Season 12 Episode 1

Cañon City

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 22, 2005 on NBC

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  • The worst season premiere. Ever.

    What was this episode? It was depressing. After eleven great years, they start a new era, Carter-free, with THIS? Did anybody really care about Alex? We had already been deprived of Carter, and we knew it was Susan's last episode, so why, why would anyone care about that annoying boy? I can't stand Sam anymore. I can't stand Luka when he's with Sam. I'll probably not be able to stand ER if they keep doing episodes like this one.

    Where's Kerry? Seriously, where is Kerry? Kerry is the only one they left us!!!!!

    Abby, Pratt, Neela, Ray and Morris were completely useless. Who cares if they aren't perfect doctors yet? Pratt surely wasn't in season 8. Their storyline made no difference whatsoever.

    And it was Susan's last episode. They didn't give her a goodbye. Now that's the worse about this episode. I get twenty minutes of SAM and ALEX and Susan doesn't get even a "thanks, you were one of the best characters we ever had". One of the worst episodes of ER.
  • Sam and her messy life..

    Oh, this was rather interesting episode. Ok, back on ER - those three shifts - Ray, Neela and Abby and they all were hopeless on their own way. Abby at least managed to clean the board.

    But the most of the episode concentrates on Sam and Luka. Sam is totally out of herself, driving around the country with Luka.. looking for Alex. And ofcourse they do not find him until the end. But meanwhile, she totally loses her control, acts like... at least Luka was talking, about himself. And the end - the way she acts. Luke was calm, like perfect person all the trip. He was ready to go trough all that.. and she just decides - no, she doesn't want him there.. it was weird.. but ok.. her choice. I did not liked them together anyway...
  • That was great to me.

    This was a good episode to start 12th season. I am a big fan of luka and this was his episode a little so i loved watching him and sam together. One thing i found annoying is that alex changed. This is the most annoying thing to be found in a tv show. To me Alex did not just change but also his personality changed suddenly between 11th and 12th season. He was rebellious, stubborn and now i saw the opposite. Sam and Luka relationship ended i think. Many leading characters are gone but still it is a great show to watch.
  • I'm not a Sam and Luka fan, so this episode bored the living daylights out of me!

    As I said, this episode was boring... boring...boring. Nothing happened, I like episodes to be action packed, and hate all talk, and no action. And I'm not a Sam and Luka fan, and this episode was mainly based on them. The only part of the episode I found funny, and enjoyed was Abby, Neela and Ray becoming residents and showing their interns around. Poor guys, everyone was waiting for their first stuff up!

    Overall, my verdict to this episode: Disappointing.
  • Alex is played by a new character (I hate it when they change)

    Firstly I hate it when they change the actor playing a character, it is so annoying.

    Secondly I don't see why Luka just doesn't give up on Sam. If she cannot see what a good thing she has with him she shouldn't have him. (I'm not a fan of Luka but this drives me crazy!)

    Now that Carter has gone I hope the show can still stay strong. It was very hard to watch when so many of the main strong original characters (except Weaver) were missing from this episode.
  • What the hell was that?

    What the hell was that? How can they take Susan of the show just like that. I mean, if Sherry Stringfield wanted to leave, the would give her a good story, not: Oh, I\'m leving and guess what? \"No One Knows I\'m Leaving\". Is just stupid. Really Stupid. The worst left ever in ER. Apperently, in ER they now have that thing to get people bang, disappear, or in case of Sam\'s character, BANG, appear in a second. This episode shows that ER is going from WORST to WORSTEST. I seriously don\'t know why I keep seeing this show. Well, this made me think, and I think I may say that is definitly because of Weaver, Luka and Abby, because they remain us of the good old times since season 1 to season 6, when Mark, Carol, Doug,Carter, Peter, Jeanie, Susan, Corday, Lucy, and hell, even Jerry and E. Ray walked the paths of County General. If they don\'t to nothing to help the show, i seriously think that it would droop even more in the ratings, leading NBC to the 4th place... AGAIN.
  • Glad to see the end of Luka and Sam as a couple...

    I was a bit disappointed with this episode. Sam running around frantically was almost too much to bear. She completely lost her usual practical sense and relied entirely on Luka to guide her along. It just seemed overdone and out of character. I swear the whole thing was purposely engineered to show her running around a whole lot in a tight sweater. Luka's character development, on the other hand, was well done, and well played.

