Season 13 Episode 12

Breach of Trust

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 04, 2007 on NBC

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  • So much happened, and all with no warning!

    Every now and then, a show will throw in a plot twist out of nowhere that moves the show and the viewers in a totally unexpected direction.

    This episode had not only 1 of these, but 2 or 3 even. What's more, is that of everything that happened, we viewers had no foreshadowing to any of it.

    10 of 10, one of the great ones~!
  • Kerry, this is the ultimate truth - never make a promise you are not absolutely positive you can keep.

    Some comments on the storylines:

    -> Kerry story: I had some issues about Kerry in the past - the way she did things to climb up the stairs was not my kind of behaviour. Time passed and she changed - loosing Sandy, having Henry, and so many things happened that she softned a bit. The key point was her defense of Luka when she was sent back to ER. But as they say, be careful when you climb up because you will meet the same people in your way down. Too bad she is leaving the ER. I end up liking her in this her new phase. The New Orleans lady's story was so moving. It must have been a tough time for the people there. I followed the event from here and my heart was with them all the time. But dear, remember one thing: if God spared your life, it is because you will make the difference in your lifetime. So, do it as a tribute for all those who didn't make it.

    And Kerry, this is the ultimate truth - never make a promise you are not absolutely positive you can keep. -> Gates / Neela story: I have seen this before. A woman who takes care of a man (in many senses), helping him in difficult times, helping him pursuing a career, loving him with all her heart. Then, one day, he finds someone else. It happens, it is no one's fault, but still very painfull and unfair. Meg, take the rest of your dignity and get out of the scene. Help your daughter to face the change, allow her to share his life, as he is the father she knows. And move on. He doesn't love you. And nothing can change that - no emotional blackmail, scandals or physical agression. Neela, I would be careful if I were you. Gates is not the most reliable man. -> Greg story: Man, you are definetly scr*wed. You should have seen this coming. Although the intention was the best possible, yet you broke the rules. Now you have to face it. And the good attitude was leaving Hope out of this, although she too should have had second toughts about the whole thing. -> Lubby: Abby, pay attention: if you think you should discuss the boss' orders, ok, but do that from the point of view of one member of the staff. Do no use your position as wife to be heard. You are absolutely right to step up for Kerry, but be careful not to do it in the wrong way. Now the most important comment: Goran, you are G O R G E O U S !!!!! G O R A N L I C I O U S !!!!
  • Bye, dr. Weaver

    I am so sad to see another long time been char going. She has been there from the season 2, recruiting from 1 season and now she is off. I never take those thing easy. I have watched the serie from season 1 and to be honest, it has not been long what it used to be and with every season it is even more as more and more old peopel are gone. Carter and now Weaver and if I am not wrong, Luka is now the longest been char but he is not the part of those episodes what were the most brilliant ones.

    But back to this episode. I most say - I never liked Gates but the whole storyline with him and the woman she lives - it is fascinating and really good one. So, I think I am changing my mind on that. Also Neela and the little girl talking outside - the way she said maybe the truth for Neela. What she will do with that.

    And Weaver's last day.. the woman with infection on her leg.. with the patient Luka had.. and the whole thing with Luka. She was right to say - without her Luka would not be there. Irony.
  • This episode is mostly about Kerry Weaver.

    Most surprising scene: Luka firing Kerry. There were hints in earlier episodes about Luka having budget problems, but still I never saw this coming! I haven't always liked Kerry as a character, but it's so sad to see her go and I'll miss her.
    Best scene: Kerry saying goodbye to the ER staff: "If you're ever in Miami turn on Channel 6 and that's where you'll find me. And if I'm not there I'll be on the beach with my son." And hugging Abby. Awww....
    Sweetest scene: Breakfast with Kerry, her son Henry and her producer/girlfriend Courtney.
    Saddest story: The Katrina victim, Yvonne, and Kerry fighting to save her leg.
    Funniest character: Sam's granny Gracie.
    Also one of Pratt's patients from the church clinic, Mr Dixon, dies. It doesn't look good for Pratt.
  • Goodbye, Kerry Weaver :(

    Firstly: Weaver's gone? Why? I love Weaver!!! But in the end, I suppose that it was her time. Her departure wasn't exactly memorable, but sweet enough. I miss her already.

