8 new stories starts off season 13 of the best tv show ever made...

    Brilliant brilliant episode! Tipical er returns on top form gripping stuff! Like watching a film when cop car flew off ramp and overturned! Abby and Luke scary ro watch baby joe been brought into the world 2 months early! Abby losing her womb, sam being raped, jerry having major surgery hello all captured in one show been watching er for 12years and would gladly watch it for another 12! Can't wait to see all the new storylines develop with baby joe and sam will she be punished for the murder of her filthy ex - i should think not he got his just deserts and now he is out of her life for good! Bring on next week episode .
  • An okay episode.

    This episode was quite alright, although it doesn't come close to the episodes it tries to be like ("Rampage", "Chaos Theory" and "All in the Family" to mention a few).

    The storyline with Jerry was moving and so was the storyline with Abby and Kovac, it's just that neither had the emotional impact that recurring-charaters-in-danger storylines used to have. What I liked the best about the Jerry storyline was to see Morris act the way he did, accepted as one of the team and not such a jerk. The way he watched Jerry's surgery was really touching. As for the storyline with Abby and Kovac, it would have been a lot better if Abby wasn't such an unpleasant character. I sympathised with the couple and I was keeping my fingers crossed that it all would end well, but Abby just drove me nuts with her ways. Seriously, no one would put up with someone like that in real life.

    The storyline with Sam was... interesting. It was a bit tedious that they once again made the big diabetes drama, but overall it was a good and interesting storyline. Though I'm not sure I agree with the ending.

    The most touching scene of the episode? Weaver coming to see Kovac in NICU, remembering when she and Sandy were there with baby Henry. Both Innes and Visnjic gave very good performances, and the ending was touching, with Weaver promising to stay with the baby.
  • This is what we've been wating on for soo long!

    To the riff of ’open your eyes’ the new season begins. Gorans overvoice repeats all the horrible things that happen in season twelve. The clips that I watched way to may times.

    Everything is chaos. Well, what did I expect with Steve and guns. Weaver trying to take control of everything, still not used to see her without her crutch. Everyone’s waiting for Abby’s thorax seal, and Weaver finds her. Lying exactly as she did when we left her in June. She also discovers Luka in the suture room.

    My dear theme tune is gone, and replaced by some new thing. Almost wannabe LOST. The only good thing about this is that we’ll get to see a few more seconds of ER.

    Luka’s telling Abby that they’re gonna have a boy, so the spoilers are true. I’m really happy for them but couldn’t they get just one ONE more baby girl in the show and why couldn’t anyone get a normal pregnancy?

    So finally Abby gets a c-section, after joke with the word Mungo – ER still got humour, with the Slow Motion song on the background and I cry. It’s so sad. This was supposed to be horrible but with everything bad in the last few episodes...they could at least give us some kind of hope. Abby wants Luka to stay with the baby so he does that until Weaver tells him to go and see her.

    This is the perfect moment, sad but perfect. ER in perfection. Abby tells him that Coburn did a hysterectomy, Luka figures it out ‘cause Abby can’t finish the sentence, and that she probably won’t be able to see him yet but Luka’s smart. He has a video with Joe, the baby’s name, so Abby sits in the bed and watches her son moving his arms. Do you see what I mean with perfection?

    Luka gets mad, upset…I don’t really know. It’s just to much I guess and he throws the waste-paper basket in to the mirror. Bloodline is over and I wonder how I could manage to get trough the whole summer without ER.
  • wow! what a great episode! excellent writting and directing. ER continues to be an excellent drama show after thirteen years, and after waiting for four months for this season premiere i can tell you it was worth waiting for. i look forward this newseason

    great episode, excellent writting by joe sacs and david zabel and directing by stephen cragg. ER continues to be one of the most popular drama shows on television after 13 seasons i just hope it will last for many many years. executive producer david zabel has done a fine job on ER as one of the main writers of the show. I really look forward the return of John Stamos and hope to see more character development on Ray and Kerry cause she has been put on hold since season 10. love this show, ER is the best show ever
  • a good writter always makes a good episode

    it was very difficult to link the end of last seasson with some new ideas for these seasson, since all the cast is almost news. But the directos did a perfect job to keeps us on the edge of our chairs by changing the scene ecery time with diferent strories to finish the end of last seasson and open a new line for these season. THe ending was very unexpected and did not like the way that writers kill the bandits and make SAM get away with it. I wished for a more dramatic rescue for SAM an son
  • 100% ER! Incredible!

    Oh, my. I had read about this episode, people said it was good. It wasn't good. It was perfect. It was the perfection we hadn't seen since Mark died. We had the drama that has made ER what it has been for the past thirteen years, romance, the subtle, ironic humour. Luka - Goran Visnijc was unbelievable. The way he expressed the character's pain was amazing and on the scene Abby tells him she has had a hysterectomy, there was so much love and kindness in his eyes it made me cry. When he's in the bathroom, crying for another child he might lose, Luka's emotions were never so powerful.