    The end of Luka and Sam as a couple opens up many possibilities for both characters. Perhaps now Luka will find his way to a relationship that will give him the family he craves so quietly. And perhaps now Sam's character can develop more depth and breadth.
  • A subtle entry into the new era of ER.

    First episode without Dr. Carter as part of the main cast. Last episode to feature one of the original main characters (as Lewis leaves with this episode). An important episode in many ways, but unfortunately a bit disappointing.

    I am just sick and tired of the Abby Show. Once again Abby shows up almost overly competent, gliding through the day as if she was born to diagnose people. Sure she doesn't stop and teach, but there's no denying that she is ever so effective and competent. I'm not buying it. It's all just too much. She can't be that good at everything she does (save for the people skills). I keep waiting for Abby to be written out of the show but as long as she's wearing TPTB's halo I take it that's not going to happen. Ray and Neela make far better doctors than Abby anyway, and I'm hoping to see more of them as the show continues. As for Sara Gilbert, hopefully she will be written out soon as well. She's just everywhere these days and it's getting old.

    Starting with this episode Luka Kovac is the leading role. I am very fond of the character of Luka; he has a humanity about him which many other characters sadly lack. We have seen him through many stages in the show and he keeps developing. We saw him new in Chicago, infatuated with Carol Hathaway, we saw him trying to have a relationship with Abby but not really being able to, we saw him go through a depression and act like a jerk and now we have landed in the Luka we have today. A competent leader, though not entirely keen on filling those shoes. Luka has a heart of gold and is the type of characters the writers seem to want Abby to be. He is a skilled doctor, a competent people's person but most of all he is humble. Seeing Kovac in the lead is going to be interesting, I'm looking forward to the ride.

    Sad to see him breaking up with Sam though. It's obvious that they love one another but they can't make things work. I hope they'll find their way back to one another but you never know... Their plotline in this episode was interesting, and Linda Cardellini did a wonderful acting job. Sam's comment on how she doesn't want anymore children, she wants her life back, seems to be at the core of her anxiety. Part of her wishes she didn't have to raise a child and now her child is missing and possibly dying. Her guilt and agony is well portrayed. Kovac offers little help but his mere presence, not knowing what to say or do, which seems to be the real core of their problems. She is an emotional person and he is not. Though as for the runaway storyline, hasn't the diabetes thing been done to death? Huge disappointment that they couldn't have come up with something more original.

    Morris is now a series regular. I loathe the guy, but the actor who plays him has got talent. Lewis' comment on how Pratt used to be like Abby seemed to me like it should have been a comparison between Pratt and Morris. Pratt was obnoxious and full of himself when he first started, but now he is a wonderful character whom I love to watch. Nice character growth.

    In the end, this episode is pivotal in that it brings the show into a new era. Luckily it does it in a subtle way, I hate it when they make these kind of episodes hugely monumental. The subtility makes the change easier and it felt completely natural in this episode. Of course Kovac is in the lead now; it feels like he always has been.
  • a new begining to remember

    with this episode marks a new begining with out the starting line up. With the removal of carter the new actors have some big shoes to fill and so far they have follo the strps of sussan and aby as they are the only old cast memebers left. This is a great show that will never run out of stories to tell since is film in part in an actul ER in chicago
  • This could be the ending of ER...

    Yay, just what I wanted a whole episode devoted to Sam and the search of her missing kid. NOT. Man, this episode was possibly one of the most pointless and stupid episodes of ER in a long time. I cannot believe that the network had the audacity to change the kid who portrayed Alex and then pretend like no one would notice. I guess that’s one way to replace a kid. Have him runaway and magically turn out to be another kid. I was kind of hoping they wouldn’t find Alex but I knew it was bound to happen. Linda Cardellini was good in the scene where she is convinced that some hospital has found Alex and she runs in there to check. However, it was all too much like a Lifetime movie for me to enjoy as an episode of one of the longest running TV series.

    Final Grade: D
  • Not bad but not great.