    Pratt--ooh, really shouldn't have given those meds to the church when you knew it was illegal, buddy. May have been trying to help, but it's biting you in the butt now, isn't it?

    Luka: Really. I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: learn to communicate and change your attitude. I may love you, but that doesn't mean that I have to like you right now.

    Neela: If Neela is a whore and b*tch, as Sarah and Meg described her, then next to her I must seem a foul-mouthed, skanky hoochie girl.(in case no one catches my sarcasm, I am far from having said *qualities*) And of course, this was Sam's rollercoaster episode. I've always wondered about her past, and I know I've been complaining that she hasn't had a plotline in a while, but I didn't mean that I wanted such an ugly history to be dumped on us all in one episode. Her grandmother gets kicked out of a nursing home because she was growing cannabis, her mother(who was mentioned to at least have been through five husbands) will be getting out of jail in a week after a stint involving identity theft, she spent part of her life living in a trailer(though I hardly count this as a character flaw). Sam was mentioned to have gone through various men in her past too, and now Alex is stealing credit cards to treat himself to various gifts (Poor Morris). That's tough.

    Of course, Sam did score in the end with a sweet little Ben kiss and rescheduled date while Granny and Block-of-Wood were busy moving in.

    I really don't know how I feel about this. Anyways, that was my little spiel for now.
  • Kerry gets an interesting new job offer in Miami. Budget cuts force Luka to eliminate an attending position: Kerry. As word gets around the ER, emotions run high, and the Kerry fights back.

    Good episode and Sarah is so pretty. I don't get why it said on the show that Gates was Sarah's uncle but the preview said the only father she ever known. I didn't get that. I don't know why they care that he is going out with Neela because he does love her. Is Luka or Kerry better? I always thoguht it was Luka but this episode it sounded like Kerry. I am so mad that she is leaving. I really like her but she is going some place warmer which I don't blame her because it is winter and very cold!
  • Nothing Special

    After the fantastic "Bloodline" episode I expected more of this 13th season of ER but until now I can't say that any of the episodes was more than just "average".
    I thought the way Weaver leaves the show is done well since it is sudden and thus more realistic, although I'm sorry that L. Innes won't be part of ER anymore. I hope the writers and directors of ER come up with some original storylines and don't let it become too shallow. I would particularly love to see more interesting storylines for Goran Visnjic (what a wonderful acting performance in "Bloodline" !!!) and Maura Tierney. Still, I love the show so I won't give less than a score of 7.
  • Goodbye Kerry

    It's a fitting end for Weaver. She has caused her fair share of troubles to various characters over the years, she meet her end as others have by her hand. In the same breath it wont be the same without her. There were some nice moments when her many years of medical knowledge trounced the younger cast, reminding us what ER is about and serving to refresh memories that although Kerry has played the hatchet-woman time and time again, she fulfilled the role of a good doctor. The characters recent personal pains seem to have helped mellow her and it was nice to see in those last few scenes that she really was human.
  • Ok, I did enjoy this episode though I wasn't expecting much at all. I think that's the best culmination for Kerry's character we could hope of... Great Performance by Laura Innes.