    Abby - Maura Tierney also gave a show of her own. No hairdo, no make-up, just her eyes and eventual lines, spoken with pain, worry and so much passion. I couldn't imagine Abby as a mom, but this episode changed everything. I just hope baby Joe (it's a BOY! Joseph! I loved his name!) will be ok. Neela - Parminder Nagra was also completely amazing. Working while mourning her recently buried husband. Poor Neela. It's going to be great to see her as a surgeon.

    Morris - I can't believe I used to hate him. He was SO much fun with Jerry's mom. And a focused doctor too, for once. Way to go, writers!

    Ray, Pratt & Kerry - almost didn't notice them. But it didn't matter. Kerry talking with Luka about the time her son Henry was in the NICU and Pratt's "That's our girl" when Neela saves Jerry were enough!

    Sam - well, she killed Steve. Finally that man's gone. I never liked Sam, and even tough her storyline was exactly the same as last season's premiere 'Cañon City', she was SO much better in 'Bloodline'. Maybe it was Luka who made Sam boring. 'Bloodline' was ER as I remembered it. It was Luka, but it could've been Mark. Abby, but it could've been Elizabeth. There was so much Benton in Neela. The moving of the cameras, the dialogues, it was all ER. Only that ridiculous opening credits were bad to the episode, but if season 13 continues this good, we'll all be able to ignore the credits.

  • absolutely amazin

    After 21 guns was on the edge my seat juat waiting for the return, and omg what a return. This episode was one of the best episodes i've ever seen, although i found it incredibly sad. Maura tierney was absolutely amazin her acting was fantastic. watching this episode made me cry, the writing was great especialy the last scene between abby and luka it was incredibly moving.
  • Fantastic!

    What a great season start! I'm always amazed how the cast and crew of this show achieve to squeeze that much action, human emotion , humour, and sadness into just 45 minutes. There are many three hour movies who don't achieve this effect. This episode was outstanding from the beginning to the end and it nearly made me cry during certain scenes (particularly the scenes after Luka's and Abby's Baby is born; GREAT ACTING). It is normal that some of the events repeat themselves because that's what happens in real life as well. I hope ER continues to keep this high standard!!
  • All Action

    This was a very action packed episode. Not only do we finially get to see Kerry come out of the cave we learn more about Sam. I thought that that was crazy how she was willing to do anything to keep her ex from her son and herself. I think that this is going to be the start of Kerry being down in the ER more. That is very important. It is like her screen debut all over again.
  • I adore ER and enjoyed this episode but they are starting to just recycle storylines. It's really not good enough.

    Someone else has been kidnapped and taken on the road - was it Carol or Abby last time? I think it was Abby. And how many times does the Chief get busted down to Attending cos they messed up? Mark Greene was practically a yo-yo.

    I could go on.

    Fair enough, the show has been running such a long time that they must have run out of ideas years ago but surely they can be more original than this.

    That said, who really cares if you've only just started watching the show? It is an exciting episode with lots happening and characters you care about having close calls. I missed the finale of last season so it was great to finally see what is/was going on.

    I wish good stuff would start happening to Abby. She deserves some happiness. As does Luka.

    That Morris or is it Maurice is a plonker who needs to be slapped. So not funny. Rivals Jar Jar Binks as the most cringeworthy thing to come out of Hollywood.
  • I'm still crying!

    Since I live in Australia, I had downloaded "Bloodline" and I just finished watching it, and OH MY GOD!! I loved it!! So emotional, and the perfect song "Slow Motion", while Neela was operating on Jerry and Abby's baby is born. Someone hand me the tissues quick! Abby/Luka: Terrific acting, especially the scene where Baby Joe was born. I wasn't disappointed by that storyline.

    Neela: I've always loved Parminder's acting so this episode was an absolute bonus. I was actually shocked when Dubenko told her to scrub in, considering how she had just come from her husbands funeral, but there again, he needed her, and she did a magnificent job! Frank: I was shocked to find myself feeling sorry for him when he was confiding in Pratt, what do you, this man does have feelings!

    Kerry: Laura Innes acting was wonderful in this episode. Especially the beginning scenes with her outside the hospital. You could really tell she was thinking "I can't believe this is happening"

    Sam: After watching this ep, I love her now! She's a really good mother, and how she protected Alex was amazing. This show is lucky to have Linda Cardellini.

    Jerry: Thank God he's OK! I love Jerry, and his mother! She's hilarious!