    For somebody watching this show for the first time they would call this episode incredible. But for long time fans its just average. Goran Visnjic and Linda Cardellini have nothing left to do so get rid of them and bring the show back to the medically brilliant and inspirational show it was five years ago.
  • Despite answering questions left dangling last season, this season opener sets the tone for what can only be a dreary season with story lines running out. Here's my Sam/Luka rant.

    Oh yes! Woohoo!! It is the man himself! Goran Visnjic heading up the titles of ER. Move over Noah Wyle, it is Goran Visnjic - not Maura Tierney as everyone suspected but our dear, dear Croatian sensation! Oh yes! Oh yes!

    Despite my over-whelming happiness that Goran got the top spot, I was less than enthusiastic about the episode itself. ER is a medical drama, not a show about crazy ladies and sorry romance stories.

    It's a cheery bye bye to Samka. God speed and farewell. What a wee shame, I did really like them together... well, until Sam went psycho and chose daft Oliver Davis replacement over Luka...

    "I will always chose my son over everyone, Luka."
    "I'm not asking you to chose."
    "Yes, you are."

    Well, actually, no he wasn't... putting words in his mouth can only lead to heart ache for this couple.

    I do think LC did a great job in the episode, as well as GV but... I can't being myself to like this crazy new Sam that was introduced last season.

    Luka's little story about Marco (anyone else find it weird that she didn't even know his son's name?) and how he stood at the kitchen sink and cried with the water running so they wouldn't know he was crying? Aaaawww!

    And at the end...

    "Steve's in prison, Sam. You can stop running."
    "I'm not running... I just don't want what you want, Luka."

    *insert sad face and then tears as Brenda Lee starts singing in the background*

    Deary goodness me... What else... What else...

    "Why don't you want to have children with me, Sam?"
    "It's not about you Luka. I don't want anymore children. This is me - I'm done. I want my life back."

    Hmm... So give Alex up to his Dad like he wants you to do! I get that he is her son but she should have made it clear to Luka that she didn't want a serious relationship right at the very beginning instead of moving in and giving him the impression that that is EXACTLY what she wanted...

    "You can't possibly want this... this mess for your life, Luka!"
    "Isn't that up to me to have the choice?"
    "No. If it had just been me, maybe. But not with Alex. He will always come first."

    Go away, Sam just... go away. She really must be crazy. She has to be, who in their right mind would chose OD-replacement over him?


    But, must remember that it is only a show... only a show.

    The R2 storyline. Very well played out. And blinkin' Morris: how much do I just want to slap that boy about the head? He is just so... blurgh!

    Ray - liked how he tried to see every patient. Loved Pratt and Susan looking through the window and Pratt's "I prefered you when you were the closer" line: made me smile. Especially loved the fact that Susan asked Haleh about Ray's performance - finally, bringing the nurses back to the fore. He did run the trauma a bit too... uh... "We use it cause it's a good drug!" Now that's just not the way to teach new interns the way - even if Penny is such a pain in the ass.

    Neela - hee hee. She kicked ass when she had to run the board... "Anyone got the numbers? No? Okay, so we'll make some up." And her intern... my goodness, he was just too nice: he freaked me out too! And the fact that he went home crying... aaww, feel sorry for him!

    Abby - Abby is now the new Carter (as seen with her little Carter-ism). Loved how she got the wee girl to smile, how she stapled the head instead of sewing it and cleared the board in a flash. She just needs to take some time out to actually teach her knowledge to those who are still learning. This is an Abby that I think I may learn to like.

    Looking forward to the days when ER is actually about the emergency room and not Luka moping about after a relationship that he should have given up almost a year ago.

    Roll on "Nobody's Baby"
  • not a bad episode, but mediocre for a season premiere

    I honestly think that if they'd focused more on the Alex storyline, it would have been a better episode. I don't know that I was anticipating this episode as much as the season 9 or 11 premieres, but I was excited for it. It think that the search for Alex was well done, and the tension of Sam and Luka was terrific. The scene where they finally found him is great to see how relieved Sam is to see Alex. The one complaint I have is that it was very painfully obvious that it was not the same actor playing Alex. I wasn't as fond of the scenes in the ER, with Abby, Neela and Ray. I think essentially repeating the same scene three times was unnecisary
  • I hate to say it but it is time to close this chapter of tv history

