Season 13 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 21, 2006 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Abby gives birth to a baby boy. Luka and Abby name him Joseph, after Luka's father, Josip. They later decide to call him Joe, after Joe Frazier, her father's favorite boxer.

  • Quotes

    • (Luka and Abby discuss a name for their soon-to-be-born son)
      Abby: We don't have a name.
      Luka: (eyes down, hesitant) I was kind of hoping we could name him after my father.
      Abby: Really?
      Luka: (he turns, looking at the fetal monitor's printout) Yeah. He would really love to have a grandson named Mongo.
      Abby: (gulp!) M-mongo?
      Luka: (still looking at the printout) Yeah, it's a very popular name in Croatia. (breaks out in a grin, no longer able to hide the joke, then turns to Abby, who slugs his arm and laughs with him)
      Luka: I'm just kidding. My father's name is Josip. I don't care how we're gonna call him.

    • Abby: OH MY GOD!!!
      Luka: What is it a contraction?
      Abby: I don't know I think my water broke.Oh what are you doing?
      Luka: Opening up your saline.We need some help in here!!
      Abby: Are you sure it's not a contraction?
      Luka: Nothing on the monitor.
      (the monitor starts to beep.)
      Abby: Whats that?!
      Luka: His heart rate is dropping.
      Abby: Oh god how low?
      Luka: Okay get on your left side now.
      Dr.Coburn: ABBY!!
      Luka: Sharp pain and gush of blood.
      Dr.Coburn: Baby's heart rate is in the 60s. We're going to the OR.
      Abby: Is it an abruption?
      Dr.Coburn: Looks that way.Stat page anesthesia.
      Abby: NO I-I want a spinal.
      Dr.Coburn: General anesthesia is quicker.
      Abby: I want to be awake Luka.
      Luka: You're okay.
      Abby: Okay.
      Luka: You going to be okay?
      Abby: Yeah.

    • Dr. Coburn: 12 of betamethasone.
      Abby: Oh, come on!
      Dr. Coburn: We have to mature the baby's lungs in case of an emergent birth.
      Abby: No, no, no, no, no! I have two and a half months left to go. This baby is not coming until then.

    • Abby: Is one going to be enough?
      Luka: What?
      Abby: One baby. Um, my uterus wouldn't stop bleeding and Coburn did everything she could but...
      Luka: You had a hysterectomy? (Abby nods) Well, one is all we need.

    • Sam: You know, Steve, I was gonna ask you what happened to you to turn you into this. But then I realized it was always in the cards from the moment that I met you. You were on your way to becoming exactly what you are now.
      Steve: I love him. I know you don't believe that. Especially right now. But I do.
      Sam: Yeah, you love him. Right. That's why you get some woman to snatch him from school and tie him up and leave him in a van. You don't even remember his medicine.

    • Frank: You know, I always believed that nothing ever really changed. I'm old enough that I know that there's always gonna be trouble. War, taxes. Bad guys now are pretty much the same as bad guys have always been. That's not how I feel today. I feel like the world is getting worse and worse and worse. And that what we're watching is the slow, steady descent of the human race.
      Pratt: No, no, I don't buy that. I think that today was just a bad day for the home team.

    • (In a high speed police chase)
      Sam: Let us out! You don't need us anymore!
      Steve: You're not prisoners, you're my family!
      Sam: You're going to get your family killed! Is that what you want?

    • Dr. Coburn: You know I want you to have a healthy baby.
      Abby: Then why do you keep focusing on the worst-case scenario?!
      Luka: (quickly and sharply) It's her job!

  • Notes

    • This episode received an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Sound Editing for a Series and Outstanding Stunt Coordination.

    • In this episode, Garret Dillahunt makes his final appearance as Steve.

    • With this episode, ER introduces a new "previously on" lead-in; shorter, redesigned title credits; and new theme music. The names of the show stars now appear over the first scenes of Act I, followed by recurring and guest players, then production crew.

    • Music: "Slow Motion," David Gray; "Open Your Eyes," Snow Patrol; "I Know He Can Save," The Gospel Troops; "Can U See," 3rd Rayle; "The One I Love," David Gray; "This Years Love," David Gray; "Wildfire," Sonata Arctica

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