    Loved this episode! I wanna watch it over and over again!
  • its the conclusion of what happened after the shootout

    First I was shocked that there were a lot of elements that could have made this show great, yet it didn\\\'t follow through on them. What makes Prison Break so great? They killed off a main character on the season premiere. What makes 24 so great? A character could die at any moment. What could have made this episode great? The baby, Abby, Sam, Sam\\\'s kid, or Jerry should have died. I know these are beloved characters but I was really angered that the only shocking moment was the rape of Sam. Just seemed out of character for a season premiere.
  • It was like watching our relatives got through bad pains.

    It was like watching our relatives got through lots of pain.

    Thanks for saving Jerry! I’m so glad to see him alive again. Unbelievable that small cute lady like Jerry's mother could have a son that huge! As the sequence, Abby’s baby was not good news anymore. I was expecting to see a joyful and sweet moment not as bitter as these. Hopefully, everything will go well Abby’s small family. Somehow, I felt so sorry for Sam! Poor her, she never got to a chance to have a correct plain life. I don’t know what would be the results of her actions but I knew she did her best for that situation.
  • The aging drama returns for a 13th season and suprises this longtime fan.

    It was good. I\'ll admit it. It\'s been a while since I enjoyed an episode and didn\'t just watch because I\'ve been watching for 13 years. I still enjoy the past years better but for the way ER is now, It was a great episode. Though I hope this is the end of the bombings, shootings, baby almost dyingings. (just cause \"All in the Family\" worked so well does not mean we have to do it every year).

    Dispite the ridiculous plot, they made it work. I noticed they changed the opening. That better not last. I found myself liking Abby and Luka\'s storyline. Last season they seemed to be going through the motions but this episode they did a fine job. They are really holding the show together.However, I\'m conviced that the writers want to make Abby the NEW CAROL. Same life, same boyfriend. Even the same baby born episode. Yes, kids, even the ER\'s children are not safe. Ella, Tess, Kate, Henry, Nicolas.....not a one had a medical emergency free birth or life. Alittle unrealistic.....anyway.... Sam\'s storyline was not to bad either. I won\'t say a spoiler but what she did.....I can understand why but now that will be a whole new drama. The show seems to be taking a different approach this season. Not so hands is different but it may work for the new show they are going for. Everyone pushing for Jerry was sweet I didn\'t think the new staff had it in them. Again good job.

    I must say I almost liked it till the previews for next week. NBC has got to have the worst promo department in Television. EVERY week can\'t be a must see. And John Stamos returns. I do hope Neela morns Gallant for longer than a moment before falling into Stamos\' arms. Or if she must fall go to Ray.
  • wow, that's all I can say!

    This may have been the best season premiere ever, I thought it was just amazing. I can't tell you how much I was anticipating this episode and it didn't disappoint. I was a little disappointed with the new opening, but that's just a minor detail, and it didn't take away from the episode. There were the three storylines that all kept me on the edge of my seat til the end of the episode. I am so relieved that they didn't kill off Jerry, he's always been one of my favorite characters. I also like how they involved Neela in that storyline, it says a lot about her that in the middle of her tragedy, she wants to help others. When I watch Luka in this episode all I can think is that he must be thinking "Please no, I can't go through this again." For his sake and Abby's I hope the baby is ok. I called the ending with Sam shooting Steve. Does anyone really believe that Alex was asleep through all of that? I'm interested to see what happens with that. All in all, this was an amazing episode, the best season premiere ever.
  • Best episode of ER in years!!

    this was an excelent episode of ER. I was on the edge of my seat througout the entire show and really nervous someone had quit the show that no one had told us... Abby going into DIC and then Luka looking for a second like he was going to collapse in the toilet bade me think someone had secretly left the show.

    Glad everyone pulled through it ok. My only negative thing is that they already did the premature baby thing with Benton and the dead baby thing with Carter...i wished they\'d just let Abby have a nice happy, healthy baby....
  • An absolutely outstanding episode! I've been a fan of the show since it started and kept watching even when it took a dip, but this was ER at its very best.

    The pace was excellent, the writing strong and the different way in which music was included in the episode really worked. Normally songs are kept for final montage type sequences but using Snow Patrol's "Open Your Eyes" to start off with really kept the continuity from the previous season (its finale closed with this song) and then David Gray's "Slow Motion" provided a wonderful backdrop to Jerry's operation and the birth of Abby and Luka's baby.

    I'm not normally keen on Sam but her storyline last night kept me interested, and the shooting at the end definitely left me wondering what the writers will do with her character.

    Stand out performances last night though were from Goran Visnjic and particularly Maura Tierney. The scene in which Abby told Luka about her hysterectomy and then he showed her the video of the baby was beautifully moving. IMHO they should both get Emmy nominations for this episode.
  • OMG , i think tht is all i can say about ER at the moment!

    holy mother of god, what an episode!!!! i can safely say ER has done it again, they've started with a big bang and got me hooked!!!

    wot an amazing episode, that had to be, probably one of the best, and exciting episodes ive EVER watched, and lets face it , ER have had plenty of amazing episodes!!

