Season 8 Episode 19

Brothers and Sisters

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 25, 2002 on NBC

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  • Chloe again.. and Pratt has to play smart guy

    This episode was very unique and I adore the idea of crossover, even thought I did not knew it at the start and now I am excited to find out what happened.

    Susan storyline and her trip to New York - it was somehow the best part of this episode but I cannot say that other storylines were not interested. Specially Romano one. My little sister even said that she think Romano is one of the most interesting characters and her favorite as even though he has been main cast long, we do not know much about him and he is such a mystery, looking like the worst person you could ever met but then, when it is needed, he can be so caring. And Pratt and Gallant. Poor Gallant, manages to get him into problems where he don't have to be. And Pratt just cannot take the responsibility.. And he just cannot understand there might be problems. And the Mallucci, for comparison them. Mallucci was good heart and somehow joyful and not that kind of..arrogant.

    And Abby storyline. her drinking.. it can be interesting
  • Well, I liked it!

    ER crosses over with Third Watch in this episode. Susan goes to New York to look for Chloe, her sister who is a former drug addict. Chloe is found, but her daughter, and Susan's niece, Susie, is no where to be seen. Susan is devastated and tells Chloe she "screwed up big time". I'm a huge Sherry Stringfield fan, and I loved this episode. Sherry offered fantastic acting, and her emotions and facial expressions always get me!
  • Pratt shows how he thinks he knows best with a patient. Carter shows how he thinks he knows best about Abby.

    Abby finally gets to move back to her apartment and Luka fits lots of extra locks for her. Carter appears and sees that she is drinking beer.
    He takes it upon himself to tell Luka about her drink problem and to castigate her for her lapse. Abby is still scared of being in her apartment and wakes at any noise and can't sleep again.

    Susan receives a frightening call from her sister's daughter and dashes off to NY to try and find them. Her sister is found, drugged up, but not the child. Susan has to accept being on the receiving end of help, and sees how it is from the other side.

    Pratt decides he knows best and nearly kills a patient. Gallant wants to distance himself from Pratt and his behaviour.Pratt shows he is arrogant, disobedient and cocky; he also is chatting up Ching Mai.

    Romano decides there is money in providing a service for lesbians and that Kerry will be the perfect person to front the new clinic. She is not impressed! However this is a major transition from the earlier denial.

    Luka and Elizabeth have to deal with the parents of a brain dead child, and Elizabeth finds it particularly difficult. She subsequently receives a call from Rachel, who is in Hawaii with Mark, he has taken a turn for the worse, and Elizabeth decides to go and join them there.
    Romano agrees to make an exception ans pray for him. He continues to be a good friend to Elizabeth through these tough times.

    After the tension of the last couple of episodes, this is a little less emotional, but the tension remains.
  • Third Watch Stars

    I'm not much of an ER watcher, But after I've learned that The episode of Unleshed was the second part to this episode, I just had to watch it. I must say, I have missed alot of this show. Tuning in and seeing the others was very good. Two shows in one was just great and the episode was very good too. Got me wanting more of ER now!!