    I checked my tv's local listings and didn't see anything. It was Thursday night and I knew ER would be on so I tuned in. As I often do when nothing else is on.
    Once again I watched and was pained by the unoriginal storyline. Heck even one of the characters mentioned that it was just like a previous year. (Susan "Reminds me of someone else I knew")
    The new r2s take on the teaching roles and each fail miserably in their own way. Hmm never seen this before on ER... Um oh wait yes we did.
    Luca gets dumped by someone he has tried to "save." Wow that's new... um Nope seen that before with Abby.
    The bottom line is this. It is time for ER to stop. 11 seasons. That is a great run but now that Sherry Stringfield is leaving, again, there is nobody from the original cast left, there is nothing they can do that is going to be original. At best it is a familiar show to turn to when nothing else is on.
  • In this season opener we find Luka and Sam looking for her son and the Residents vs. the Interns in the ER.

    First thing I want to say is that this is no longer ER. It is now "How to Be a Resident 101 in an ER setting". Back in the days of Greene, Carter, Benton, Ross and the rest there wasn't a constant explaination of people's roles. Instead was just a look at how all these differnt types of people come together and work in this County ER. And "gasp" people who were actually over the age of 40 worked there. I sat there and watched the opening credits and noticed that Kerry and Susan were the only ones over the age of 35. And with Stringfield leaving it will only be Kerry who I'm sure will follow suit in the next season or so. So, now instead of having interns (Carter), surgens (Peter), attendings (Mark), chief of staff (Kerry), and the like all we have now are residents and the people above them. This episode made me really miss Carter, Mark, Corday,Benton and dare I say it Carol and Doug. While Neela,Abby and Pratt are good additions and moved the plot along. I loved Neela interacting with her intern. But now with the extra residents and the like Susan and Kerry are reduced to ghosts in the background. I also "loved" how they are trying to make up for their mostly young cast by adding "average" looking interns to the fold.

    As for the Luka and Sam storyline...hasn't this been done before? And will someone please tell Sam to shut up. Here is Luka a nice guy wants to make her happy and she finds that to be the most horrible thing in the world. "I want my life back" she says "I dont' want the life you want". Look no one told you to have a child at 14 or 15 or 16 or whatever age it was. You got pregnant and decided to keep the child and raise it. So deal with it. Stop whinning. One min. she acts as if she loves her son more than anything the next she can't wait to get rid of him. She can't be happy and won't be happy. She's like how Abby used to be, but at least Abby had depth. Luka needs to find a happy girlfriend and get over his obsessive need to be with someone who already has kids.

    Next week looks like a rewrite of older episodes as well.... And its not a copy of past characters but one still on the show! It seems very much like Luka's storyline in "May Day" in which"Luka later tries to convince a stabbing victim to have surgery to save her unborn child. " Ugh I miss old ER.
  • Exactly why actors need to be under contract.

    Apparently Alex turned into a whole other person. I hate when minor actors leave the show and the show's producers have their character played by somebody else. I love how they reshot a scene from last season with the new actor playing Alex. I know it is a part of Hollywood, actors come and go, but what happened to the old fashion solution of killing characters off. I know it can't happen all the time, but in this case this would have been a twist in the story line. It would have helped the development of Samantha's character. I hate when producers do this. They must think we are too stupid to realize that hey its a whole different person play the same character. They did this with Samantha's ex-husband Steve last season. Apparently Alex and Steve have the ability to turn into completely different people. Still an overall a decent episode. Not as good as the other season premiers of ER, but still decent.
  • Different Characters, Same Storyline.

    Reminds me of a previous storyline with Abby following various members of her family, mainly her mother, across the country with a friend she's not sure of what to make of relationship wise (Carter). In both cases Sam and Abby try to convince Luka and Carter that they do not want to be part of their lives.
  • reminds me of previous season opener

    Canon City kind of reminded me of a previous season opener where Sam and her son fled Chicago to get away from her son\\\'s father.

    That being said, it was a good episode. There was nothing new, same old ER, same old patients, same old problems. I was hoping for a storyline with a little more kick...and ingenuity. I\\\'ll be watching ER this season, but I don\\\'t see the show going anywhere that it hasn\\\'t already gone before.