    Everything about "bloodline" was perfect: from the characters to the action, it was all done perfectly. i am so pleased that everyone has survived(touch wood), i dont know if i cud bear it if they'd killed off abby,luka or jerry!!

    i loved the scenes with Abby and Luka, i thought they were so real and touching, watching them together in those hard scenes, like when abby had to tell him she had,had a hysterectomy, was sooo moving and reduced me to tears!! i hope and pray they get recognition for their outstanding work! i was also very moved by sam and alex's scenes! they were so horrifying to watch because i didnt want anything to happen to them! i cant lie, at one point i was screaming at the screen for them to put their seat belts on and to run away from the deluded steve! i felt sams final scene was outstanding, i felt for her when she shot him and coud practically fell the releif gush out of her when she pulled the trigger!

    finally, Jerry! phwaorrrr i thought we'd lost him at one point! i wud be deeply unhappy if they get rid of him, the ER reception area just wont be the same without tht big cuddly bear!!! his acting again was good, even though he didnt do much talking, but it must of been hard lying there while you were being poked and prodded by morris and such like!!!

    I now cant waaaaiitt for " graduation" because i NEED to see whats going to happen, especially with baby Joe!!!!!! i hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as me!! it was the higlight of my month i think !!!
  • Impressive growth for a number of characters in \'Bloodline\'.

    There were three outstanding performances in this episode. Goran Visinjic usually plays Luka Kovac pretty close to the cuff. We saw him emotionally distraught, teasing, supportive...all the good stuff that he has been holding back. Maura Tierney is well....Maura Tierney. She has never been disappointing but in this episode is wonderfully, wonderfully emotionally charged from the beginning to the end. The heart rending expression on her face when she saw the video of her baby for the first time was absolutely gut wrenching. To see them interacting as a couple that actually communicates with one another at last was delightful! I hope there are plans to hang on to this kind of relationship for them. Laura Innes has softened her Kerry Weaver. She took charge, she rocked boats, all the while displaying adequately horrific realization that something like this shoot 'em up had occurred in her hospital. She was a compassionate friend when Luka needed one as well. Linda Cardellini...wo....I have never been able to warm up to the Sam character. Too abrassive or something. Now I am looking forward to seeing how they develop her this season. Other characters had their moments. The interchange between Frank, the desk clerk, and Pratt,soon to be an attending, revealed that Pratt\'s character may be a little less cocky in the upcoming season. Neela rocks! Nice to see Jerry have a pivotal role....even if he was unconcious most of the time. There was so very much in this episode. It's exhausting even thinking about it! : )
  • More changes...again...fantastic. Why not call it ER: A New Beginning?Contains spoilers.

    They changed the opening credits...after what 13 years they change it? Still, very mad about this. I\'ve been watching old episodes on TNT and on DVD and now that I watch this episode I\'m nostalgic for Carter and Mark and Benton and Romano and Susan and Elizabeth. Sigh. Anyhow, on to ER as it stands now. Granted, this episode was good and it\'s getting better then the ones before it (it\'s gone downhill since Romano was killed by the helicopter that came back to finish the job). Bloodline was entertaining and riveting. I felt for Abby and Luka (absolutely love the two of them together-they hold the show together. Both of them deserve a EMMY nom for this episode) and for Sam (she deserves one as well). The Jerry storyline was good, though I wish the poor guy had a life outside the ER. And I liked the Kerry interaction between everyone-I missed her (why does she always find her co-workers bleeding to death? ie. All in the Family). Also, Neela\'s was good as well. The OR stuff was a little weird-I miss Elizabeth, Benton, Romano and Anspaugh. Though the interaction between Frank and Greg was a little corny but I got what he was saying. Seems no one\'s life is going very well. I hope it gets back to basic ER-no more bombings, shootings, kidnappings etc. Did anyone notice that it was filmed a little differently too? Great episode if your not a long time fan...I can\'t let go of the past that easily.
  • Esta é uma excelente série, como poucas que eu já assisti. Esta temporada deve ser fabulosa.

    Muito bom, excelente. Tem o lado romantico do melhor casal de todas as séries, como também o lado da união da equipe quando alguém está precisando de ajuda ou em perigo. Isso é fabuloso. Este episódio merece nota 10. Espero que todos os outros sigam o mesmo contexto do que é o dia a dia de uma emergência.
  • awsome eposode

    OH MY Gosh what a great eposode i\\\\\\\'ve whatched that darn show since i was3 or 4 and tha was such a powerful eposode i mean the baby and sam and alex iwould have shot him to and i hope that the baby lives it would suck if it didn\\\\\\\'t but next show is going to be good too becouse Sally Filds is going to be on it but that was such a good show on thursday and i love er but that was one of the eposodes since cater and green left great great great eposode yeah,cate
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