    I did find Luka kind of odd this week but then again, there is no easy way to tell someone they are fired. How do you tell someone that was here before you, that took the blame for Clemente (which was her fault), that's she's fired? Kerry used to be a really eh (not to use improper language)... annoying sometimes regarding other issues, but I think her character has developed incredibly over the past two seasons. She has been portraid more human, with real feelings not some cold hearted person. Of course Kerry's relationship with Abby is close. She was there when she had the miscarriage, Henry was born, when Sandy died... But then again Luka was the first to know she was gay. But then again we did know Luka was being pressured to cut an attending. Abby knew that... what was she expecting? She works there, she know who those people are. Someone was going to fall. The issue is that Luka is the Chief and he is the one that has to take responsability and do his job. He can't discuss those matters with Abby. If she didn't work in the hospital and didn't know the people... maybe. But she does! So it's too subjective... She doesn't have a saying on it. They need to keep their personal life outside the ambulance bay when it comes handling the ER and it's managament.

    After all of this I have to say, I wasn't expecting Kerry to leave at all. But then again I think the story with the diabetic - Hurricane Katrina survivor made Kerry realize that it might be time to move on. Not because she was being forced to but because she had the choice to do something else, a choice that was hers only. She could fight and stay in the ER or be useful some place else. A choice that actually her patient didn't have. To stay in New Orleans and to keep her leg, someone made the choice for her.

    When Kerry was talking about Sandy, how she died and how she needs to move on... I had a flashback to Luka and how he had to leave Croatia to move on. Do you see a theme here? Even Elizabeth Corday went back to England after Mark died... Wow!

    Now regarding Pratt, I think Luka was feeling guilty about Kerry when Pratt gave him his news so he was more condescendent due to that fact. Either way I think Pratt should've seen that one coming when he took the meds to the Church. I think this matter isn't settled and we are gonna see more of this soon.

    The whole Alex story with the credit card didn't surprise me at all. the Grandma was funny, Sam's family is all messed up too! I thought she came from a good family and she was the black sheep but it turns out that she is not!

    And then the whole Meg / Gates story is making me kind of tired. Though I'm a little scared of Gates of how he reacted towards Meg, jamming her to the wall. Neela needs to forget about Gates and go to Ray or I might go on a strike!

    Ok, I think I've written enough about this. My back is killing me... *sighs* Hope this isn't too confusing.
  • Luka is forced to fire one of the attendings in the ER. Kerry proves her experience and importance on the floor. Gates' personal life gives Neela a harsh look at reality.

    I enjoyed this episode, it encompassed the intensity that I have come to expect from ER. Kerry was the star of this one, despite the choppy writing and the disappointment in how Luka handled the situation I enjoyed Kerry's scenes. She was the voice of wisdom with "the tricks up her sleeve." It summed up really nicely her importance to the floor and that her experience is invaluable, that is beyond $200,000. Luka, however, was unfortuante in his role since he let go of Kerry in an inappropriate manner and showed a side of weakness that I wasn't expecting.

    The other major plotline was Gates and his personal life, namely Meg and Sarah. It was interesting to see this play out in front of everyone. Though I dislike Gates, he is a part of the ER and I am trying to accept it. His storyline was necessary, as I commented on the boards, because it was pertinent to Neela's progression as well as Gates'. Both need to move on from where they currently are in their lives. We all know that there is no substance within the Neela and Gates relationship, this can be planly seen in their scenes together. It is mainly physical attraction despite what Gates says in order to convince Neela that he is the one for her. Just as Sarah said he sleeps around, that's what he does. Neela needed this to happen so she can move on from him, and finally resolve her grief with Gallant. This will inevitably lead her to Ray, which is where I want her to be long term.

    All in all, it could have been better, but the plot progression was necessary and the trauma scenes made it worthwhile.
  • The ER remained the 'star' but this episode belonged to Laura Innes.

