Season 13 Episode 12

Breach of Trust

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 04, 2007 on NBC
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Kerry gets a tempting job offer in Miami. Budget cuts force Luka to eliminate an attending position. As word gets around the ER that Kerry will be let go, emotions run high, and Kerry fights back. Pressured by the staff, an angry Abby confronts Luka. Pratt's efforts at community service backfire when a patient dies from the side effects of medication received at the clinic. Later, Pratt learns the case will be investigated, leading him confess his role to Luka so as to protect Hope. Gates's home life intrudes on the ER, affecting Neela. Morris's missing credit card has Sam concerned about Alex's role in the loss.moreless

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  • So much happened, and all with no warning!

    Every now and then, a show will throw in a plot twist out of nowhere that moves the show and the viewers in a totally unexpected direction.

    This episode had not only 1 of these, but 2 or 3 even. What's more, is that of everything that happened, we viewers had no foreshadowing to any of it.

    10 of 10, one of the great ones~!
  • Kerry, this is the ultimate truth - never make a promise you are not absolutely positive you can keep.

    Some comments on the storylines:

    -> Kerry story: I had some issues about Kerry in the past - the way she did things to climb up the stairs was not my kind of behaviour. Time passed and she changed - loosing Sandy, having Henry, and so many things happened that she softned a bit. The key point was her defense of Luka when she was sent back to ER. But as they say, be careful when you climb up because you will meet the same people in your way down. Too bad she is leaving the ER. I end up liking her in this her new phase. The New Orleans lady's story was so moving. It must have been a tough time for the people there. I followed the event from here and my heart was with them all the time. But dear, remember one thing: if God spared your life, it is because you will make the difference in your lifetime. So, do it as a tribute for all those who didn't make it.

    And Kerry, this is the ultimate truth - never make a promise you are not absolutely positive you can keep. -> Gates / Neela story: I have seen this before. A woman who takes care of a man (in many senses), helping him in difficult times, helping him pursuing a career, loving him with all her heart. Then, one day, he finds someone else. It happens, it is no one's fault, but still very painfull and unfair. Meg, take the rest of your dignity and get out of the scene. Help your daughter to face the change, allow her to share his life, as he is the father she knows. And move on. He doesn't love you. And nothing can change that - no emotional blackmail, scandals or physical agression. Neela, I would be careful if I were you. Gates is not the most reliable man. -> Greg story: Man, you are definetly scr*wed. You should have seen this coming. Although the intention was the best possible, yet you broke the rules. Now you have to face it. And the good attitude was leaving Hope out of this, although she too should have had second toughts about the whole thing. -> Lubby: Abby, pay attention: if you think you should discuss the boss' orders, ok, but do that from the point of view of one member of the staff. Do no use your position as wife to be heard. You are absolutely right to step up for Kerry, but be careful not to do it in the wrong way. Now the most important comment: Goran, you are G O R G E O U S !!!!! G O R A N L I C I O U S !!!!moreless
  • Bye, dr. Weaver

    I am so sad to see another long time been char going. She has been there from the season 2, recruiting from 1 season and now she is off. I never take those thing easy. I have watched the serie from season 1 and to be honest, it has not been long what it used to be and with every season it is even more as more and more old peopel are gone. Carter and now Weaver and if I am not wrong, Luka is now the longest been char but he is not the part of those episodes what were the most brilliant ones.

    But back to this episode. I most say - I never liked Gates but the whole storyline with him and the woman she lives - it is fascinating and really good one. So, I think I am changing my mind on that. Also Neela and the little girl talking outside - the way she said maybe the truth for Neela. What she will do with that.

    And Weaver's last day.. the woman with infection on her leg.. with the patient Luka had.. and the whole thing with Luka. She was right to say - without her Luka would not be there. Irony.moreless
  • This episode is mostly about Kerry Weaver.

    Most surprising scene: Luka firing Kerry. There were hints in earlier episodes about Luka having budget problems, but still I never saw this coming! I haven't always liked Kerry as a character, but it's so sad to see her go and I'll miss her.

    Best scene: Kerry saying goodbye to the ER staff: "If you're ever in Miami turn on Channel 6 and that's where you'll find me. And if I'm not there I'll be on the beach with my son." And hugging Abby. Awww....

    Sweetest scene: Breakfast with Kerry, her son Henry and her producer/girlfriend Courtney.

    Saddest story: The Katrina victim, Yvonne, and Kerry fighting to save her leg.

    Funniest character: Sam's granny Gracie.

    Also one of Pratt's patients from the church clinic, Mr Dixon, dies. It doesn't look good for Pratt.moreless
  • Goodbye, Kerry Weaver :(

    Firstly: Weaver's gone? Why? I love Weaver!!! But in the end, I suppose that it was her time. Her departure wasn't exactly memorable, but sweet enough. I miss her already.

    Pratt--ooh, really shouldn't have given those meds to the church when you knew it was illegal, buddy. May have been trying to help, but it's biting you in the butt now, isn't it?

    Luka: Really. I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: learn to communicate and change your attitude. I may love you, but that doesn't mean that I have to like you right now.

    Neela: If Neela is a whore and b*tch, as Sarah and Meg described her, then next to her I must seem a foul-mouthed, skanky hoochie girl.(in case no one catches my sarcasm, I am far from having said *qualities*) And of course, this was Sam's rollercoaster episode. I've always wondered about her past, and I know I've been complaining that she hasn't had a plotline in a while, but I didn't mean that I wanted such an ugly history to be dumped on us all in one episode. Her grandmother gets kicked out of a nursing home because she was growing cannabis, her mother(who was mentioned to at least have been through five husbands) will be getting out of jail in a week after a stint involving identity theft, she spent part of her life living in a trailer(though I hardly count this as a character flaw). Sam was mentioned to have gone through various men in her past too, and now Alex is stealing credit cards to treat himself to various gifts (Poor Morris). That's tough.

    Of course, Sam did score in the end with a sweet little Ben kiss and rescheduled date while Granny and Block-of-Wood were busy moving in.

    I really don't know how I feel about this. Anyways, that was my little spiel for now.moreless
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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: The logo on the bus used in the scene where Kerry finds Yvonne at the bus stop has a CTC logo on the side, but buses in Chicago are part of the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) system.

      Goof: As Kerry is moving about the admit desk, saying goodbye, you can see her scarf change position multiple times without her actually moving it herself.

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    • Kerry: So, if you're ever in Miami, turn on Channel 6 and that's where you'll find me.

      On Miami's local cable, Channel 6 is normally NBC, the network ER airs on.

    • Neela: I spent a week in New Orleans once. I became addicted to beignets.
      Yvonne: Cafe du Monde is my favorite place.
      Cafe du Monde is a tradition in New Orleans, and regarded as the best place for cafe au lait and beignets, square fried doughnuts heaped with powdered sugar, which are served 24 hours a day. Located along the Mississippi River in the French Quarter, it survived 2005's Hurricane Katrina and reopened for business within a short period of time.