    The character has not been one of my favorites. She was self seeking, ambitious to a fault, backstabbing, snide and a micro-manager. I have not been real enamored with some of the choices she's made or directions they have taken her over the years. However, now that we are facing an 'ER' without Kerry Weaver, I am actually sad. The rare peek into Weaver's home life was a wonderful start. She is happy and settled in a new relationship and her son apparently thriving. I liked that her patient of the night, Yvonne - A Hurricane Katrina survivor, was portrayed as being in exactly the opposite sort of place. Still disjointed and unsettled as depicteed in three different soul sharing moments with Kerry during the episode, Yvonne's eventual loss of her foot to a bone infection brought the two women to a moment of decision - together. The decision to move on to new/old territory and make a difference with their talent. We could actually see Kerry coming to the realization that she needed to do that for herself as she counseled her patient to do. Wonderful moment. In the meantime we were treated to a rough row with Luka for his seemingly insensitive announcement that she was being let go but he was right...there is never an easy way to do that...a snarky Kerry calling Dubenko on taking the 'easy way out' with a jittery patient and butting in on his surgery...a compassionate Kerry for recognizing that her closest friend was confused and devestated at her leaving and in need of a hug...a professional Kerry for immedately dropping her argument and saving a patient with a risky procedure...and that was just Kerry. Gates was very scary. His rage at Meg's threat to keep him from Sarah if he left was highly charged. Nice rapport with the little girl playing Sarah....who is wonderful. She did a great job the more emotional scene with Neela. Mekhi Phiffer missed the mark however. While he was confused and feeling remorseful about the patient from the church clinic that died, I didn't sense that he was about to fall apart as Luka indicated. Felt the same with Hope. Not looking forward to the medical board investigation story line. Maura Tierney did a wonderful job as a very confused and devastated Abby, reeling with the loss of her friend...and especially because of 'her guy's' decision. I don't think this is over between them yet. Didn't enjoy Goran as much as I usually do. He did manage to convey his dismay at what he had actually done in letting her go. And then there was Sam. Alex had Morris's credit card. Morris had Alex's head on a plate. Still not very enamored with Dominic Janes' portrayal of Alex. However, Grandma Gracie showed up having been kicked out of her retirement home because of a "horticultural infraction." Ha! Lois Smith was awesome in that role....but then she handles any kind of quirky characterization with ease. Bravo ER casting staff for that one! And Ben shared a kiss with Sam and gave us a preview of things to come. Not seeing too much actual chemistry with the two of them but who knows. They are still trying to shove the whole Gates/Neela chemistry down our throats without any luck quite frankly. Once again....I will miss Kerry Weaver. Given some of the other exit arcs, I am glad to be given a 'picture' of her walking on the beach in Florida with her son. Better there than a brain tumor or helicopter antics! Listen up ER production staff. You need to seriously think about hiring her to direct the rest of the season! She is one powerfully, creative director....hint. hint.
  • Another Character Going!!

    Well it looks like E.R. is going to lose another one of their Docs! I Can't believe Kovac was going to fire Kerry! After everything that she has done for him! Next week looks like her last episode. Wow the only people who are left from the start of the show are the nurses! I think it is time for the show to finish. I mean come on how much longer are they going to continue this! The only reason why I watch this is because John Stamos is on it. He is really cute. They need to bring some old characters back!
  • Credit card fraud and name calling vs illegal drug distribution. Another watered down episode.

    Classic example of why this show is sinking fast. The story line of Pratt and Hope could have been more revealing but the writers focus on Alex Taggart and Meg. Luka's inability to make a decision makes you wonder how he was picked for that job. After mishandling how to inform Kerry, she makes a clever life saving maneuver to bail out Luka who had obviously misdiagnosed a patient and was killing him with unnecessary CPR that wasnt going to work. He then retracks and gives Kerry her job back. She then resigns and walks out. Episode was 37 minutes.
  • This is why I love ER! The tenching in the ER!

    What a great episode. Luka was being a little hard on Kerry, but I did see why she needed to leave the hospital for good. At first I was happy and then I was sad. real sad to see. I know she was a big pain in the butt to be around and following her rules but you get use to it after 12 year being in the ER. I will miss her. Pratt is looking like he will be lossing his lincse maybe for good or maybe a year. Keep a thought on that part for next week.